How to arrange a personal diary for teenage girls with their own hands

A personal diary is a notebook or book to reflect thoughts and emotions, images of each new day and emotions experienced in the text and pictures, prescribing life on paper. Almost all teenage girls in the period of their formation as a person have such a notebook. They write down in it everything that they can not tell anyone. Each such diary is unique in its kind, because all people think and live in their own way. We bring to your attention several examples of ideas for personal diaries, in order to understand the essence of this bright idea.

  • Emphasis on images
  • Emphasis on drawings
  • Emphasis on decor
  • Emphasis on pictures

Emphasis on pictures

There can be a diary in which painted or pasted pictures predominate. Such a vivid secret book can hardly contain text, life in it is prescribed with the help of vivid images, each of which carries a hidden meaning for its mistress.

There are no separate themes or specific tasks, this is a personal multi-color story, without a prescribed scenario of actions.

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Emphasis on drawings

Many girls fill out their diary with cute painted little thingsor even real pictures. Drawings can be intertwined with text, be the backdrop of sheets and spreads, or still have their own special meaning for their possessor.

Such diaries can contain simple images, but a lovely soul.

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Accent on the decor

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Decorative elements can add even more features to the diary. Pages or the cover itself, decorated with ribbons, laces, dried flowers, unusual bookmarks, beads, paillettes or other overhead elements, will reward this book with a unique appearance.

Such decorated outside and inside the booklet will delight your mistress with every subsequent discovery. Best for this venture is the skill of scrapbooking.

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Focus on photos

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For the design of photographs, the scrapbook technique is also best suited.

Photos in the diary can be very diverse. Starting from the photo of the mistress of the diary and, perhaps, even to the photos of her wedding. After all, such diaries do not have the boundaries of time and age. This book will become a memory for its owner for life, and a beautiful story for future generations.

Excellent for girls fit into the diaries of photos of parents and family, friends, best friends, first love.

Just as rarely fill out the spreads of photo diaries of idols, actors or singers, cut from fashion magazines.

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