Variants of a female hairstyle "Hood"

There are many varieties of stylish haircuts that add the image of femininity. One of them is a page or a neat hat, which looks equally good both on short and medium, and on long hair. This haircut is loved by many for its original shape and simplicity in styling.


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  • Advantages of

    One of the main advantages of this haircut is its ease of maintenance. You can install the cap easily and quickly. In this case, there are many options for laying. The page is the best choice for a business woman.

    The cap fits the owner of all hair types and looks equally beautiful on curly and straight hair.

    You can make this haircut regardless of the shape of your face. Hide wide cheekbones or a massive chin can be with asymmetric bangs and torn strands.

    To stop your choice on this hairstyle is worth it for those who are going to grow hair after a short haircut. The cap looks neat and tidy when the hair grows.

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    Remarkably the page is combined with gray hair. Therefore, it is ideal for elderly ladies who prefer short hairstyles.

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    Technique of a hairstyle

    Haircut is performed on damp hair and in the presence of a comb, conventional and thinning scissors.

    To begin with, you need to comb your hair and separate the temporal strands with vertical apertures.

    Next, divide the temple horizontally into the lower and upper halves. Draw a vertical line from the parting to the beginning of the ear, the secreted back lock to hide behind the ear. Cut a curl from the temple along an oblique line. The next strands should be cut, combing them to the already trimmed.

    Then, previously made a horizontal parting, it is necessary to extend to the hair at the back of the head. Strands to cut through with a help of thinning scissors.
    Highlight the parietals and comb the parietal and upper occipital part of the head.

    Scratch the rest of the hair, moving from the forehead to the middle of the nape, first to the left side, and then to the right. Landmark length - a strand in the middle of the ear. The cut line can be clear or shaded.

    In the end, you should comb and inspect all the ends of the hair, they must be evenly trimmed and not break the overall symmetry of the haircut. If necessary, fix any irregularities and profile bangs.

    Look at the options for the most creative female hairstyles
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    Options for cutting

    There are several variants of this feminine haircut that look equally good on hair of any length.

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    For short

    In the classic version of the short cap, the back strands are shaved under the "hedgehog" or cut short, and the length of the forelegs is left to the level of the ears.

    The modern version looks like this: the strands cut across the head surface in the form of a cap, the contours of which are processed by the razor to create a ragged effect.

    Girls who prefer extravagance in the image, choose an asymmetrical version of the hairstyle, when the hair on one side of the face is up to the middle of the ear, and on the other hand - go down. This image perfectly complements the creative coloration.

    The cap on the leg is no less popular version of the haircut, which differs as much as possible with a short neck and an outstanding volume on the temples and bangs. It is important to keep the mushroom shape of the hairstyle.

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    For medium

    The cap on medium hair is perfect for confident women who want to stand out from the crowd. It is characterized by shorter hair on the crown, unlike other strands. Thanks to a similar cascade, the hair acquires volume.

    A cap on the middle length of the hair will give the female image an eccentricity and when it looks good it will look very impressive. It is very easy to care, because the hair gathered on the back of the neck, you can easily plaited in a pigtail or put in the tail.

    You can try to make a haircut with a hat on medium hair. It is characterized by the concentration of strands of the main length in the zone of the temples and occiput, and its multilayer structure gives the hair volume an additional volume.

    You can correct outward appearance flaws by running an asymmetric cap.

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    For long

    This page can be made in such a way in different ways, but often all the hair is divided into two sections, one is cut in the form of a cap, and the other is made with long curls. The combination of hair of different lengths looks very stylish and original.

    The classic version of the haircut implies that both the long curls and the cap are trimmed around the circumference at the bottom and at the level of the cheekbones at the top of the head. Best of all, this hairstyle will look on fine hair.

    The hairstyle will become softer if the elongated strands will go in several layers, cascade or ladder. In this case, the haircut can be performed even on curly hair. A smooth transition between a short layer and long hair makes the image more refined.

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    Unusual and very feminine silhouette is obtained if you perform the cap only on the bangs and temporal zones, leaving the remaining strands elongated.

    Dynamically looks option, when the entire top layer is made in the form of a cap, and the bangs are cut in a semicircle.

    Combining different ways to decorate the upper and lower layers of haircuts, you can get an effective hairstyle as a result.

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    For daily styling, dry and pull hair with a round comb and hair dryer. Directing to face, put wax or gel front strands.

    Using mousse for styling, you can create a light mess on your head. The agent should be applied to dry curls and slightly to dishevel their hands in different directions.

    Straightening the upper and lower hair with ironing can achieve an interesting transition of the strands from short to long. There will be no excess volume on the hair.

    Another original variant of laying the cap on long hair is to curl the lower strands, and pull the upper strands with forceps.

    For the evening laying, it is necessary to apply a thermal protective agent to the hair and make small curls all over the head with a curling iron. To fix a hairdress with a varnish.

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    Types of coloring

    The page on the hair of any shade looks excellent.

    It is recommended to paint a cap in a semicircle light and warm shades, for example, light blond, honey, wheat. Lovers of dark colors can choose shades of chestnut palette.

    Asymmetric haircut involves more daring and evocative colors - bright red or red. At the same time, a rather stylishly asymmetrical cap looks in blond color and in natural shades.

    A bold experiment can be an asymmetrical haircut with a different level of coloring in two contrasting colors. This will add an image of dynamism.

    You can also make a highlight or coloring of the upper strands. It will give the volume and depth of the hair.

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