Gel nail extensions at home

Learn how to create a self-made gel manicure and proper gel nail extensions is very simple. You need to know a number of subtleties, have a minimum of tools and a maximum of desire. We bring to your attention the most necessary information on nail extension gel for beginners.

  • Contents:
    • What you need to build
    • Features of
    • technology Nail preparation
    • Process steps
    • Care for gel nails

    What you need to build

    To create gel nails at home, you will need:

    • gel for modeling nails( sometimes as colored,both transparent and transparent);
    • ultraviolet lamp for drying the gel;
    • brushes for modeling gel nails;
    • primer( serves as a "primer" for a natural nail and helps the adhesion of the nail to the gel);
    • bander( removes excess moisture);
    • various nail files and buffers for grinding and final modeling of nails.

    There are ready-made sets for modeling gel nails, which can be bought in specialized stores or ordered via the Internet. Their price starts from fifteen hundred rudders.

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    Features of

    technology Gel nail extensions are more sparing and safe for the nail plate than acrylic build-up. The gel freezes under the influence of the UV lamp, and due to this during the drying of the nail, all possible bacteria and harmful microelements are destroyed, which can be between the natural nail plate and the gel coating. Also, the gel composition allows natural nails to breathe even under the coating. You can make nail extensions gel on forms and tips.

    Despite the fact that the gel nails are very strong, you need to handle them carefully to avoid mechanical damage, cracks and breakages. When gel buildup is strictly adhere to the rules and procedures for using all necessary means, so as not to damage the natural nail plate.

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    Nail preparation

    Before starting to build nails, you need to make a standard manicure. Preliminarily make a bath to soften the nail and finger skin. Remove cuticles and keratinized skin around the nail. If your own nails are long, you need to cut them off, leaving only about 3 millimeters of the length of the nail, but no more. Fit nails carefully, giving them the desired shape.

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    The stages of the process

    The first stage - nail preparation, hand disinfection,removal with buffs by grinding, the upper fat cover of the nail.

    The second stage - covering the nail with a bounder to remove excess moisture from the nail.

    The third stage - covering the nipple with a primer so that the nail is well attached to the applied gel plate.

    You can simply cover the nail with a standard base, which also needs to be fixed in the lamp, after holding for 2 minutes.

    The fourth stage is to expose the shape or glue the tips to natural nails. Simulation of marigolds with gel. Gel is applied to the nail with the help of special brushes of the desired length and shape.

    The fifth stage - when the nail is already covered with gel, you need to turn your hand upward with the palm and count to 5, and after that you already send it to the UV lamp for drying. To turn a hand it is necessary for the gel to spread a little and take the necessary shape by flowing.

    Dry for at least 1.5-2 minutes. Each new applied layer must be dried!

    The sixth stage - frozen and dried marigolds, it is necessary to grind the buffs and give the nail files the necessary shape. After lubricating hands with cream.

    Seventh stage - additional decoration and design with rhinestones, modeling and other( if there is a desire and need).

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    Care for gel nails

    Rules to be observed for owners of gel accretive nails:

    • It is essential to lubricate the cuticle with a nutritious cream or cosmetic oils at night. Through the cuticle, the natural nail plate gets the right dose of moisture and nutrition.
    • No need to exert any mechanical pressure on the nails to avoid all possible damages.
    • Do not often try to change the shape of the nails, once again the process of cutting and polishing can damage them.
    • Correction is recommended not to be done more than once every three weeks. But it also depends on the individual growth rate of the natural nail.
    • If, during the growth of your own nail, there is a space between it and the accreted space, making correction and disinfection. Through this gap, the nail can be freely penetrated by bacteria.
    • When working with chemical cleaning agents and detergents, you should always protect your hand with gloves.
    • When repainting a gel nail, only non-acetate liquids should be used to clean it, so as not to damage the structure of the gel coating.
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