List of inexpensive and effective candles from hemorrhoids

To assign the correct treatment regimen for hemorrhoids, like any other disease, can only a doctor who has a complete clinical picture in a particular case. Nevertheless, an educated patient must understand analogues and save on medicines, and not on health. To do this, consider a list of inexpensive and effective candles from hemorrhoids.

  • Types of rectal suppositories
  • application features
  • Overview drugs
  • Relief
  • Neo-Anuzol
  • Anuzol
  • Natalsid
  • Proctosedyl
  • Olestezin
  • Betiol
  • extract of belladonna
  • Proktozan
  • Gepatrombin F
  • Gepazolon
  • Nigepan
  • Ichthyol
  • Hemo-Pro
  • Propolis NAM
  • Seabuckthorn oil
  • Calendula DN
  • Reviews

Types of rectal suppositories

Suppositories from hemorrhoids have different uses, components and divisionsa:

  1. Haemostatic. One of the manifestations of hemorrhoids are bleeding, which in later stages can cause anemia. This type of medication is aimed at stopping bleeding due to narrowing of blood vessels. Often, the basis of such suppositories is adrenaline, so they are contraindicated for older people and hypertensives.
  2. Painkillers. Severe pain, preventing free emptying of the intestine, makes the course of the disease even more unpleasant. Suppositories aimed at fighting localized pain mainly consist of novocaine or a combination of it with agents against itching and inflammation.

When pregnant and lactating, use a candle from hemorrhoids is allowed only at the insistence of a doctor. Exceptions are funds based on natural ingredients.

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Features of application of

To preserve the shape, rectal suppositories need to be stored in the refrigerator. Put them best at night, being already in bed. If the treatment scheme involves two suppositories per day, then after the morning procedure it is necessary to lie on your stomach for 25-30 minutes. So the medicine will be fully absorbed by the mucosa, which will provide a therapeutic effect.

Betting candles from hemorrhoids is better after evacuation of the intestine and evening hygienic manipulations.

This should be done lying on its side, pushing the suppository into the anus with clean fingers.

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Overview of

preparations Consider the most effective and inexpensive candles from cracks and hemorrhoids.

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A drug based on lidocaine, has an anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic effect. Relief is contraindicated in the first trimester of pregnancy and in the presence of problems with the cardiovascular system.

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Relieves inflammation and dries the skin, which is facilitated by zinc sulfate. Extract of belladonna improves the tone of the sphincter, counteracting spasms. Bismuth tribromophenolate is a strong antiseptic. The drug is effective for internal hemorrhoids and deep fissures.

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Anusole produces a haemostatic effect, as well as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The effect will be felt after 15 min-1,5 hours, depending on the degree of complication of the disease.

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The active ingredient is sodium alginate, which is obtained by processing algae( laminaria).The substance has a hemostatic, wound-healing, analgesic effect, relieves inflammation and normalizes the stool. The drug can be used throughout pregnancy and lactation.

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A complex drug that removes all manifestations of ailment: inflammation, itching, pain and bleeding. In addition, it contains an antibiotic and prevents the formation of blood clots. It is a strong medicine and can be used to treat all forms of hemorrhoids and cracks.

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The combined preparation with the addition of sea-buckthorn oil acts as an antimicrobial, anesthetic, which alleviates inflammation. Produces a laxative effect, and also contributes to the restoration of damaged tissues.

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This belladonna based agent has antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic action, and also contributes to the rapid healing of wounds. It is prescribed for different types of hemorrhoids, cracks. Use of the drug during pregnancy is permissible only with the consent of the doctor. Children Betiol is contraindicated.

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Extract of the belladonna

The natural belladonna extract( belladonna) has a strong analgesic effect, relieves spasms, dries and is an antiseptic. It is mainly used for rapid relief of pain. Beladonna can cause premature birth, so it is contraindicated in pregnant women.

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A complex agent with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, relieves itching and promotes the regeneration of the mucosa, reduces bleeding. It is used to treat complex forms of the disease.

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Hepatrombin G

The combined agent has anti-inflammatory action, promotes tissue healing, prevents bleeding and blood clots, and also reduces the likelihood of recurrence of the disease. If the application is too frequent, it can slow down the regeneration process.

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This is a combined preparation, the effect of which is determinedproperties of components. Heparin prevents the formation of blood clots, removes swelling. Prednisolone relieves itching and inflammation. Lidocaine is an analgesic.

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The composition of the drug is anesthesin, which quickly removes pain, removing inflammation, as well as heparin, which prevents the occurrence of thrombosed hemorrhoids. Pregnant women and people under 14 years old can be treated with Nigepan only on the advice of a doctor.

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Ichthyol has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic, and also a mild venotonic effect. It removes puffiness and normalizes blood flow in inflamed hemorrhoids. The drug should not be used together with the use of alkaloids, iodide salts, as well as salts of heavy metals.

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Combined preparation based on natural ingredients such as sea-buckthorn, propolis, ginkgo biloba, chestnut, yarrow and aloe vera. The agent is designed in such a way that the active substances are absorbed not only into the upper globe of the epidermis, but also from the interstitial. Removes all symptoms and provides treatment for various forms of hemorrhoids.

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Propolis DN

The main advantage of this drug is the possibility of using inperiod of pregnancy, lactation and at an early age. Has a complex effect on the affected hemorrhoidal nodes, being a good addition to a stronger therapy.

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Sea buckthorn oil

Seabuckthorn has the property to strengthen the vessels, and also to have an anti-inflammatory effect, which in practice reduces pain. Since this is a natural component, it is prescribed to children. The complex effect comes when the treatment is supplemented by other means, but plus the sea-buckthorn suppositories in that they do not harm other organs and systems.

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Calendula DN

Calendula accelerates healing, stops inflammation, and also helps prevent tumors. Suppositories also do not carry a threat to the body as a whole. The disadvantage is that the therapeutic effect is not sufficient for a complete cure.

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Oleg, 35 years old, Voronezh:

"My wife and I treated a child with the help of Hemo-Pro. We advised him in the drugstore, saying that the drug has a complex effect and practically no chemistry. The result was not long in coming: after five days, the son felt much better, and after a full course( in our case it was ten days) completely all the symptoms passed, the child does not complain about anything. "

Irina, 42, Moscow:

"My husband in the clinic was assigned Proctosan. The course of the reception was completed two weeks ago. After the termination of treatment on consultation at the doctor it was found out, that any problems are no more, and it that the illness was enough started. The proctologist said to come check up in a month. Let's see what will happen, but for now everything is fine, the husband says that he was born again. "

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