Ideas for a photo session at home

Even if your house is furnished with a Soviet-style furniture, it does not matter, and with such decorations you can realize many directions of a thematic photo, for example, the same style of "retro" or "pin-up".Photoshoot at home is possible in different themes, both playful and romantic, single or for the company of friends, girlfriends.

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It's appropriate for dinner, tea, cozy pastime. It can be played both in proud solitude and with a loved one. At the same time, if you participate in a photo shoot alone, this shooting will have the character of nostalgic romance, its attributes - frames with photos, candles, letters, etc. If your boyfriend takes part in the realization, it will be already a purely romantic character with attributes in the form of glasses with wine or champagne, flowers, etc.

Romantic to shoot on a well-furnished, in a measure clean attic or in a pantry. Surely these places will be clogged with all sorts of things carried there over the years things. They just just look gorgeous in the frame, and the very atmosphere of this place, where many things of different ages and generations, casts a variety of subjects. In addition to romance, this is both mystery and nostalgia.

When preparing, you can arrange gatherings in the attic, for example, drink tea there or consider old things. At the same time, do not think about cleaning up there, dusting, cleaning the web, all these are very valuable elements of such a decoration and will only decorate the frame.

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Through the Looking Glass

Mirrors are present in every house or apartment, but if your interior has a really original and beautiful mirror, it can be used for shooting. The peculiarity of the photo shoot is that the reflection dominates in the frame.

Genre for the looking through a lot. You can take pictures with candles, which is very beautiful in combination with reflection, with good daylight or sunset sun, to capture the glare of the sun and softness.

Beautifully look the evening classic image.

Learn about the best poses for a photo shoot at home

When taking photos with a mirror, make sure that your reflection is in a favorable perspective. Advantageous in the frame looks pose in which you need to become face to face with your reflection. The shooting is done from the back of the model or slightly to the side.

Through the looking glass can be beat and thematically. This includes ideas with fortune-telling. At the same time, your image should correspond to the current idea. Try to embody it in the old Russian style - find a handkerchief with an ornament for hohlomu, a long shirt, better with embroidery, braid braids, decorate them with flowers, bunches of viburnum, put a kerchief on your shoulders, make a light natural make-up.

You can also implement fabulous themes. For example, Queen Raven of "Snow White and the Hunter" or Alice.

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If your house is furnished in a modern style of interior - high-tech, minimalism, modern, vintage, kitsch, etc., then the idea of ​​"fashion" is ideally suited for this interior. It is also relevant in interiors designed in ethnic styles, for example, in English( for the image of a lady) or in the oriental( the image of the oriental fashion beauty).

To implement this idea, you need to learn a few glossy magazines and try to copy the poses of models from their pages.
In the photoshoot at home looks very nice attributes and poses of light eroticism. So, you can play the following example - just throw a man's shirt on the naked body and dissolve the hair.

Suitable for the idea of ​​easy eroticism and a beautiful dressing-gown, underwear.

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Bachelorette party

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This idea needs to be realized in the circle of girlfriends. In this case, the subject of your gatherings can be the most incredible. Popular pajama parties and hen parties, beauty parties, where everyone brings beauty and a fool. You can arrange a joint preparation for something, arrange a fight with pillows, sing in karaoke, etc.

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Remember the classic parties, which are full of many American youth films. To us such parties seem to be something incredible: is it really possible that a hundred or two unfamiliar or unfamiliar people break into your home and arrange loud and drunk bedlam there?

But, if you take only the best from such a party, its incendiary, swagger, then you can get a good serial photo shoot.

The party can be held in some style, for example, in the style of disco-80x or cosplay, for example, based on the "Harry Potter".
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