Candles from hemorrhoids during pregnancy

In the body of a woman during pregnancy there is an active physical restructuring, which can bring certain problems, for example, hemorrhoids. This disease causes a lot of unpleasant sensations, and at childbirth complications are possible. Nevertheless, some drugs treat hemorrhoids and during pregnancy, although it can be completely eliminated only after the birth of the child.

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      Causes of

      The main cause of suffering of a pregnant woman is the constantly growing uterus that presses on internal organs and large blood vessels of the small pelvis, causing local pressure increase. Cavernous vessels located in the rectum do not carry a functional load, but with a pressure increase they swell and open, begin to bleed, forming hemorrhoids.

      No less important is the normal peristalsis of the intestine during pregnancy. So, chronic constipation during pregnancy leads to the appearance or exacerbation of hemorrhoids.

      To cause inflammation and sedentary lifestyle of a woman in a position, which causes normal blood circulation in the pelvic organs to be disturbed. The closer the term of childbirth, the higher the probability of the appearance of the disease with little activity of the mother.

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      Symptoms of

      • Soreness during bowel movement.
      • Frequent constipation.
      • Bloody discharge or mucus particles in the stool.
      • Burning or sensation of a foreign body, heaviness in the anus.
      • Falling of hemorrhoids.
      • Anal cracks.
      • Irritation and itching in the perianal area.
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      is dangerous. Hemorrhoids during pregnancy do not threaten life, but can bring many problems to the mother and child. First of all, it is a lot of unpleasant sensations for a woman because of inflammation, bleeding, constipation.

      The health of the mother and child is significantly affected by constipation due to the accumulation and absorption of toxins from the stool in the blood. No less threat is represented by necrosis of the compressed tissues of hemorrhoids, infection of damaged tissues. All this leads not only to the deterioration of the health of the pregnant woman, but also creates a risk of intrauterine infection of the fetus.

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      Effective candles

      The most gentle and gentle way to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy is suppositories. The main actions of such drugs are analgesic, anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and antipruritic. In addition, the candles from hemorrhoids solve the problem of constipation and relieve meteorism.

        • Glycerin - have emollient properties, which helps the calves to move freely along the entire length of the rectum.
        • Natalside - contain a natural polysaccharide from brown seaweed, and therefore it is safe for mother and child, it is allowed during breastfeeding. Has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, blood-restoring and regenerative effect.
        • Sea buckthorn - slow down the inflammatory processes with hemorrhoids, in combination with candle wax easily melt, enveloping problematic areas.
        • Papaverina hydrochloride - relieve pain and treat inflammation.
        • Relief - provide a quick effect for any form of hemorrhoids, as they have a wound healing, immunomodulating and hemostatic effect.

      For more details on the Relief candles, their composition and features of use during pregnancy, see the article
      • With ichthyol - they have an anesthetic effect, they can be used as an antisepticto prevent inflammation, which can develop when the stool enters the cracks after defecation.
      • With propolis - relieve pain and inflammation, accelerate the healing of wounds, have an antibacterial effect, prevent the development of infection, improve blood circulation and reduce congestion in the vessels of the colon due to the dilution of blood.
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      How to use

      Use candles preferably in the evening after performing all hygiene procedures. The candle is quickly injected into the anus, after which it is recommended to take a prone position and save it for 30 minutes, so that the medicinal substances have absorbed into the blood. The best option - put the drug at night.

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      To prevent the development of the disease, you must, first of all, lead a correct lifestyle. For pregnant women a special set of exercises has been developed, which must be performed without fail.

      An important role is played by proper nutrition. Food should contain a sufficient number of essential vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber. She will not allow the appearance of constipation, and hence, the development of hemorrhoids. Fiber is found in vegetables and fruits, grains of dark and gray color. Pregnant women are recommended to eat porridge from pearl barley, buckwheat, buckwheat, and rice and mango is better to exclude from the diet - they are strongly fastened.

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