Variants of a female hairstyle "Cascade"

The feminine haircut of the cascades has earned its popularity due to its extraordinary simplicity, special femininity, airiness and at the same time versatility. Deprived of even sharp cuts, it gives the image a slight negligence, freshness, mobility and natural attractiveness. At the same time providing the hair with the necessary volume and structure.

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To who is suitable

The cascade fits any type of face, so due to its versatility it is able to perfectly adjust the shape. This haircut will look harmonious both on straight, and on slightly curly hair of any length.

The owner of the oval face should choose a cascade without bangs. All the rest is better to pick a variant with a bang. However, it can be different:

  • for a round face - oblique or asymmetrical,
  • for a square - long, laid on one side,
  • for an elongated rectangular - a dense straight line to the eyebrow level.

For persons of square form, cascade variants with strands starting below the middle of the face are not allowed.

Girls with triangular face stylists recommend to keep the length of the upper hair, and the lower ones should be cut with stitches approximately from the lip line. This type of haircut will create the necessary volume in the area of ​​the chin and cheeks.

Holders of wide cheekbones and massive chin are better covered with strands of an elongated cascade.

A very narrow face is suitable for laying the ends outwards.

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Technique of haircuts

When the cascade is executed, the hair is cut by the grading method, creating a semblance of a real waterfall. And the cascade can begin and from roots, especially in a hairstyle on short hair, and is closer to tips on long hair.

The main characteristic of cascading haircut is a stepped multilevel transition from short hair to longer. At the same time, the length of these steps, as, indeed, their shape, can be different - from smooth trim curls framing the face, to lacerated careless strands.

Usually the cascade consists of at least two layers, but there may be more, and the length of the hair depends on the type of haircut.

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The haircut of the cascade, like no other, allows the woman to show individuality, because she has an incredible variety of options.

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For short

The owners of short hair often choose cascading haircuts. And all because the haircut is quite practical and allows you to experiment, creating more and more new styling options.

To thin short hair the cascade will give necessary volume, and disobedient dense ringlets will make more pliable and not so heavy.

The classic cascade is performed over the entire length of the hair. In this case, the steps can start from the crown or just above the chin line and gently round the face.

To beautifully arrange a haircut for a cascade on short hair, you can use a few simple tricks.

To emphasize the voluminous crown, you need to smoothly comb the hair from the temples to the top of the head and secure it with invisible ones. Hair, located on top, combed at the roots, and the ends align.

As a daily styling, clean, damp hair should be dried by lowering your head down, directing the airflow from the roots to the ends. Then lay the curls with your hands. Apply wax to the tips, turning them inside.

For evening version of the styling on clean wet hair, apply foam. After that, dry your head using a round hairbrush and hairdryer, pulling strands from the roots to the ends. Put the tips outside or inside.

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For medium

Undoubtedly, hair of medium length haircut cascade looks good and especially suitable for girls who prefer to wear loose hair.

Cascade on medium hair allows you to achieve a beautiful volumetric shape, regardless of the type and structure of the hair, to make dense and slightly curly hair more docile.

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The most popular is the "Frozen Cascade".In this variant, the difference in the length of the curls is not essential, and the largest number of steps is at the bottom, which results in a volume at the bottom of the haircut. But if between the long strands there is a significant difference, then the volume will be in the upper zone of the head.

Another version of the cascade - a haircut based on the square. In this version, the line of hair cut is not clear, it gives the image a lightness and naturalness.

To create a romantic version of the haircut, the hair is cut with steps from the top of the head, the short locks are evenly distributed, thus, the haircut does not have a common cut line.

A cascade on the average length of the hair can be easily laid in the desired shape. To obtain a volumetric styling, you should dry your hair, tilting your head down. Using a large round brush and hair dryer, you can put the tips in the outer or inner side.

You can stretch your hair iron or create an artistic mess.

With the help of gel you can lay the cascade in a simple style. To do this, you need to straighten hair, apply a gel on them, make a side part and fix the lacquer with a lacquer.

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For long

Cascading haircut for long hair is especially appreciated by women who do not want to part with hair length, but want to add a volume of hair and texture.

On long hair, the cascade can be classic or torn, with a bang or without it.

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When choosing a hairstyle, you need to understand that the graduation of very thick long hair can make the hairstyle too bulky, and the head is incommensurably large.

But nevertheless the cascade is the best choice for long curly hair, it, as anybody else can cope with them.

The classic cascade provides soft and smooth lines that create a quality volume.

The most beautiful variant of a hairstyle - slightly truncated hair from above, which smoothly pass to elongated curls underneath.

The lacerated cascade on long hair looks pretty daring and stylish.

The volume and depth of the haircut can give a highlight and coloring of the hair.

Haircut cascade for long hair has a large number of styling options. Here are the most common ones.

  1. Hair tips, twisted inside. Styling is performed with a hair dryer and a round comb, the curls are stretched along the length, and the tips are twisted to the face. Looks like this hair styling is very elegant and helps to hide powerful cheekbones or large chin.
  2. The tips of the hair curled outward. Stacking is similar to the previous one, only the tips are turned outwards. This is an option for those who want to visually expand a narrow, elongated face.
  3. Styling with ironing. Locks consistently aligned from the lowest levels of the cascade.
  4. Styling with ironing corrugation will give off naughty waves and add volume.
  5. As an evening option, you can wind hair curlers or curling iron. Only the finished curls should not be combed, otherwise the hair will turn out too voluminous.
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