How to assemble a cherry blossom cherry

In our illustrated lessons, we have repeatedly touched on the theme of creating trees from beads. But, this creativity simply has no boundaries and a lack of ideas. So it is not surprising that it always finds its admirers and remains relevant. Well and in itself beads - an initial material, simply a find for an embodiment of these ideas.

  • Required materials
  • Making the cherry blossom

Materials needed

Many will agree that there is nothing more surprising than the flowering of Japanese cherries. Their delicate pink inflorescences are a direct proof of that. So, we also make our bead tree blossoming, which means that it will require light pink beads, preferably with a matte finish and different sizes. As an additional color, red-raspberry beads will be required.

Pink beads must be mixed with raspberry. The latter should be quite a bit, say, five / ten percent of the total beads. You can also add a bit of white and green beads. Collect white and green beads in a chaotic order, so to speak, how the card will lie. Let them just be scattered around the branches.

But the raspberry beads should be in the cores of the inflorescences. The cores are formed separately, after which they are inserted inside the flowers. You can make a tree without them.

The tree itself consists of separate elements - twigs, which then form the crown and trunk. So initially it is necessary to make all the elements separately, as shown in the photo for the lesson, and then collect them into one composition. The amount of twigs depends on the splendor of the tree crown.

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Given that the Japanese cherry during flowering resembles a large ball, it's best not to be lazy and make twigs moreto achieve the maximum likeness to a real tree.

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We make a blooming sakura

One of the main moments in work not only over cherry is the choice of the way it will stand.
You can limit the construction of the stand from the same wire, from a block of wood, which can then be further decorated, imitating the roots of the tree. In our case, the foundation was painted under grass, sprinkled with green beads and additionally decorated with a statue and pebbles.

But it will look more beautiful variant with a pot or any other beautiful capacity.
In order for the tree to stand smoothly in it, it's worth using gypsum. Also, a tree can be decorated in bonsai technique.

If you choose this option, as soon as you install the cherry blossom and fill in the gypsum, immediately decorate it with beads, otherwise it will dry and they will have to be stuck. Also, gypsum can be hidden with the help of artificial moss, pebbles, sand, which must also be poured, while the gypsum is in a liquid state.

The trunk of an Sakura can be wrapped with a white adhesive tape. The same applies to the main branches. The tape should be dyed brown, achieving similarity with bark.

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