Buffet table as an attribute of a merry holiday

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Holding festivities in the form of a buffet table does not really meet Russian traditions, but recently it is gaining popularity. Over the buffet table they do not sit down, they approach him in pauses of the entertainment program and have a snack while standing.


  1. What is a buffet table
  2. What to prepare for a buffet table
  3. Serving a buffet table

What is a buffet table

It should be remembered that a buffet table is the minimum of a place in your house, but at the same time it is an excellent combination of various snacksand drinks.

Inviting family and friends to visit, we certainly want to please them with something delicious. Of course, not in food happiness, but because you want to make the holiday perfect. Buffet table is a set of snacks, hot dishes and desserts, as well as drinks.

The main question of any hostess is "How to surprise the guests?".Therefore, it is worthwhile to think about the festive menu of the buffet table in advance.

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What to prepare for a buffet table

You should start with cutting for a table. Here, the flight of your fantasies is not limited to the choice of food, but also the design of the dish. The simplest plate with a snack can be decorated and turned into a masterpiece, while serving beautifully on your buffet table. Traditional dishes on the festive table are such dishes: meat, fish, vegetable and fruit platter, cheese plate, pancake rolls with caviar and fish and other types of snacks.

One of the popular ways to treat large companies are canapes and tartlets. Preparation of such dishes does not require special skill, the main thing is to buy tartlets of different forms and add a drop of creativity. Also good additions to canapé will be unusual skewers, which can be purchased at the store. The content of these types of snacks should be chosen depending on the drinks provided for the celebration. Examples of canapé filling are salmon, caviar, prawns, cold boiled pork, cheese and others.

On any holiday can not do without hot dishes. For a buffet table, french fries, pizza cut into pieces, meat and fish dishes are perfect.

And at the end of a variety of dishes, dessert is served. When you select it, there are no restrictions. The weight of recipes from simple to complex will surprise you. You can use a variety of ingredients, ranging from fresh fruits and candied fruits, to ice cream and various types of chocolate.

As for drinks, the choice is yours and your guests. Ideal alcoholic drinks for a buffet table will be champagne and wine.

Serving of a buffet table

Prepare a table for celebration, it is necessary to pay special attention to its serving. Buffet table should be comfortable for a meal standing up. Everyone present at your holiday should feel comfortable, so follow carefully to choose a table.

Also do not forget about the number of cutlery and clean dishes. They should be three times more than guests.

You can complement the buffet table with fresh flowers, aromatic candles and all kinds of ornaments. It will revitalize the situation and will create a holiday mood.

And remember that the main thing is to communicate with people dear to you, and the buffet table will be an excellent addition to the celebration.

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