Hepatic liver cleansing

The main function of the liver is the purification of blood. If the liver is heavily polluted, all internal organs receive toxins and harmful substances along with blood. Also, the general state of human health is significantly deteriorating. Therefore, doctors strongly recommend that the liver be cleaned once a year. A special hepatic collection for cleaning the liver will help protect and restore the organ.

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Liver collection due to its unique composition:

  1. Normalizes the composition of bile.
  2. Clears the liver of toxins.
  3. Activates the metabolism of proteins and lipids.
  4. Improves not only protective, but also transport functions of the liver.
  5. Reduces liver intoxication during alcohol intake.
  6. Useful during the treatment of hepatitis of various stages and species.
As a result of taking a baked collection the body completely gets rid of various harmful factors and their harmful effects.

After complete liver cleaning:

  • normalization of weight is observed,
  • strengthens immunity,
  • leaves weakness and apathy,
  • feels additional energy.
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Composition of

The popularity of monastic tea is found due to its unique composition. It includes:

  1. Devyasil( root), which normalizes the work of the liver and promotes effective cleansing of the bile ducts.
  2. Immortelle sandy, which has an antispasmodic effect and stimulates the secretion of bile.
  3. Chamomile, which provides bactericidal action, removes inflammation and resists viral infections.
  4. Peppermint, which cleanses the liver, helping to reduce the overall muscle tone of the biliary tract.
  5. Corn stigmas, which have an effective diuretic, as well as choleretic action.
  6. Calendula, which relaxes smooth muscle structures, stimulates bile formation. The plant is also indispensable in the treatment of hepatitis.
  7. Preschek pharmacy - it not only improves the secretory function, but also has anti-inflammatory effect.
  8. Fennel - belongs to the category of hepatoprotectors. It is effective in the treatment of toxic liver damage.
  9. Alternating - clears the liver at the cellular level.
  10. Highlander bird - provides antimicrobial action and warns against the formation of stones.
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How to use

In order to maximize the effect of the liver, follow the instructions for its use.

Liver collection is used as a tea: one teaspoon of a remedy for a glass of boiling water. Insist collection is necessary for 30 minutes.

The received portion should be evenly divided into one day. The full course of treatment is 2 weeks. A marked improvement in the state of health can be observed already on the third day.

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Liver collection has been tried by many who wish to cleanse the liver, people. Here are some of them:

Yuri, 37, Nizhny Novgorod:

"I really felt better at myself after taking the hepatic collection. The complexion of the earthy and pale gradually became fresh and pleasant, and the body became more enduringly palpable. I recommend!".

Oksana, 47, Samara:

"At our age, one must constantly think about their health, and even more so - about liver health. After all, how much she takes on herself! So I decided to support her and drink a hepatic collection. And she did not regret! I can not say that the hepatic collection of a panacea for all diseases and problems associated with the liver, but the fact that this prevention is excellent is yes. "

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