Ways of getting yourself a temporary tattoo

If you have long dreamed of a tattoo, but do not dare to fill a permanent drawing, you can take advantage of the wide possibilities of temporary tattoos. Draw it easily and independently, and the life expectancy of such a tattoo can be from several hours to several weeks. There are more long-lasting tattoos, but they will not be able to create them by their own hands.

  • Eyeliner
  • Drawing handle
  • Application of henna

With eye pencil

This method gives the most short-term effect. It is suitable for small and unpretentious tattoos, for example, small hearts, birds, symbols and so on. This is due to the fact that the structure of the lines left by the pencil is spreading. It is best to check this method on a smooth area of ​​the body, where the minimum hair.

Draw a tattoo, if necessary, add shading, shadows with a cotton ball or cotton swab. After sprinkle the tattoo with hairspray, wait for 5 minutes and rinse the tattoo under the water, but do not rub it. Its color will become less saturated, closer to natural tattoos. If you do not touch the tattoo, it will last a day or before going to the shower.

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Drawing handle

You will need a tracing paper or parchment paper. On the selected material, draw a tattoo. Apply to a selected place on the body and damped with a clean warm water cloth gently wipe the paper, pressing the tattoo into the skin, but not rubbing it. Do not take away all the paper at once, first move the edge and make sure that the tattoo is taken. If the tattoo is fixed with varnish, as in the case with the pencil method for the eyes, the tattoo will last 2-3 days or until you take a bath or shower.

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Application of henna

This method is ideal for summer tattoos.

A tattoo of henna in the mehendi style is usually applied on the hands, palms, feet, legs lifts. The life span of such a tattoo is 6-15 days. Apply tattoos to the same skin area only at intervals of 3 months. The skin should rest from a similar tattoo. It is always necessary to conduct an allergy test, since henna for many is an allergen.

About a day or two before the creation of the tattoo, you must avoid the sun. The skin itself needs to be prepared, made easy to scrub or peel, cleaned with alcohol-containing products. You must also remove all hairs from the selected area.

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The tattoo itself is made from henna paste. It is necessary to prepare it the day before.

You will need:

  • henna( 20 grams),
  • sugar( 1 teaspoon),
  • juice of two small lemons.

Somewhere a day before the application of the paste, dilute henna with a quarter of lemon juice. In appearance, the gruel should resemble mashed potatoes. Cover the gruel with a film, put in a warm place. In the morning, take sugar, and then dilute the gruel with the remaining juice to the consistency of the toothpaste. If the paste is too liquid, mix henna with it. After that, again close the container with a film and put it for 12 hours in a warm place. Next, the paste needs to be placed in a syringe and applied with the help of a drawing.

After drawing the picture, you can not wash the area for at least 24 hours. The color of the drawing will gradually darken from bright orange to orange-brown.

It is not recommended to add any other pigments and ingredients to henna, since the effect can cause an allergic reaction.

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