How to choose the right shade balm and dye your hair

Shade balm is a means by which you can shade a natural color or give the desired. From paint, it differs in that the color obtained as a result of its use is unstable, and quickly washed off. At the same time, it does not damage locks and is safe for the scalp.

  • The best shade balm
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  • L'oreal Professional
  • Application technology
  • How to wash off the balm from the hair

The best shade balms

The color balms in their composition contain components that protecthair from the harmful effects of ultraviolet, and also provide hair care, making them obedient, shiny and durable.

When choosing the desired tone of balm, blondes should choose a honey, pearl, ash and golden shades. Possessors of black and light brown hair will use tinted balsams of chocolate, chestnut, rusty and coffee color.

If you keep the product for too long or stain it with discolored hair, then the golden blond can become a red, red tint - carrot, and ashy will give a blue or purple ebb.

Sometimes the result of staining on going from a bright blonde to a dark color may be disappointing, because the dyeing pigment of the balm can cover the curls unevenly, and stains are formed on them.

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This balm of this company has many advantages:

  • does not contain ammonia and peroxide;
  • does not affect the structure of the hair, coloring only the top layer;
  • is washed off 7-9 times;
  • is evenly applied and distributed throughout the hair;
  • has a rich palette of shades;
  • is easy to use;
  • provides hair care;
  • is affordable.

There are two lines of balms for use at home:

  1. Solo Ton. Contains mango extract and ultraviolet filters. The color scale consists of 18 shades;
  2. Love Nuance. Provides the restoration of the structure of the hair, thanks to the presence of the keratin complex. Palette - 17 colors.
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The products contain only natural ingredients, including flax extract, which gives the hair extra care, softness and does not injure them.

The result of staining lasts no more than 2 weeks.

The "Tonic" balm palette includes 28 shades, including a new range of tinted balsams with the effect of biolamination.

For gray and previously bleached hair, the manufacturer has produced a special line in blue bottles.

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Kapous tinted balsam is saturated with fruit acids, it is an effective and affordable hair care product. It gives the painted hair extra shine, and natural - a rich shade.

The palette consists of 6 shades.

The consistency of the product resembles a gel, so when applied, it does not spread. Do not spoil hands and scalp, you can work with it without gloves.

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The rich choice of colors from the Irid trademark allows you to experiment without damaging the natural structure of dyed and natural hair.

After toning, the color is completely washed off 10-12 times.

To neutralize yellowness on the clarified hair in the palette of the toning Balms Irida.ton there are shades of blond.

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Belita Lux Color

The composition of the drug includes karite and olive oil, which carefully protect the color and give shine to the hair.

The product does not dry the tips, therefore suitable for frequent use.

In the collection "Belita Lux Color" there are 14 tones for natural unpainted hair and 3 for gray and clarified curls.

The desired shade will be obtained after the first application of the coloring agent and will last approximately 4 weeks.

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L'oreal Professional

Literal balms from L'oreal Professional refer to professional cosmetic products.

Thanks to its light texture, the product is evenly applied over the entire length of the hair, coloring only their surface.

The color palette is poorer than that of cheaper similar products, and is represented by two rulers: L'oreal Chroma Care for dark hair and L'oreal Expert Silver for light colors.

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Application technology

With the algorithm of the procedure, the instruction that always exists in the package or on a jar with a toning agent will help you to understand.

To get the desired result, you need to follow simple rules:

  • apply the product on clean damp hair;
  • work in gloves;
  • balsam squeezed out in small portions and gently cover the strands along the entire length;
  • after applying the coloring agent, put a polyethylene cap on the head;
  • do not leave the product on your hair for longer than 40 minutes, to get a noticeable result enough and 20.
  • for a light shade, you can dilute the tonic with water or keep a shorter time;
  • do not rinse with balm with shampoo. After staining, rinse carefully the curls with water until it becomes transparent.

Many people have a reasonable question - can I dye my hair after toning with a tinted balm.

It is not recommended to dye hair with persistent paint immediately after using the balm. There is a possibility that the paint will come off with the tonic after the first washing of the head. And the coloring pigment of the balm can enter into a reaction with other coloring agents, then the result of the procedure may turn out to be unexpected.

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How to wash off the balm from the hair

The coloring pigment of the toning balm does not penetrate the structure of the hair, but only stains the outer layer, enveloping the scales. Thus, the hair is not exposed to chemical attack and, without much effort, you can return the natural color.

You can do this with:

  • frequent washing;
  • of special means for hue correction, which are present in the line of manufacturers of tinted balms, for example, for "Tonic" means there is a "Retonic";
  • professional hair remover, for example, Estel Professional Color off, Paul Mitchel Backtrack, Concept PROFY Touch Color off, Nouvelle X-Chromatic Color Back;
  • folk recipes based on citric acid, baking soda, burdock and olive oil, kefir, mayonnaise.
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