How to properly stick to yourself and remove false eyelashes

Not always by nature get beautiful, endowed with volume or length of eyelashes. But this part of the female appearance especially affects the beauty and perception of the face. There are many ways how to make the eyelashes thicker and longer, well, while you do not use them, you can use proven false eyelashes.

  • Tips for choosing
  • How to stick
  • How to take and store

Tips for choosing

In this matter, the main thing is to observe the measure. Choosing false eyelashes, for everyday wear or for daytime make-up, give preference to the most natural models, with a moderate length and thickness. If the make-up is thematic, then the choice depends on the color range of make-up and clothing, as well as on the occasion and goals.

There are the following types of false eyelashes:

  • Belt eyelashes - the most successful option for evening make-up. Cilia are evenly located on a thin ribbon, which is easily attached to the base of these eyelashes.
  • Bunch - individual eyelashes. To glue eyelashes with bunches is not more difficult than other options, but they look more natural, it is important only to choose the optimal length of 8-10 mm. Well suited for highlighting the outer corners of the eyes, which creates a "cat's" look. Ideal for daytime make-up.

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How to glue

The gluing process involves the presence of false eyelashes, special glue, comfortable long tweezers and nail scissors.

Fix eyelashes with tweezers and try on. If it's ribbon eyelashes, they may be too big, and you need to cut off the extra length. After that, apply a thin layer of adhesive to the tape. Before direct gluing your eyelashes can be lightly dyed. Tape the tape to the base of your eyelashes, squeeze the entire length. Wait a minute, after blink, open wide and close your eyes, make sure nothing hinders.

An example of how to apply glue:

And an example of how to apply glue is impossible:

Bunched eyelashes are glued in a similar way. First try on a beam to the place where it is destined to be. After a little dipping its base in the glue and attach to the roots of your eyelashes, directing the beam toward the natural bend of your eyelashes.

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If glue bundles are not only in the corners, but also throughout the century, you need to start withouter corners and gradually move towards the inner corners. The closer to the inner corners, the shorter the length of the beams. So eyelashes will look more natural.

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How to take and store

To remove false eyelashes, it is enough to pull gently over the outer corner. If you remove them correctly, you can use it more than once. You can store them in the box in which they were sold. It's best to put them in a cool dry place, then they will serve you more than one year.


I spent six months with false eyelashes. I agree that you can glue them again. I usually had a cilium for 3 fixings.

But with glue I was catastrophically unlucky! Whatever eyelashes I bought, the glue in them was weak. I had to buy it separately.

Now I no longer use false eyelashes - a dreary thing. As an option, I can advise advanced cilia or mascara "Effect of false eyelashes."

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