The use, harm and technique of doing polishing hair

In pursuit of beauty, women increasingly expose their hair to harmful effects - straightening, perm, painting. As a result, the curls lose a healthy appearance, become brittle and split. Polishing or polishing the tips will help restore the hair smoothness and neat appearance. But, before resorting to a new method of restoring the head of hear, it is necessary to find out what the essence of the procedure is, and also to weigh all its advantages and disadvantages.

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Photos before and after

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Hair polishing is a hairdressing service with which you canget rid of the hair cut, while retaining the length of the hairstyle. Advantages of the procedure:

  • Immediate result, improved and well-groomed appearance of the head of hear. The hair remains smooth, soft and docile up to 4 months.
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  • Cut from 70 to 90% of the tips of the tips along the entire length of the haircut.
  • Even in the most neglected cases, the length of the cut ends does not exceed 1 centimeter, which leaves the hair length unchanged.
  • Using a clipper, you can get a perfectly even cut of hairs, which protects the hair from deformation.
  • The procedure to some extent is the prevention of the cross-section of hair tips.
  • During the polishing process, the hair is not exposed to thermal or chemical influences, which makes it absolutely harmless.
  • Reduces the need for a variety of cosmetics for hair care.
  • Grinding is suitable for almost all hair types and multi-level haircuts of any length.
  • Having special tools and corresponding elementary skills, polishing can be done at home by yourself.
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  • The high price for such simple manipulations, the size of which directly depends on the length of the hair - the longer the strand, themore expensive service.
  • The problem of the visited ends can return in 3 months and even earlier at incorrectly selected care.
  • Polishing is contraindicated in the presence of fungal diseases and severe loss, the procedure will aggravate the condition of already unhealthy hair. Therefore, before the procedure for polishing hair, you need to consult a trichologist.
  • On rare and fine hair, the effect of grinding hair will last until the first washing of the head. Therefore the sense in its carrying out is lost.
  • Recently painted and hair after a permanent wave can be severely damaged by the manipulation of the clipper. Therefore with polishing in this case it will be necessary to wait.
  • There is a high risk of being left unsatisfied with the result of polishing, as the hairstyle loses about 30%.
  • In curly and curly hair, the result of the procedure will most likely remain invisible. In such cases, a preliminary procedure for laminating hair is recommended.
  • The procedure is preferably carried out in the salon, trusting the qualified master. Manipulations carried out at home can be substandard, and even completely ruin the hairstyle.
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The polishing procedure can take from 20 minutes to 3 hours.
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Tools for polishing

As well as the qualification of a hairdresser, the quality of the devices used for polishing hair plays a very important role in obtaining a satisfactory result. In order for the polishing procedure to proceed correctly, it is very important to choose a salon with the appropriate technical equipment.

The following tools are needed for polishing hair:

  1. Flattening iron for leveling .It is necessary to prepare for the procedure, it provides removal of only unhealthy tips without harm to the hair. On the market of the beauty industry, they are presented in 3 types: with metal and ceramic plates, with tourmaline coating.
  2. Hair clipper .The model can be absolutely any, the main thing - the presence of a special nozzle for polishing and sharp knives for a quality cut.
  3. The polishing nozzle is the most important tool for carrying out the hair polishing procedure. It is with his help that the strands are processed. A hair polisher is a plastic tip that is put on a clipper. The nozzle snaps into place, bending and refracting it. At 10 millimeters from the steep bend are the machine knives, which cut off the damaged ends. The success of polishing also depends on the quality of the bristles of the nozzle. Nozzles for polishing hair can be bought at a specialized store.
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How to make polishing

The procedure is made with a special attachment mounted on the hair clipper, adhering to this sequence:

  1. Wash your hair. Weighted with greasy secretions and dust, the tips of the tips are tangled in strands and may not fall under the blade of the typewriter.
  2. Align the curls with iron, first applying thermal protection to them. The effect of polishing is greatly increased if it is carried out on smooth hair.
  3. Perform the polishing process. Wear a special nozzle on the machine. Begin the treatment of the hair should be from the back of the head. Divide the hair into strands and alternately fill each strand in the nozzle. Several times to spend on the strand device to achieve maximum effect, guiding the machine in different directions. Start polishing with tips, and then move the machine from the roots down. With graded haircut, the curls should be lowered, if the hair length is the same - up. The procedure can take from 20 minutes to 3 hours.
  4. Make the final processing. After polishing, wash the head and apply a mask of burdock oil.
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Hair care after

How long the polishing result will last depends on further care of the hair. Here are a few simple rules that should be followed to keep the effect of the procedure longer:

  • Choose the means for daily use depending on the type of hair - serums and oils that prevent the cross-section of the tips.
  • It is essential to use hair conditioners or balms for washing hair.
  • Regularly make healthy and nutritious masks based on keratin.
  • Maintain an exceptionally healthy lifestyle - exercise, eat healthy foods and take vitamins.
  • Minimize hair straightening with iron, drying with hot hair dryer and other thermal effects on hair.
  • Be sure to protect your hair from sun, cold, excessive dryness and moisture.

If you get a positive result from the procedure for polishing the tips of your hair, you can apply it up to 3 times a year.

If the procedure leads to negative consequences, you should resort to hair treatment.

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Alternative methods

  • Cutting with hot scissors .The specialist, relying on the condition and structure of the client's hair, chooses for the procedure the heating temperature of the instrument from 90 to 160 degrees, twists each individual strand into a flagella and cuts the protruding ends of the hair. Hot scissors seal the hairs on the cutting line, which helps to keep moisture and nutrients inside the hair and leads to a quick recovery of the head of hear.
  • Keratin polishing is a fast and effective procedure for restoring and nourishing the hair structure, which is considered an innovation in the beauty industry. Such polishing, as a rule, is performed in several stages using professional means and using a keratin booster. It saturates the hair structure with keratin and strengthens it, makes the curls elastic and silky.
  • Hairbrush for hair polishing .This machine, which looks like a comb. Combing, she shears the protruding damaged tips. Such a device is ideal for home care of long hair.
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