How to clean a mink coat

Mink coat can not be called a cheap pleasure, care for it and storage must be timely and permanent, otherwise the fur coat risks not to last for a couple of years. Not the least role in the care is the process of cleaning the pile. It can be carried out not only in dry cleaning, but also at home, using a suitable method.

  • Dry cleaning
  • Wet method

Dry cleaning

This method will remove dust and dry contaminants. To return the coat shine, remove the dust and do not damage the pile suitable ordinary cosmetic talc. In a large amount, distribute talc on the coat and in circular motions, rub it into the pile structure. After a few minutes, the fur coat needs to be shaken and repeat the procedure if the dirt is still there.

In the case of oily stains left by oil-based substances, pollution can be eliminated with sawdust. Distribute the sawdust on the nap and wipe them. Leave for an hour, shake the fur coat, and blow out the remainders of sawdust with a hair dryer. This cleansing is also suitable for light mink coats.

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Wet method

If the dirt is very dirty, dampen the white sheet in clean warm water, spread it on a table or floor, and put a fur coat over the pile to the fabric.

With a thin stick start to beat out a fur coat. Walking around the whole product with a twig, hang a fur coat and allow to dry. In a day after the procedure, comb the pile.

Also remove stains and soiling with a mild soap or shampoo solution. Dissolve in water a little soap or colorless shampoo. Use a soft sponge to walk on the nap. With the same sponge, but dipped in clean warm water, remove the solution from the nap.

You can clean with semolina. Cook the porridge by taking on 200 grams of milk one large spoonful of manga. Apply a warm porridge on the pile, distributing it evenly, leave it for 10-12 hours, and after combing the pile with a comb with rare teeth, remove excess dry porridge or blow it away with a hairdryer.

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Light and white products can be cleaned using hydrogen peroxide. Pour the peroxide into a container with a spray and spray gun, apply to the pile. After drying, comb the fur coat.

Footprints from cosmetics are well cleaned with ordinary medical alcohol. Dampen a rag or cotton wool in alcohol and treat the contamination. Repeat the procedure until you remove the stain.

Under no circumstances do not wash or soak the fur coat. Dry the product away from heat and light sources, without heaters or batteries. Hot air strongly damages the pile, making it dull, rough to the touch. From this effect, the fur coat can be shed.

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