Variants of a fashionable hairstyle "Pixie"

Stylish haircut "Pixie" is very popular among a variety of female hairstyles. Of course, not everyone can decide on such a drastic change in the image, but those who have tried to wear this original haircut at least once can not give it up. The reason for this fascination is that "Pixie" is very effective and allows its owner to look much younger.

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Who is suitable for

"Pixie" - short, bulky, comfortable, stylish and incredibly cute haircut. No wonder it got its name from the charming mythical elf. A woman with such a hair looks very young and fervent.

Make a haircut "Pixie" can be applied to almost any hair. The exception is only a very small curls. Owners of other types of hair - green light.

It's not necessary to talk about heavy heavy hair, any short haircut looks great on them, but in this case, owners of thin rare hair can easily experiment with such a haircut."Pixie" can easily give the necessary volume to such problem hair.

As for the shape of the face, the Pixie looks perfect on small oval faces with bright expressive features. Large beautiful eyes, well-defined puffy lips - a great type for short haircuts.

"Pixie" will look no worse than a round, heart-shaped and square face. In addition, this universal haircut is able to cover and smooth out the convex cheekbones and make the face more pretty and close in shape to the ideal.

However, choosing this haircut, the owner of any shape of the face should not forget about perfect makeup. After all, "Pixie" accentuates all attention on the face, so it must be perfect.

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Types of haircuts

As for the technique of execution, the "Pixie" does not differ much from the haircut "Garson. "Their main difference in the design of the tips. If the "Garzon" provides an even contour of hair, then for "Pixie" are characteristic tips in the form of peculiar feathers, which add to this hairstyle of mischief and playfulness.

Classic version of the haircut "Pixie" - it is elongated on the back of the head and shortened at the bangs and temples hair. And it can be done both on short hair, and on ringlets of medium length.

Based on the classic version, you can make an original asymmetry by opening one temple, pick a bang of unusual shape or length, or experiment with the color of your hair, decorating them with bright strands.

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Laying options

The "Pixie" haircut is good because it is very simple to lay. It is enough to smoothly comb your hair using a gel or, on the contrary, to ruffle them, highlighting individual strands. It only takes a few minutes, and it will look very original, like after visiting the salon.

If you treat the hair with gel and comb it back, you will get an elegant evening styling.

If desired, you can put a bang on top or decorate the haircut with a rim or bandage.

By the way, as for the salon, it will have to be visited really often, the Pixie haircut needs constant updating. But this is a minor flaw in the background of its undeniable advantages.

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