Fashionable styles of summer dresses and sarafans

No summer should pass without a beautiful dress. This season is literally created for this element of the wardrobe. In a wide choice of styles of summer dresses can easily get lost. The list is long, it remains only to select competently its own style, taking into account the characteristics of its shape and the purpose of the dress.


  • A-Silhouette
  • Cylinder
  • Strapless
  • Baby-Doll
  • Cocktail
  • Sarafan
  • With armhole
  • Tunic
  • Case
  • Empire

    In many respects, the styles of this trend echo the styles of ancient Greek tunics and dresses of the Victorian era. In modern interpretation, the length of the dress does not necessarily have to be in the floor, but it retains an overstated, often under the chest waist and slightly extended sleeves. The length of sleeves can be very different. They can also be absent altogether. This style is ideal for all shapes, as well as for pregnant women.

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    Visually, the shape repeats the outlines of the letter A. Its difference is a tight top and a more loose bottom. The classical length is considered to be the length to the knee. Popular models are mini and retro models with a length below the knee or up to the ankles. This style will fit any figure, as well as for fat women.

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    This style is characterized by a tight top and a voluminous balloon-like bottom. This style is designed for young and slender girls, as its length is often expressed as a mini or to the knees. Dresses of this style are often designed for characteristic events, for example, for discotheques or graduation parties.

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    In this case, the style can be either fitted, or another, for example, a fish or A-silhouette, but in any case, the dress will have no straps and sleeves. The length can be different, as well as the dress design. Suitable option for only thin women and women with a beautiful line of shoulders and hands.

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    The youth style, whose distinguishing feature is always the short length of the dress, the skirt in it can be either slightly lush or very lush. The top is often decorated with rhinestones, pawns or other decor material. The dress is smart, designed for thematic and romantic occasions. Suitable for young, slender girls.

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    A distinctive feature of the styles of cocktail dresses is the length below the mini, to the kneeor below the knee, as well as a reserved top. Such dresses are sewed from elegant fabrics, often decorated, which compensates for the rather restrained styles.

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    There are many styles of sarafans, but the distinctive feature in them lies in the design of the top, there are straps or ties. A distinctive feature of the summer sundress is also a free cut that can be chosen for an imperfect figure, or a tight top and a free bottom, which is permissible for pear-shaped, rectangular and sand shapes.

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    With armhole

    The length and type of the skirt in this case can be different, but the top is always made as an American armhole. Suits such a dress holders of lean hands and chiseled shoulders. It will be more advantageous to look at miniature girls.

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    The tunic tunic has straight vertical lines. The cut is always free, sometimes asymmetrical. Tunics can be seized with waist bands or on hips. The length of the dresses is very different, from the mini and to the floor. The hose may be missing, or be of any length and shape.

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    One of the best and beautiful styles for any shape. In it, the clarity of lines and transitions prevails. For full girls it's better to choose such a dress with a length just below the knee and a sleeve three quarters. The fabric should keep a shape, but also a chiffon or silk-like dress will also look profitable.

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