Variants, how to step by step make flowers from different sweets and sweets

There are many convenient and uncomplicated options, how to make artificial flowers from certain materials. Suitable for this and all sorts of sweets, sweets, as well as additional decorations. Below are three step-by-step master-classes on the use of these yummies.

  • Bellflower branch
  • Snowdrops
  • Simple flowers

Bellflower branch

To create delicate bells, you need:

  • thick wire for stems;
  • corrugated paper of green and lilac shade;
  • nippers, scissors, green ordinary thread;
  • small and light lozenges( three on one branch of a flower);
  • electrical tape is not more than a centimeter wide.

One flower consists of three bells and several leaves. First cut out for each bell 4 identical petals and 4 identical leaves, which will go under the bud. Using threads and the first two petals, fix the lollipop between the petals and wind it to the wire-stalk. Add the remaining two petals. Then add 4 leaves under the bud. Do the same with other bells.

Each stem of the next bell should be shorter than the previous one.

When the bells are ready, you first need to wrap their stems with electrical tape, and then collect them in one branch using a tape.

At the time of winding, a few more leaves can be added to the stem.

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The following materials will be needed:

  • the same chocolate candies of round shape;
  • thick wire;
  • nippers with rounded ends;
  • corrugated paper of white, soft pink, light green and dark green color;
  • basket for flowers;
  • sisal and polystyrene;
  • sewing thread;
  • hot melt;
  • organza is green.

First prepare the basket. Any ordinary wicker basket will do. At its bottom, it is necessary to put a circle, cut out from a foam plastic, tightly, and top it off with a sisal.

loading. ..

After that, from the organza it is necessary to wind the green lumps, which will fill the space between the colors. For one lump, you need to cut 3-4 squares of organza with a side of about 5 cm. You can fasten them together to toothpicks. One small composition will require about 10 such elements.

After the turn of the colors. First, prepare from the wire 17-20 segments of approximately the same length. Using pliers, wrap one edge into a small loop and bend these loops horizontally. On them glue round candy.

One white snowdrop flower needs three green petals and three white petals. To do this, corrugated paper is cut out rectangles, and white will be about a centimeter longer than the green. Cut out petals wrap around candy. First green, then white. We are fastening everything with threads.

After the darker green paper, the stems are wrapped.

By the same principle, pink flowers are created.

When all the elements are ready you can collect the composition together, starting with the lumps of organza and ending with the distribution of colors.

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Simple flowers

These sweet flowers are entirely made up of chocolates. For the master class you will need:

  • conventional chewy candy of the right colors;
  • templates for work on the test in the form of flowers;
  • glass container for rolling candies( a wooden rolling pin is not suitable, candies stick to the tree);
  • wooden sticks, which will serve as stems;
  • a couple of spoons of plain water.

Connect two or three pieces of candies of the same shade together, and then roll until you reach the desired thickness. Cut out the fragments of the flower. For the core, roll a small ball.

loading. ..

When all the elements are ready, the flowers can be collected. Down we put the biggest detail, from above middle and last we attach a ball of contrasting shade. When connecting the elements, moisten the candy stick in plain water, make a small groove in the upper part of the bottom part, and only then attach the upper element.

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