Haircuts and hairstyles that fit women with a square face shape

Find out the shape of your face, you can outline its outline on the mirror, and then compare the distance between the cheekbones and evaluate the shape of the chin.
The square face has the same width and length of the facial zones. At the same time, the chin is slightly extended downwards, and the width of the forehead, cheekbones and jaw are practically equal.

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Square features slightly heavier person, so with the right hairstyle you need to visually smooth, extending and rounding itshape.

Holders of a square face shape need to remember that it's worth abstaining:

  • from ultra-short, rigorous geometric haircuts;
  • from smooth styling options and hair combed back;
  • from thick smooth bangs;
  • of the volume in the area of ​​the cheekbones and chin;
  • from smooth parting.

All this will attract unwanted attention to angular features.

It's better to stop your choice:

  • on volumetric, cascading, asymmetrical and elongated haircuts;

  • on oblique long bangs, cut by layers;
  • on the lateral parting.
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The short haircut of a pixie is well combined with an elongated bang. The ears must be open while the parting must be uneven.

The success of the haircut for a square face also consists in the correct laying, whether it's pixy or ganson. The main thing is to make three-dimensional hair at the roots and raise the strands with your forehead.

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Women with a square-shaped face will only be approached by those variants of cutting the square that do not create a volume on the line of cheekbones and jaw.

In this case, bangs should always be laid on their side, it can be asymmetric and be above the eyebrow line.

Learn how to create a stylish hairstyle "Shell" by yourself

A bean without a bang will suit the owner of a square face and curly hair.

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To the holders of the square face shape, it is worth experimenting with asymmetry, it will help to soften the features. Such haircuts can be created on hair of any length.

To extend the visually square face and soften the massive chin, you can use a short bang, trimmed with layers. Stack it better asymmetrically or comb it sideways.

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The stepped haircuts will look great, which thanks to torn strands and graduation can create splendor and volume along the face line.

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When creating a hairstyle for owners of a square face shape it is not recommended to use:

  • straight straight lines;
  • beams;
  • combed back hair;
  • of bulk laying at the level of the cheekbones.

For them are ideal:

  • soft, smooth, asymmetric shapes;
  • long flowing hair;
  • curls and curls framing the face;
  • high hairstyles;
  • volume on the vertex.
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Loose hair

Long hair can visually draw a square face. But it is important to remember that perfectly straight hair will have absolutely the opposite effect and only focus on the protruding corners of the square face. It is better to twist the ends and make an oblique parting.

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Curly locks covering the sides of the face will help to hide the square chin protrusions. Light curls give an image of romance.

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You can make a magnificent laying by lifting and whipping the hair on the back of the head with a fleece.

Creating a volume in the central upper part of the head lengthens the face, smoothing out its square features.

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Choosing the evening version, it should be noted that the main design concept may be asymmetry and volume. Suitable laying on one side.

Do not ideally smoothly collect hair back, it is better to abandon the "pony tail".You can try a wavy retro-styling.

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As a wedding variant, high hairstyles with books and sticking strands

or asymmetrical hairstyle on one side will look good.

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