Photoshoot for girls in the military style of the military

Military - a great style for experiments in the photo. Its construction comes at the expense of properly chosen atmospheric scenery and suitable attributes. Militarians will turn you into a strong, independent girl, not devoid of sexuality. Moreover, the character for shooting can be either positive or negative.

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How to create an

image Militari allows you to play real dramatic stories, copy storylines of movies, books and so on within the photo session. Especially popular are the ideas of cosplay on the characters of computer games( "Lara Croft", "Assassin") or fantasy films( "Sky Captain or the World of the Future", "Star Trek"), and the girls can try on both female and male roles.

As for the classic military, this is the style of the military, which is cultivated, subject to creative interpretations.

To fit into it, enough to put on any military uniform or ammunition for special forces.

Learn how to hold a photo session in the style of glamor

The color scheme of clothes should be in this case strictly according to the statute. It is allowed to use leather jackets, raincoats, clothes from coarse monophonic fabrics and dark jeans.

For girls, almost any form is suitable. And so it turns out that, in fact, men's clothing on women's bodies is completely different. That's what guarantees the femininity and sexuality of this photo shoot.

To the list of attributes of a photo shoot, you can include all kinds of weapons. You should not use real weapons for shooting, even if you have such a possibility, but ordinary children's pistols are also hardly suitable.

Try to find a sham weapon. It is generally difficult to distinguish it from the present in a visual study, but in the photo it will not be obvious at all.

Also for such a photo shoot an army cold weapon is suitable: knives, knuckles, machetes, butterfly knives and outfitting equipment: walkie-talkies, backpacks and the like. Suitable and historical weapons: all kinds of blades, pistols and so on.

It is better not to bend with the hair. A tight spikelet, a low tail, or loose hair will do. In makeup, it is better to put the stress on the eyes, and make the lips pale.

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Where to shoot

The militarians are not the style that will fit in the studio.

It perfectly shows against the background of special scenery. The road to the military base is closed to you, but you can hardly find in your city abandoned and dilapidated buildings, empty factory shops and other "picturesque" landscapes.

Another option - a photo shoot in military museums in the open air, which also function in almost every big city.

If in ruins you can beat scenes of bloody and hot battles or work out more sexual images, then on the background of museum technology the themes will be more calm and feminine, for example, a fighter pilot, a security officer and so on.

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