People's signs for good luck on the exam

  • It is compulsory to write or type on the computer cheat sheets yourself, without printing ready - even if you do not use them, in the process of writing some of the material will be stored in memory.
  • On the night before the exam should be put under the pillow open notes and textbooks - so the knowledge gleaned from them, better understood.
  • Before going to bed, you should put a bar of chocolate near your feet( preferably with nuts) so that the knowledge that goes through your legs flows into it. To eat this chocolate is necessary before testing, activating mental activity.
  • On the eve of the exam, you should do as pleasant as possible to more people - their positive thoughts will help attract the energy of good to your side.
  • The rule of the left side shows itself to be effective - getting out of bed in the morning before the exam, leaving the house, entering the examination class is necessary with the left foot. The left hand should pull the ticket, crossed behind the middle and index fingers of the right "for good luck".Some students try to perform all actions on this day with their left hand - keep the toothbrush, comb, cutlery and even write. It is believed that the left side of the body is associated with intuition, that is, with luck.
  • In the evening, you should prepare pieces of paper with ticket numbers and put them under a pillow, and in the morning pull out one at random - this or a number close to it will fall at a decisive moment.
  • For the exam, you need to wear "happy" clothes - things that once were already lucky. This outfit( in whole or in part) can be worn throughout the examination period, while you do not need to erase things so that luck does not wash out.
  • It's worth noting that people in blue clothes are subconsciously perceived by the examiners as more educated and competent.
  • It is not superfluous to use the "magic of the ring".To do this, you need to take a thing or an ornament that you do not need to unbutton, that is, unlock( ring, bracelet, necklace, round scarf), blow it and put it on. So a person is in a protective circle, from which they expelled( blow out) all the negative.
  • To attract good luck before the exam, you should turn all the chairs and stools upside down at home.
  • You can take your favorite and proven talisman, if any.
  • When leaving the house, you should pay attention to the first person you meet - a man usually symbolizes luck, a woman - a problem. The sign is based on the statement that the man gives energy, and the woman takes. However, to meet a woman with full bags or a pregnant one is a good sign.
  • Having seen a pregnant woman on the way to school, you need to ask her to name the number - so you can find out the number of the examination card. You can also ask the number of any stranger, even if the number does not coincide with the dropped ticket, it will be located nearby.
  • On the way to school, it is necessary to consider passing cars - often this number corresponds to the ticket number.
  • On the way to the exam it is useful to walk, stepping on a lot of small pebbles, but do not throw them with your legs, so as not to "kick off" your luck.
  • Many students tie a string or rope "for luck" on the wrist, making nodules on them "in memory".
  • It is possible to attract or take advantage of luck, holding yourself before the exam for an excellent student or shaking hands with a person who has just successfully passed the exam.
  • Before pulling the ticket, it will be correct to knock on the wood( about the desk or the wooden door jamb).
  • You can also hold something sticky( raisin, candy) in your hands before pulling out the ticket to stick the necessary ticket.
  • A good note is the wish "Neither fluff, nor feather!".Such words were preached by the hunters, embarrassing the evil forces, which prevented getting worthy prey. Rough answer "To hell with it" only strengthens the effect of the spell.
  • You can scold a student during the exam - this also helps "not to jinx" luck. The role of scoundrels can be performed by relatives and friends who need to be warned about the time of the procedure. However, one should not utter the words "fool" and other derogatory mental faculties.
  • Relatives of the examine can also hold his fists during testing - squeeze them and do not unclench, as if holding and not letting go of luck.
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Exam is an exciting time for any student, full of anxieties and expectations. People's signs and superstitions during this period are very popular, because in addition to careful preparation, much depends on luck, and you need to try to attract it to your side. Benefits from certain rituals are recognized even by psychology - having done them, a person feels more confident and calm.

  • Content:
    • What should not be done before the exam
    • In the school
    • At the university
    • In the GAI
    • After the exam
    • Weather
    • Bad signs

    What can not be done before the exam

    There are a number of actions that can prevent obtaining a cherished good evaluation:

    • Cut the hair and nails, shave on the eve of the exam - it is believed that along with hair and nails, you can cut your knowledge.
    • Wash your hair the day before the exam, comb your wet hair - all the knowledge accumulated in this interval is washed out of the head along with water and shampoo.
    • Sew on your clothes - so you can "sew up".
    • To return, if already left the house - is considered a particularly unfortunate sign, means to forget the luck at home. Therefore, all necessary things should be prepared in advance. If you still had to go back, you need to look at yourself in the mirror.

