Beautiful everyday and evening hairstyles with flowing hair

The loose healthy and shiny hair invariably causes admiration. They even without stacking always look stylish, fashionable and effective. But at the same time they give unlimited opportunities for choosing everyday, evening and wedding images. Further in the article there are presented variants of simple, but original styling, which will complement and decorate loose hair and will be suitable for any event. Such hairstyles are relevant for any length of hair and can be performed independently.

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For every day

Long hair itself looks beautiful, and to form them in a hairdress it is enough to use a hairbrush, ironing, hair dryer, styling aids and a little time. The main thing is to choose the appropriate styling option.

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Straight hair

Elegant version - perfect straight hair styling. Create it will help ironing or hair dryer. If necessary, a hoop may become an ornament of such a hairstyle.

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This laying can easily be done with a large amount of gel and comb.

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This everyday hairstyle is quite simple. It is necessary to divide the whole mass of hair from the ear to the ear. The upper part of the hair is gathered on the back of the head and tied in a bun.

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The ends of the hair are wound on a curling rod. From the zone of the temples highlight the strands, lead them to the back of the head and tie them with the usual knot. Fix the tips with the studs. A little lower you can make several similar nodes.

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harnesses Divide the cuticle by horizontal parting. From the top of the hair form three equal strands. Each of them is twisted into a bundle and rolled into a bundle. The ends of the strands must be stabbed invisibly.

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A graceful wreath made of thin plaits is able to decorate loose hair. On the temples on each side of the head, braid along one braid, wrap them around the head in the form of a wreath and fasten with the studs.

Learn how to make a beautiful everyday hairstyle on curly hair
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To make a bow on loose hair, you need to separate the wide strand on the vertexhead and tie it in the tail. Hair stretch through the elastic so that an eyelet is formed. From the resulting loop to form the wings of the bow, dividing it in half. With a thin prick wrap the center of the bow and fix it with invisible ones. To cover a hairdress with a varnish. Loose hair can be wound.

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Before making a haircut, you should bring the hair in the proper form - give them volume, return the shine and brightness. The preparatory stage is as follows: hair wash, rinse with balm, dry with a hair dryer or wind on curlers.

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The hair from the curls will help create a romantic image. Using hair curlers, ironing or curling iron, you can make a luxurious hairstyle from large or small curls. Thus locks can be wound on all length of hair or up to half. Very popular now is the hairstyle, which combines large volumetric waves and straight ends.

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Wet effect

The effect of wet hair will help mousse and hair dryer with a diffuser nozzle. On wet hair, you need to apply a large amount of mousse and dry it in stages, squeezing the strands with your hands.

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In order to perform the installation of the Iroquois type, it is necessary to stretch out the hair with an iron, then perform a basal forehead to the occiput. Hair from temples to pick up, smoothly combed and stabbed on the back of the head. Naches to lay back, smooth a soft comb and sprinkle with varnish.

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Braids of plaits do not necessarily involve the use of the entire mass of hair. Loose hair can be effectively decorated with a braid. This is very simple: the hair is combed back, evenly separating only the upper strands to twist the curved braid.

A wonderful option will be a braid around the head, in the links of which are stretched hair strands.

Hair from the curls laid on one side, harmoniously combined with the lateral weave. To begin with, it is necessary to make an oblique parting and transfer the main part of hair to one side of the head. On the opposite side, starting from the parting or from the temple, braid the spikelets, picking up all the hair from the face. The tip of the braid is hidden under the hair on the back of the head.

The braid can be braided and simply in a vertical direction.

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This voluminous styling is performed thanks to the proper drying of hair with the help of a powerful hair dryer and a large brashing machine, as well as a quality basal forefoot of the occipital zone.

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Do not lose the popularity of hairstyle with flowing hair in retro style. For example, the hair can be lifted from the roots with the help of a fleece and laid on one side, and the tips should be shaped like large curls.

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In the image of the bride, her hair is always looking great, and at the same time it does not matter whether they are long or short. After all, to give length, you can always use false strands. And an experienced stylist will give them the desired shape, decorate with a veil, tiara or flowers.

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It can be graceful large curls or funny curls, they can fall on the shoulders, and can be collected on one side. Modern styling tools can securely fix the locks, while the outward appearance of the hair will look as natural as possible.

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This hairstyle is just perfect for brides. She emphasizes femininity and gives the image tenderness. To do this, you need to wind all the hair. Divide the horizontal parting of the hair into two parts. The upper part is well combed, laid back and stabbed at the back of the head. For a larger volume of hair, you can use a foam roller. The diadem in the stones will complete the image.

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With a heart shaped pattern

Loose hair as a wedding hairstyle looks very affectionate and romantic, especially if they are adorned with romantic heart-shaped weaving, beautiful accessories or fresh flowers.

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A simple and concise hairstyle in the Greek style will be a winning variant of the wedding arrangement. It's done very simply: you need to do the work on the top of your head, put on a bandage and tuck some strands under it.

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