What can be made of fabric

From the fabric, you can create unique things, decorations and toys. Each proposed version of handicrafts you can improve and enrich yourself even brighter. The creation of various decorative elements from the fabric can be limited only by your own imagination, but in the choice of ideas, there will never be a deficit.

  • Table decor
  • Decorations
  • Toys
  • Simple flowers

Table decor

Materials needed:

  • special candy sticks( you can use skewers);
  • strips of multi-colored fabric;
  • thread in tone fabric;
  • needle;
  • glue gun;
  • scissors with a special blade( wave or zigzag);
  • buttons or beads for decor of the center of the flower.
Learn how to work in the guilloche technique( burning through the fabric) http://woman-l.ru/giloshirovanie-po-tkani/

Preparation of the fabric. The size of strips of fabric is about 25x5 centimeters. The contour of such a long rectangle needs to be cut with special scissors, which will make the edge a wave or a zigzag.

This strip of fabric should be folded in two inverted inside. On the inner folded edge, using a needle and thread, you need to gather a double edge of the fabric onto the thread with a notch. For the symmetry and accuracy of the finished flower, the stitches must be made at the same distance from each other.

When making the last stitch, you need to pull the fabric on the thread to form a circle. The ends of the fabric, which eventually converged, you need to sew together gently.

Disconnect the fabric circle from anywhere and from the back side, attach a skewer or a stick with the help of a gun glue.

The last step in creating a flower is to decorate the middle.

Stick a button, a piece of cloth or a bead. At this stage, the internal seam assembly will also hide.

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Materials needed:

  • bright fabrics: stretch or lycra;
  • chain( can be purchased at specialized handicraft shops);
  • fasteners or locks( there are also twisting variants);
  • scissors;
  • cutting pliers;
  • glue gun.

Let's proceed to the sequence of creating the necklace.

First you need to prepare the fabric itself. To do this, it is necessary to cut the lycra or stretch into strips about 1-1.5 centimeters wide. All stripes need to take two long edges and stretch. Thus, the trimmed edge is wrapped inward and we will get the neat strips-cords.

Next, you will need to start the process of weaving the main part of the necklace. There are no clear requirements and rules, you can choose the most convenient way for yourself. You can weave cords according to the principles of braiding the baubles. You can use the knitting needles and crochet and tie the details to your own discretion. You can just weave the pigtails. The more tangled weaving, the more original and brighter it looks.

It is important not to forget to leave enough long ends of the cords around the edges to fasten the product to the chain.

At the end of the weaving, attach the product to the chain. Use the fitting to select the length of the decoration that you need for yourself. Alternatively, you can leave a small part of the chain for further length adjustment.

loading. ..

Also do not forget to fasten the buckle or the lock on the ready-made decoration.

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We will create a pair of toy animals of teddy bears in the technique of Tilda, a boy and a girl.

Required Materials:

  • two flaps of coarse white cloth measuring 30x30 centimeters;
  • two flaps in a fine pattern( pink and blue);
  • multi-colored sewing thread;
  • material for stuffing toys( sintepon, silicone or holofayber);
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • needle;
  • drawing paper;
  • sewing machine.

Toys can be stitched both on a sewing machine and manually.

Preparation of fabric. White fabric should be painted in light beige tones. To sew a boy needs a beige darker. To do this, dilute about 3 teaspoons of instant coffee in 3 cups of boiling water, add 1 teaspoon of PVA and salt glue and keep the cloth in the solution until the water cools completely. Dry the cloth, pre-spread. Smooth with iron after drying.

For sewing a girl you need a light beige. The fabric should be dyed according to a similar scheme only with the use of not tea, but tea( 2-3 tea bags).

Cutting and sewing. Cutting out all the details should be done using pre-prepared paper patterns. It is necessary in the process of cutting to follow the share of the fabric, so as not to cut the fabric in the wrong direction.

All paired parts can be sewn on a sewing machine or manually with a machine-stitched seam. The details of the "heart" need to be turned out, for this, in the process of stitching, leave a hole.

All excess allowances that were left on the seams, cut off, leaving no more than 3 mm.

loading. ..

All parts must be filled with filler. The most convenient way to do this is in the process of stitching the parts.

Feet and hands tightly packed is not worth it so that you can easily seat the doll.

Sew a doll it is necessary to begin with sewing of ears to a head.

Then you need to connect the head to the trunk.

Sew the legs and handles with hidden seams. Take the thread in the tone of the fabric, so that the seams are as inconspicuous as possible.

Finishing. In the process of decorating, you need to embroider the little puppets with eye buds and embroider noses.

Brush with cosmetic blush or other improvised cheek. Sew patches and hearts to ready-made toys. Pre-fill the hearts with filler.

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Simple flowers

To make such a sweet flower, old children's clothing made from cotton fabric is best. Children grow very fast, so there is probably something in your closet.

It is better to use a fabric of bright color with a floral or floral print. Although these flowers look great with graphic prints too.

On the presented template you need to cut out two large and four small flowers from a fabric of different colors. And one more - from a felt for the base of a flower. Such a dense base will support the petals and give them a shape.

On top of the felt we put two large petals so that the previous petals in the unfolded form were visible, and on them - small petals folded four times as shown in the picture.

Next, you need to fasten the petals together. For this you can use the sewing machine, or you can sew the petals manually. Now you need to create a flower center. We suggest you to do this by fitting an old button-cloth with a cloth of the right color and sew it in the center. You can use for the middle of a flower and a bright colored plastic button, beads or beads.

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