    • Take out the garbage, as well as sweep and wash the floors - together with the garbage collected and accumulated knowledge.
    • Going to the exam in new clothes - new things do not carry any useful information and can be unlucky. In addition, new things often rub or press, cause discomfort, distracting from important thoughts and preventing concentration.
    • In the periods between the preparation for exams to leave open books and abstracts - the knowledge gained can be weathered.
    • Step on the cover of the sewer hatch on the way to the exam - if this happens, you need to touch something with your hand, failing.
    • Also on the way to the exam should not step into holes or cracks - it is believed that there is accumulated negative energy. If this is not avoided, you need to touch the tree or ground( "ground").
    • Quarrel with someone before the exam - this action takes a lot of energy, especially if finding out the relationship has happened to your loved one - so you lose a strong defensive talisman. If a quarrel has already occurred, it is necessary to reconcile before checking knowledge.
    • You can not drink alcohol-containing beverages for 3 days before the exam. The sign has scientific confirmation - alcohol is excreted from the body from several hours to a day and a half, and affects the concentration of attention and the ability to learn.
    • During the session, one should not show his classmates his classmates, especially if there already is a good score - so you can jinx your luck.
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    At the school

    The following signs will help to pass the school exam:

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    At the university

    The main signs for students during the session are the same as for schoolchildren. Supplement the list with the following rituals:

    • At midnight before the exam it is necessary to put the open student's record-book in the window, point your finger at the evaluation site and shout as loud as possible the words "Freebies, come!".After this, the student's record book must be quickly closed, tied with a thread and not shown to anyone before the exam so that the freebie does not run away. Also, freebies can be lured by pouring breadcrumbs or sugar in the student's record-keeping book.
    • When going to the exam, use as many items as possible to symbolize the highest score - put a coin in the shoes under the left heel, go with the route number 5, enter the audience in the fifth, fifteenth or twenty fifth in the list.
    • To get to the school follows a proven path, when traveling in transport - it is necessary to pay for the ticket.
    • It is considered a good sign on this day to get a lucky ticket( to determine this figure in the ticket number are divided into 2 halves and summed if the amounts are the same - the ticket is a happy one).In this case, it is necessary to make a wish, and it will certainly be fulfilled.
    • It is also possible to make a successful test if you sit or stand between namesakes, namesakes or twins at the same time, and drive under a bridge along which there is a train or tram.
    • In many universities there are monuments or pedestals, wipe about which is considered a favorable sign.
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    In the

    GAI Most school and university marks are suitableand in the case of passing the driving test. It is very important to calm down and concentrate, which is facilitated by the following techniques:

    • On the eve of the test it is desirable to present the most terrible situation, a complete and irrevocable failure before the examiners. Then, in the process of surrender, a person does not become depressed, but realizes the groundlessness of his fears.
    • On the day of the exam, you should stay away from the alarmists, communicate with positively minded people - the energy is able to transfer from one person to another.
    • A special ritual is the production of a charmed amulet: in a small glass jar( for example, from under tablets) pour over a pinch of ground, poppy seeds and table salt. On a small piece of paper write the words "Everything is with me, everything is with me," then burn the paper, and add the ashes to the jar. Pronounce the words of the spell three times over the jar: "The ship was sailing on the sea, the storm was approaching, from the storm he escaped. So I on four wheels will go, from any trouble, from any barrier I will be saved! Verily! ".
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    After the examination of

    After the examination, it is necessary to analyze the situation - when obtaining the desired evaluation, take the worked out signs as a happy one. The same applies to clothes - if the examination period is not completed, you can dress the same way next time, you do not need to wash clothes.

    If the desired result is not achieved, it is possible that the actions were performed incorrectly or it is worth paying more attention to learning.

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    On the day of the exam, an important role is played by weather conditions:

    • The student's record book should be protected from rain and dampness, do not allow it to fall into the mud, otherwise the result of the exam will be deplorable.
    • A sunny day is a good sign for passing the exam. Double luck, if the teacher opened a window in the audience, which often happens when the weather is clear.
    • If you have time to come for the exam before the rain or thunderstorms - it also symbolizes success.
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    Bad signs of

    Not very good signs are:

    • To forget the student's record-book is the leader among bad signs.
    • Meet on the way to the exam of a man with an empty bucket - in the student's record-book will be empty. Neutralize the sign can be, throwing something into a bucket, for example, wrapper or pebble.
    • A black cat ran across a path or barked a dog - to failure. The words "Chur me!" Will help. The ancient guardian of the Chur clan will protect against the negative effect of the omen.
    • It does not bode well to hear on the way to the exam croaking ravens, there is even an expression such a "crow croaked."To reverse the negative will help croak in return. If someone hears you and laughs - this is an excellent sign, luck has passed to your side.
    • Tell about your personal signs to other people - so to them goes and good luck, signs cease to work for you.

    Before the exam, hold the cat for a tooth( preferably for a fang, but it is possible for any tooth) and make a wish. Attention: only a cat, not a cat.

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