Examples of ideas for a photo shoot near the pond and in the water

The warm season is ideal for conducting an exit photo session near some worthwhile pond. And this includes ideas built on the shooting both near water and in water, and under water. The main thing is that your desires coincide with the possibilities of photo equipment.

  • by Ivan Kupala
  • Mermaid
  • Underwater
  • Beauty style

by Ivan Kupala

For this idea it is necessary to work out style moments, to choose clothes in the Slavic style: a long dress-shirt or a skirt and embroidery. To the clothes will fit the threads of red beads, and on the head you need to weave a wreath of field grasses.

To create an atmosphere of the holiday of Ivan Kupala, you can light a fire, and the mystery of the shots will be added to the candles placed along the perimeter of the exposition, and the more they are there, the theme is better.

You can take pictures not only by water, but also by water. This includes the moments of the descent of wreaths in the water. Also, small lighted candles can be fired through the water.

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In Slavic mythology, mermaids differ little from other mythologies, but they can have legs. The mermaids are dressed in transparent fabrics of marine and heavenly shades. To work out the image, you may need networks that are also suitable for forming a dress.

Make-up should be cold, with a focus on the eyes, the hairstyle as such is missing, well-fitting wavy hair will do well.

The frame should be dominated by green, blue, blue, azure and brown tones.

For marine mermaids, the following attributes can additionally be used:

  • shells, starfish;
  • toy ships;
  • bottles with messages;
  • overhead tails of bright colors;
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Under the water

For this shooting, you need to stock up long sections of fabric, preferably chiffon or organza. Under the water, this fabric will acquire beautiful outlines around the body. Color is better to choose from light pastel palettes. Well under the water look white, milky, sandy, blue, azure, blue tones.

The fabric can be replaced with a ball gown. Hair at the same time is better to dissolve, make-up is either absent altogether, or becomes waterproof.

Also underwater is the idea of ​​a dynamic photo, especially dance. Beautifully will look Pa from ballet, tango or simply correct choreographic tricks.

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Beauty style

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In this direction, the main emphasis is not on the attributes, but on makeup and hairstyle. Often they are complex, with additional elaborations, with body painting and unusual designs in the hair.

Preference for bright and saturated colors. The shooting is most often in the portrait genre, while the model is in the water just above the chest.

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