How to collect a bag on the list of compulsory things for the maternity home

So there comes such a long-awaited moment as a meeting with your baby. There is already very little time left to complete all the cases, order or purchase missing items of everyday life and things. The main thing for the future mother is compiling a list of things in the hospital. It is better to cook everything in advance, and not at the last minute, and close attention should be paid to the most pleasant and important thing - the list of things for the child.

  • Mandatory for the mother
  • For delivery
  • After delivery
  • Mandatory for the child
  • After the birth
  • On the
  • statement Tips for the time of the year

Mandatory for the mother

The complete list of things in the hospital must consist of several sections: for the prenatal and postpartum departments andextracts.

According to the sanitary rules and regulations, all things must be packed in a special transparent bag or bags. It is forbidden to use leather or fabric bags due to the spread of pathogenic bacteria.
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For delivery of

The list of necessary things in the maternity hospital for a woman consists of the following:

  • documents( passport and copies of the first pages and residence permits, exchange card with test results, referral from the consultation and birth certificate, MHI policy and pension insurance certificate andtheir photocopies, the birth contract, if it was concluded);

  • money( small amount of cash and credit cards);
  • hygiene products( soap, shampoo, shower gel, toothbrush and paste, cotton swabs and disks, comb, scissors, deodorant, disposable paper kerchiefs and toilet bowls, shaving set, wet wipes and toilet paper);
  • essential cosmetics;
  • bathrobe;
  • nightgown;
  • underwear;Hand towel and face towel;
  • body towel;
  • bed linen;
  • socks;
  • rubber flip-flops;
  • home slippers;
  • disposable tableware( spoon, plate, mug);
  • water bottle;
  • compression stockings;
  • mobile phone;
  • necessary gadgets( e-book, tablet or laptop);
  • chargers and headphones;
  • pens and notepad for entries;
  • kettle.

Important: do not take with you a personal first aid kit with medication.

In addition, with partner( joint) births the following will be required:

  • husband's passport;
  • results of tests and conclusion of the therapist;
  • rubber slippers;
  • bags for clothes and shoes;
  • removable clothing;
  • water.
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After delivery

The list of things for the second bag is intended for the postpartum department:

  • hygiene products( the same kit as for the prenatal department);
  • hair comb and hair band;
  • postoperative bandage( required for rapid recovery after caesarean section);
  • bathrobe;
  • nightgown;
  • slippers;
  • rubber flip-flops;
  • socks;Towels for face and body;
  • disposable panties( 5 pieces) - disposable underwear is sterile and promotes the healing of sutures after childbirth;
  • postoperative or urological pads( 24 pieces) - these types are sterile and will be able to cope with abundant secretions better than sanitary napkins;
  • disposable breast liners( provide protection against blotting and maintain the hygiene of the mammary glands);
  • postpartum bra( 2 pieces) - to prevent stretch marks and preserve the elasticity of the breast;
  • cream for the healing of cracks in the nipples( extremely necessary, since it helps to heal wounds and prevent new injuries);
  • suppositories with glycerin( restore intestinal function in postpartum constipation);
  • medical mask;
  • absorbent diapers;
  • vitamins;
  • water, apples, dried fruit, bread, crackers and biscuits( for an easy snack after delivery).

On the day of discharge from the hospital, you will need a third bag with clothes, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics and hair styling products.

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Mandatory for the child

The list of things for the newborn in the hospital must be made in the light of what is needed immediately after birth and for discharge.

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After the birth of

  • , baby care products( diaper cream, powder, baby soap, wet wipes, cotton balls, sticks and discs, moisturizer);
  • disposable diapers( 1 pack);
  • disposable diapers;
  • sliders( 5 pieces);
  • tie( 5 pieces);
  • bonnet;
  • socks;
  • cotton mittens are "anti-scratch";
  • pacifier;
  • bottle;
  • towel;
  • comb;
  • baby nippers;
  • electronic thermometer;
  • syringe for 30 milliliters, pre-boiled( for enema).
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Once you have the opportunity to change the baby, you will need a prepared set of one diaper, sliders, thin and thick raspashonok and bonnets and a pair of sock and mittens.

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statement The bag for the statement must consist of things in accordance with the time of the year. For example, because of the weather, which is difficult to predict, it is better to add a few clothing options to the list of things for the maternity home in the spring.

  • diaper;
  • body;
  • sliders;
  • diaper;
  • jacket;
  • cap;
  • outerwear( jumpsuit, blanket or envelope);
  • car seat.
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Tips for the season of the year

The summer list of things is the easiest to compile. It will include a standard set of clothes, consisting of sliders, ryazhonki, blouses and cap. It is enough to put the baby in a summer envelope or wrap it in a light blanket.

Spring or autumn is suitable for a demi-season overall or an envelope. Winter clothes will be needed for the end of autumn or the beginning of spring.

The list in the winter will include a warm hat, winter envelope or overalls.

At present, in order to avoid hassle, you can buy ready-made bags for the maternity hospital with all the necessary and different equipment.

An extract from the hospital is the most unique and happy event that will remain in your memory for life.

It is necessary to do everything so that the troubles do not cloud the first days of motherhood, and nothing distracts from communicating with the child.

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With the recommended list of the necessary things in the hospital can be found on the site of the institution, where the delivery will take place and add something that is not specified, but it is extremely necessary for every woman.

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