How to get rid of severe itching of the scalp at home

One of the most unpleasant irritants that can significantly spoil life is the itch of the scalp. People who have such a problem become irritable, can not concentrate, are constantly distracted by this ailment. And the cause of these unpleasant sensations can be anything - from an unsuitable shampoo to a serious disease. Therefore, in any case it is better not to suffer an itch, and try to get rid of it. And first you need to find out its cause.

  • Causes of
  • Dandruff
  • Stress
  • Muscle overstrain
  • Allergy, irritation
  • Parasites
  • Skin diseases
  • Treatment methods

Causes of

There are a lot of irritants and reasons for the appearance of itching. Let's consider the most basic of them.

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Often the cause of the itching are dead skin scales caused by a violation of the body's release of fat or, more simply, the occurrence of dandruff. Moreover, it can be as dry, so greasy.

Dandruff itself is not dangerous, and you can get rid of it and its itching with the help of professional or home care products.

However, leaving this process without attention is not necessary, otherwise harmless at first glance, dandruff can turn into acute seborrheic eczema, and with it without the help of a specialist can not cope.

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How strange it may sound, but sometimes itching can cause a strong nervous shock or stress. It would seem, what is the connection? Everything is understandable, in stressful situations the body begins to produce an increased amount of the adrenaline hormone, which in turn causes severe itching of the scalp.

In this case, the emergence of these discomfortable sensations can be prevented by lowering the level of adrenaline in the blood, for example, due to physical exercises. After intensive training, the head will quickly cease to itch.

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Muscle overstrain

Sometimes overstraining the muscles of the back, shoulder or head can also cause itching.

This is because during severe and prolonged muscle loads, the microcirculation of blood is disturbed in the skin, microtraumas of the muscle fibers arise, resulting in inflammation, which in turn causes continuous itching.

In addition, this condition can lead to hair loss. In this case, you should urgently seek help from a specialist who will choose therapy that helps restore full blood supply, relax muscles, eliminate inflammation, and, accordingly, get rid of the itch of the scalp.

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Allergy, irritation

Sometimes to calm the itch, it is enough to change or temporarily abandon the usual means of care - shampoo, balm, paint, and after a while the problem will go away by itself.

Unfortunately, not all chemical care products are safe for hair and skin. Sometimes even a proven remedy, can cause an unpredictable allergic reaction: redness, itching, burning, swelling, peeling.

In this case, you must immediately stop using this drug. Temporarily replace it will help children's shampoos or soap, since cosmetics for babies are the most neutral and safe and do not cause unwanted allergic reactions.

And if after the use of chemicals, itching or burning, it is necessary to refuse not only from frequent washing of the head, but also from the use of a hair dryer.

If the cause of the itch is an allergic reaction, you should contact a specialist who will most likely prescribe antihistamines: Diazolin, Tavegil, Suprastin.

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Quite often the head may itch from the fact that it has parasites - lice, fleas or mites. And you should not be surprised, because you can get infected with these harmful insects anywhere - at work, at school, in transport, in a hairdresser.

However, for today, there are plenty of tools for fighting parasites. It is only necessary to accurately diagnose uninvited guests and choose an available method of dealing with them. Along with the annoying insects, the itch also disappears.

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Pediculicide sprays and specialized shampoos: "Paranit", "Vega", "Nix" deserve good recommendations in combating this problem. Of folk remedies - dust soap, chinese water, kerosene.

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Skin diseases

Unpleasant and even painful itching of the scalp can cause various skin diseases such as neurodermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. All of them are characterized by the appearance of fungal lesions that cover the surface of the skin with corroded scales.

Over time, a significant amount of such flakes leads to the appearance and spread of bacteria, which in turn become the main cause of pruritus. In such cases, the intervention of a dermatologist, who will prescribe the necessary course of treatment and help to get rid of all the manifestations of the disease, can not be avoided.

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Methods of treatment

Therapeutic anti-fungal shampoos: "Nizoral", "Sebozol", "Sulsen", are very effective from professional products that save from itching of the scalp.

The following recipes of folk remedies are also able to soothe the itch of the scalp and relieve all unpleasant sensations.

Recipe 1.
Dissolve 30 ml of apple cider vinegar in 1 liter of water. The solution should be rubbed into the scalp and washed off after 5-7 minutes. The course of treatment is 7 days.

Recipe 2.
Peel with 4 large bulbs pour a liter of water and boil for an hour. Rinse your hair after washing.

Recipe 3.
Cut a large apple with a blender or grate. The resulting pulp should be applied to the surface of the head and wrapped with a towel. After 30 minutes, wash off the mask. The procedure should be carried out 2 times a week.

Recipe 4.

  • a handful of dandelion blossoms;
  • 50 ml of vodka;
  • 1 teaspoon of liquid honey;
  • juice of 1 lemon.

All ingredients are mixed and put in a dark place for 14 days. On the fact of preparation, drain the agent, treat it with the scalp, cover it with a warm towel and wash it off after 30 minutes.

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Recipe 5.
Mix 5 ml of almond and olive oil with 200 ml of hot water. After cooling, treat the scalp with the product, massage well and after 20 minutes rinse with shampoo.

Recipe 6.
In equal volumes mix the juice of onion, garlic, lemon with any vegetable oil. Head with a mixture, massage and leave for half an hour. Rinse with a solution of vinegar or lemon juice.

Recipe 7.

  • 30-35 grams of liquid honey;
  • 10-15 ml of aloe juice;
  • 1 egg yolk.

Treat the scalp, cover with a warm hood for 40 minutes and rinse.

Recipe 8.

  • 1/2 banana;
  • 15 ml of liquid honey;
  • 5 ml of onion juice.

Apply to the scalp and leave for 40-60 minutes.

Recipe 9.
Well soothes the itchy rinse skin with decoctions of nettle, burdock, chamomile. To prepare 2-3 tablespoons of any herbs pour a liter of boiling water, insist and rinse your head after washing. Re-rinsing is not required.

Recipe 10.
When a fungal head skin infection occurs, eucalyptus oil and also alcoholic celandine infusions are helpful. To make it, you need to grind 200-300 grams of celandine root, pour it with 500 ml of vodka or alcohol and press for 7 days. Then do daily compresses lasting 20 minutes each.

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