How to make hyacinth from beads

The most popular beadwork items are jewelry. And the most popular motives for jewelry are, of course, a variety of flowers. They are also very popular in the decor of the room. This master class is devoted to the creation of a three-dimensional beautiful hyacinth.

Required Materials
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  • Required Materials

    Given that the composition is composite, one flower with petals up to five centimeters in size and up to 6 pieces will require about one and a half meters of brass wire( 30 millimeters), and for the whole compositionyou need about thirty or forty meters, beads of any shade( your choice).

    To make the flower more interesting, it is worth taking beads of two similar shades - darker and lighter.

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    Technique for

    Cut 60-80 pieces of wire at least 35 centimeters.

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    Type 26-28 beads and roll into an elongated sheet, then type on one of the ends less beads for the center of the petal(10-12), put it between the loops.

    The flower petal element is ready. Make such petals for about 10-12 colors.

    To assemble the flower, put 8 beads on the ends of one petal and draw one of the ends of the second petal through them. By this principle, add the other petals. The hyacinth has 6 petals.

    Separate for each flower, make stamens and insert them inside the flowers.

    Be sure to leave a long leg at the petals, both in the first and in the second technique.

    It is needed in order to connect the elements into a composition. You can then cut off the ends with pliers.

    The compilation of a flower begins by connecting the lower edges of the petals.

    The easiest way is to twist the petals by the ends.

    More difficult - to pass one end through the bottom row of beads in the other petal and tighten all this tightly, doing the same moves with the rest of the elements.

    Separately weave several oblong leaflets. They should be placed below the flower.

    The flower itself can be seated in a pot or vase.

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