7 Ways to create luxurious curls on long hair at home

Luxury curls and natural waves on the hair are always admired. For their creation, it is not necessary to visit the beauty salon. There are enough ways that make it easy and safe to make curls of any shape at home. How? Read further in the article.

  • Ways of laying
    • Ways of laying
      • Ways of laying

        Thanks to the following ways of laying curls you can create your own locks of different shapes that will stay on your hair from several hours to several months.

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        Make beautiful curls for a long time you can at home using a perm.
        For the procedure you will need:

        • hair curlers with rubber bands of the desired diameter;
        • clamps;
        • comb with sparse teeth;
        • ceramic cookware;
        • measuring cup;Sponge, gloves, towel.

        Fixing for curling is prepared from 75 ml of water, 15 ml of liquid soap or shampoo and 8 tablets of hydropyrite.

        Before the procedure, it is necessary to check the agent for curling for allergy and hair reaction. If the strand starts to tear during application, the composition is too concentrated and it must be diluted 1: 1 with water.

        You need to apply perms to clean, combed hair.
        It is recommended to wind curls on the bobbins first from the crown down to the neck, then towards the face, while the curlers should be placed horizontally, and in the temporal zones - in staggered order.

        It is important that the strand is not wider than the length of the bobbin and is not strongly tightened, otherwise the curls will turn out ugly.

        Facial skin and hair growth line should be lubricated with cream, put on a cloak and gloves.
        Determine the required amount of a chemical and apply it to the hair, warm it with a towel.

        After 15-20 minutes, check how much curls are formed by loosening one strand on the back of the head. If the result does not suit, then it is better to wait for the maximum time allowed by the instruction and again to check.

        When the expected result is obtained, rinse hair with warm water, without removing the curlers, and get wet with a towel. On the winded hair with a sponge, apply half the whipped foam into the foam. After 5-7 minutes, remove the bobbin and apply the rest of the foam.

        To neutralize the chemical composition, it is necessary to rinse hair thoroughly with running water and rinse with a solution of lemon juice or vinegar( 9%).

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        Shevelyura after a chemical wave requires careful care:

        • should be delayed with staining;
        • is not recommended to go to bed with a wet head;
        • it is advisable to use a hairdryer with a diffuser nozzle;
        • to refuse from laying on the thermal rollers, ironing and curling iron;
        • do not use metal combs and hair clips;
        • comb your hair from below upwards with a comb with sparse teeth.

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        A glowing alternative to perm is a biocoal. With her help you can make Hollywood ringlets.

        The compositions of the biocoal are loyal to the hair and scalp, they contain an analog of the natural protein - cystine. Thanks to this as a result of the procedure, the curls retain their natural shine and silky appearance. The service life of this laying is from 3 to 10 months.

        There are several types of biocasting for different types of hair:

        • «MOSSA» - treats, strengthens, restores, gives locks a natural form. Recommended for thin and damaged hair. The resulting fine elastic curls will look nice on the short hair.
        • "Silk Wave" saturates hair with proteins of natural silk. Provides protection and care, making curls soft and smooth, and thin hair gives volume.
        • "Japanese wave" is saturated with extract of tea tree leaves and vitamins, very carefully cares for hair, giving natural shine, elasticity and natural hydration. Suitable for medium to long hair.
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        You can carry out the biochemical process at home, only you need to correctly prepare the composition, and also follow a certain sequence of actions.
        For the procedure you will need:

        • composition for curling;
        • shampoo, without silicone;
        • plastic or wooden sticks;
        • glass container;Sponge, gloves, towel.

        Hair washed with shampoo, it is necessary to get wet with a towel. Use a sponge to apply a curling composition on the hair along the entire length.

        Dividing the hair on the same strands, tightly screw them on the sticks. Start better from the occipital zone, then go to the crown, and then - to the temples and sides.

        Apply the biostuff to the hair, until it begins to drain.
        After 10 minutes, evaluate the result on one of the ringlets. If necessary, increase the duration of the composition.

        Next, thoroughly wash the wound hair, apply a 1/3 part neutralizing agent sponge and wait 10 minutes. Remove sticks and use the remaining part of the neutralizer. After 5 minutes, wash the head with hot water. On clean hair apply air conditioner and blow dry.

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        For voluminous curls you need a large size foil, comb for combing, comb, clamp, thermal protection and varnish for fixing.

        Apply a heat-protective spray to clean hair. Then divide them by horizontal parting, collecting the part on the vertex.

        Bottom strands, each individually, screw on a curling iron and sprinkle with varnish. After that, they should not be touched - they must be fixed.

        Separate the upper strands one by one, combed at the roots, wound and varnished. Tilt your head down, apply lacquer on all hair again and carefully spread the strands.

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        To keep the curls better, hair should be sprinkled with varnish first, and they should be dry and well combed. You can not have them glued together, otherwise the styling will look sloppy.

        First you need to heat the iron to a temperature of 170-180 degrees. From the total mass of hair, highlight the strand, twist it around the ironing several times and clamp it in the middle. Then gently pull the iron down - the strand should slide smoothly between the plates. As a result, gentle smooth curls will turn out.

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        Hair dryer

        The easiest way to make curls on long hair is to use a hairdryer with a diffuser nozzle. This version of the wave is called "the effect of wet hair" in another way.

        Wash hair and towel dry. Then abundantly cover them with mousse and dry them, squeezing their fingers. As a result, wet strands will become wavy. Next, collecting all the hair, dry it with a hair dryer with a nozzle diffuser. Cover the packing with varnish. Together with the small curls should get a good volume.

        Another way - to form curls with a hair dryer and a round comb, attaching volume to the roots and twisting the tips.

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        Make beautiful curls on long hair will help hair curlers. A variety of their types allows you to wind the African curls, flexible and smooth curls, as well as a lot of other options.

        At home, you can make curls using any kind. They can be plastic or wooden, with spiral grooves, concave and straight, with a clamp or rubber bands, to fix the strands.

        Excellent option - to combine curlers of different sizes. You can get beautiful Hollywood ringlets. Wash your head and towel dry. Then abundantly grease them with foam.

        Curlers are best to start twisting from the nape and moving down.

        It is necessary to separate the strand and twirl it on the curlers, while carefully smoothing the tips, otherwise they will stick out afterwards. Blow dry the hair on the bobbin.

        Depending on the winding method: horizontal or vertical, the curls are different. In the first case, they naturally fall down, and in the second case they are carelessly disheveled in different directions.

        Hairpins or flexible curlers also help to make spectacular curls. These are rods made of rubber-coated wire or strong foam. Special fixers for hair on them are not present - such hair curlers are twisted in the knot or are folded in a ring.

        To make curls, damp hair with individual strands must be wound on curlers. Then dry it with a hairdryer or leave overnight. After removing the curlers, comb your fingers with fingers.

        "Golden curls" are curlers in the form of meshes of a spiral shape that can create very beautiful curls in the form of zigzags.

        A special crochet needs to be stretched into a spiral strand of hair. Such curlers should be wound on damp hair, using mousse or foam. After fixing the hair curlers, the hair should be dried with a hairdryer. The resulting curls should not be combed, otherwise they will be too lush.

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        One of the easiest ways to create curls is to braid braids.

        Depending on the size, they will give the hair the right volume and wave. Such locks are able to hold out without fixing funds all day. The more braids - the curls will be smaller and, conversely, a small number of braids will give the hair a kind of natural curls.

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