26 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

26 years of marriage - a serious time for the family. If the couple managed to find mutual understanding, preserve mutual respect and trust, their union grows stronger every day, and every anniversary of the wedding becomes the occasion for the holiday. What kind of wedding is celebrated for 26 years of living together, what is it customary to give to "newlyweds" and what congratulations to prepare on this solemn day.

  • How is the wedding
  • How to celebrate
  • Gift for the wife
  • What to give to the husband
  • Congratulations

What is the name of the wedding

The 26th anniversary of the wedding is called Jade in honor of one of the most revered stones in the East.

In many Oriental cultures, nephrite is a symbol of courage, victory, nobility, and in Egypt and China it is considered one of the sacred stones.

The main physical properties of a stone are its ability to accumulate heat and very high strength. High quality jade can not be destroyed either by acids or even by hammers!

26-year-old marriage is also considered as strong. The union, which has withstood all the tests of married life, by that time has become strong and strong, like jade, and is also warm and reliable.

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How to celebrate

Jade wedding is a great occasion to gather your family and closest friends of the family at the same table and arrange a holiday for yourself and the guests.

Options for celebrating the 26th wedding anniversary set. It can be:

  1. Lush banquet in the restaurant.
  2. Home family holiday.
  3. A modest dinner for two.
  4. Picnic in the city park.
  5. Departure to the cottage or out-of-town. A party in Chinese style. Given the eastern origin of jade, this version of celebration will be very appropriate. You can arrange an evening of Chinese delicacies at home, preparing national dishes of shrimp, white and black rice, sea kale and chicken with the addition of hot sauces.

However, no matter what type of celebration you choose, for a happy continuation of your family life it is important to sustain the existing traditions of this day:

  1. Oath of Fidelity. Having lived together for 26 years, on the day of the Jade wedding, the spouses again repeat the promises they made to each other during the first wedding ceremony. They take each other gently by the hands, look lovingly into the eyes and swear in the preservation of marriage and love.
  2. Exchange of jade souvenirs. In honor of the Jade wedding, the spouses give each other beautiful jade products - medallions or rings. A nice surprise is to put a photo of the couple in the medallion.
  3. Flowers as a gift. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the husband gives his wife a bouquet of her favorite flowers. The flowers should be at least 27 - as a sign of hope that the couple will continue to stay together.
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Gift for wife

Given the symbol of the wedding, the best gift for 26 years of the wedding will be products made of jade. This semiprecious stone is known for its healing properties, so such a gift will not only be symbolic, but also very useful. As a gift, his wife is best suited:

  1. Jewelry from jade. Jade facial massage mats and massage mats.
  2. Caskets decorated with jade.
  3. Cylindrical jade harmonizers, which have a favorable bioenergetic effect on the body.
  4. Photo frames with jade elements.
  5. Jade figurines.
  6. Utensils from jade.
  7. Table clock.
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What to give to the husband

Asking what to give to her husband for the Jade wedding, you can choose to:

  • cufflinks of jade;
  • tie pins with jade inlay;
  • beads;
  • key holders;
  • coulombs;
  • medallions;
  • souvenir figurines of animals carved from jade;
  • cloaks for car seat with jade plates;
  • jade foot massagers;
  • belts for the back with jade plates.
  • loading. ..

Original and useful gift from jade can be presented to lovers of the sauna in the form of chipped jade for steam and baths.

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Congratulations to

A beautiful congratulation on the 26th anniversary of the wedding will be beautiful poems. Here are some examples of congratulations for 26 years of the wedding:

Reliability and strength of the handsome jade
About the wedding and the date in full say.
After all, the years that you have lived together,
Reliable and durable, like beads in a row.
Today your new stage is coming,
So be gentle, give love.
Let the sun your way for two lights,
Brings good luck and happiness to your home.
As a lasting jade does not succumb to a blow,
So your marriage is reliable and strong to the glory.
Neither storms, nor winds will break it,
Over the years it only grows stronger!
Now that the children have already established families,
you can live for each other, I guess.
And remember the vows that were given together,
And only be together - in good and sadness.
Let your health do not weaken,
May peace and love keep your union warm,
Let the children, relatives, friends rejoice,
Let your family grow stronger with the years!
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