Beautiful and simple drawings on short nails for beginners

A common opinion that a beautiful memorable manicure can be done only on the hands with long nails, is mistaken. Increasingly, manicure masters are engaged in painting and drawing drawings on short nails. After all, not every woman can afford to wear long nails due to her profession or lifestyle. Therefore, this kind of nail art, like drawings on short nails, has received wide circulation and deserved recognition.


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    If you had to wear long nails, you probably remember how much time it took to paint on them. And if your marigolds are artificial( exserted), then it will take even more time to make a full-fledged beautiful manicure. In addition, this procedure requires an iron concentration of attention. Often, all marigolds do not have enough patience and the last drawings are not as neat as the first.

    In the case of short nails, the procedure for painting and drawing the drawing will take much less time.

    Medium-length nails are more comfortable in everyday life than long ones, which one has to get used to for a long time. And if we talk about work in any production, driving a car or caring for young children, then the question of long nails disappears by itself.

    Therefore, a large number of modern women who are accustomed to live an active and fulfilling life, are increasingly choosing a medium-length manicure. And for the nails to look attractive, the manicure masters will easily decorate them with colorful patterns, the simpler ones of which you are able to repeat yourself.

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    Features of patterns

    In order for the drawing to look good on short nails, it should conform to the shape of the nail and have a correctly selected color range. When choosing an ornament for short nails, you should pay attention to the following points:

    • Choose for the pattern is a medium-sized elements. A large image will not look properly on the nails of a short length. Elements made with thin lines, simple and unpretentious, look at short nails much better than complex patterns and large ornaments. For the design of short nails, it is best to use very thin brushes, toothpicks or even needles, with which the pattern will be applied, and the nail will be decorated. Also there is a special tool - dots, they are more convenient to carry out drawings, but you can start drawing practice without it.
    • It's best to stick to the vertical direction of the pattern on short nails. The horizontal ornament will make the short nail even wider and visually round it. Therefore, for painting nails, choose drawings with a vertical direction. Another way to avoid excessive visual thickening of the nail is to apply a basic background not across the entire width of the nail, but only in the center.
    • For decoration on short nails, only planar ornaments will have to be used - anything that is capable of giving additional length to the nails of this length( stucco, rhinestones, pebbles) should not be used, since inept design can spoil their appearance.

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    How to draw

    To begin with, it is necessary to apply a layer of the base lacquer coating to the processed and padded short nails. This can be the color that you liked, but you need to take into account the fact that the background color should be in harmony with the color of the main picture. In general, when drawing drawings on short nails, it should be borne in mind that masters are advised not to use more than three shades, since otherwise the manicure will look too variegated. Drawing is better to think in advance.

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    Before you start applying any pattern, determine the location where it will be located. It is best to have patterns on the edge of the short nails, straight or diagonally, and do not occupy the center of the nail.

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    With the help of special tools( natural thin brushes, colored varnishes and toothpicks), apply an ornament to the surface of the nail. It can be images of floral compositions and light drawings of other natural motifs, various geometric figures, a set, specks, strips and many other elements. An excellent solution for short nails will be a jacket with a pattern, especially if different colors of lacquer are used in its execution.

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    Variants of figures

    The following variants can be assigned to the list of the simplest designs:

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    Tiger or leopard motifs

    To create a drawing simply. You will need three or two shades of varnish. It is better that the color range of varnishes is close to the natural coloring of the wool of predators( black, brown, yellow).For a start, a lighter varnish is used. They draw lines or spots. Then comes the turn of the middle. They are added details. The last varnish - the darkest one is needed in order to draw out the contours of lines or spots.

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    On short nails, large single flowers will look good, but they should be at least( one, two, not more).It's easy to draw chamomiles. It will take three colors of lacquer: the base( any shade, but it should be contrasted against the background of a shade of chamomiles), for chamomiles( white, yellow, etc.), and for the core( yellow, green, red, etc.).
    After determining the location of the chamomile, mark the first petal with a brush. After the rest. In the end, point movement mark the core of chamomile.

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    After applying the primary color( any, but it should contrast with black), use a brush or toothpick to apply a characteristic zebra strip color.

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    This version will require certain colors of lacquer: red, green, black. The first step is applying a red varnish to all the nails. The second is the drawing of the skin of the watermelon. The third one - with black lacquer, you can designate the contours and add seeds.

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    For this option it is better to use stencils. The color scheme is your choice, but it is interesting to combine classical colors: blue and white, black and white. Apply a lighter varnish as a base. After its complete drying, separate the stencils with the bottom part of the nail so that the upper part of the jacket turns out. Apply a dark lacquer. Then add details: buttons, butterfly or tie.

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    As with any painting, the design of short nails ends with applying a layer of finish on themtransparent varnish, which can not only give a shine to the surface of the nail plate, but also prolong the life of the picture. To complete the manicure it will be enough to cover the nails with two layers of this varnish.


    I love an unusual manicure, I'll try to embody the idea with chamomiles for spring holidays. To draw a picture on short nails, you can still use stamps, very easy and does not require artistic skills. Thanks for the idea!

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