Common tattoos for girls and their meaning

Tattoos have many meanings, sometimes contradictory. And it is better to learn about the hidden meaning of this or that figure before he moves to the body. The theme of the values ​​of female tattoo, as a rule, is positive. Below are the transcriptions of the most popular female tattoos.

  • Butterfly
  • Wolf
  • Raven
  • Geisha
  • Dolphin
  • Dragon
  • stars
  • Snake
  • sign infinity
  • yin-yang
  • Crown
  • Cat
  • Crosses
  • Leo
  • Lily
  • Fox
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Month
  • Inscriptions
  • Panther
  • Pen
  • Peony
  • Horseshoe
  • Birds
  • Rose
  • Sakura
  • Scorpio
  • Owl
  • Sun
  • Arrow
  • Phoenix
  • Anchor
  • Lizard


In different interpretations the value of butterfly tattoo is differentgt;In our daily life, a butterfly tattoo is a symbol of freedom, fragility, carelessness, joy, beauty and love. In the bandit sphere, a butterfly is a symbol of girls of easy virtue. Most often, girls make a tattoo in the form of a butterfly on the shoulder, abdomen, lower back.

Beautiful female tattoos on hand look here
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The tattoo of a wolf is used to express faithfulness, love and respect both to people and tonature. Less often, tattoos of a wolf are used to express courage, aggression and fortitude. The wolf is often depicted on the leg, on the forearm or back.

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According to the legends, the raven is a symbol of wind and loneliness. In the Greeks, crows are a symbol of wisdom, honor and respect. The Romans crows is a symbol of hope. Orthodox Christians do not have birds darker and more terrible than a crow. The Chinese crows - a symbol of fortitude and inviolability. Americans are considered cunning. The Japanese and Africans of the Crow personify sacred love and inviolability.

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Geisha in the form of a tattoo for girls symbolizes femininity, soft character, beauty, self-sufficiency and love for the beautiful. Girls do such tattoos on the forearm, on the thigh, on the back.

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Dolphin tattoo means heartfelt kindness, friendliness, prosperity, abundance. Such a tattoo can be tied to the sea symbolism. Represent the dolphins on their feet, on their hands, on their backs.

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A tattoo in the form of a dragon symbolizes the connection between high spiritual and magical qualities. The dragon carries in itself the power of transfiguration, nobility and power. The dragon is often stuffed all over the back or part of it, along the entire arm, along the torso, along the leg.

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Five-pointed star is a protection against the evil eye, a symbol of harmony.

The six-pointed star is a symbol of God's absolute power over the universe.

The seven-pointed star is a symbol of excellence and good luck.

The eight-pointed star is a symbol of prosperity and abundance.

Nine-pointed star - a symbol of stability and good health.

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The snake has a very heavy and often changing energy. Tattooing in the form of a snake has the following meanings: the symbol of life and death, good and evil, power, wisdom and temptation. The snakes depict a different size, genre, and virtually all parts of the body.

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Infinity sign

This sign represents all the eternal, the desire to live without prohibitions and restrictions. It is a symbol of loyalty, unlimitedness, development and progress. Often the sign of infinity is depicted on the ankle, wrist, neck, scapula.

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Symbol of combining two opposites. The symbol of world unity, which helps to resolve all contradictions and problems, leads to the right decisions. Adds strength to the person and equalizes his inner balance. Represent such a sign often on the wrist, in the lower abdomen, on the ankle, behind the ear.

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A tattoo in the shape of a crown will suit individuals seeking to wealth, power and a high position in society. In criminals, the crown is a sign of hatred for order, the law. Do such tattoos to girls on the shoulder, wrist, ankles.

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Symbol of grace, beauty, femininity, agility, cunning, independence, speed, stealth and mystery. Represent cats and their silhouettes on the back, arms, ankles, on the neck.

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Symbol of strength and invincibility, spiritual development. Crosses are most often drawn by religious and religious personalities. The cross symbolizes immortality, life, honor, memory and the atonement of sins. Crosses are applied to any desired parts of the body.

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A symbol of respect and royalty. Lion brings good luck and happiness. Suitable for strong, confident, courageous, loyal, ambitious and noble personalities. Draw a lion more often on the back, front of the thigh, shoulder.

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The flower symbolizes peace, fame, tenderness, calmness, nobility, harmony, independence, eccentricity, fertility. Lily in many cultures is used as a distinctive sign of noble families. Stuff this flower on any desired part of the body.

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A fox tattoo can help its owner achieve considerable peaks in entrepreneurship. Fox is a symbol of cunning, wit, longevity, deceit, temptation, playfulness, prosperity, ambition and independence. The fox tattoos are depicted more often on the back, forearm, shoulder blade.

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Dream catcher

Tattooing the dream catcher is a special charm for its owner. The dream catcher keeps a person not only from negative dreams, but also is an amulet for life. The catcher also symbolizes mystery, protection, tranquility. It is often depicted on the shoulder, leg, back, arm, collarbone.

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The month symbolizes femininity, unpredictability, changeability of character, pacification, mystery and radiance. A month or moon is depicted on any part of the body, but most often it is interpreted as small tattoos for the hand, fingers, wrist, ankles, neck.

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Tattoo inscriptions mean directly the grammatical and semantic essence of the stuffed text. Most often, the inscriptions have a subtext and a personal meaning for the owner. The inscriptions are depicted on any part of the body.

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The animal combines at the same time the qualities of a predator and maternal tenderness and care. The Panther symbolizes courage and strength, courage and stubbornness, courage and power, love and protection, cunning and fearlessness, freedom before prohibitions and restrictions. Represent the panther on the forearm, scapula, on the front and side of the thigh, on the buttock.

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Tattoo pen symbolizes immortality, rebirth, eternity, flight, spirituality, subtlety, shyness, compassion, universal respect. The feathers are often depicted on the chest, under the chest, on the abdomen, ankles, forearm, shoulder blade.

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The peony flower means longevity, superiority, in some interpretations pomp, royalty, disobedience, wit, a good sense of humor. Girls often stuff a peony tattoo on the shoulder, stomach, back, waist.

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Horseshoe tattoo carries the importance of success and prosperity. Horseshoe is considered a magnet, attracting luck, happiness and wealth. Horseshoe is depicted on any desired part of the body.

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Flying birds symbolize freedom and boundlessness, incomprehensible joy, distant dreams, spiritual strength and faith in oneself. Single birds have their individual meaning by species. Represent birds in any part of the body.

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Rose is a symbol of love, beauty, youth, passion, purity, rebirth, in some interpretations of holiness. The leaves of the rose are a symbol of joy, thorns are a symbol of sadness, the flower itself is a symbol of glory. Roses are depicted on any part of the body.

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The flowering branch is a symbol of justice, sadness, suffering, transience of being, innocence, purity, youth, beauty. Sakura is depicted along the back, on the waist, along the arm, along the leg, like a rolling tattoo, for example, on both hands.

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Scorpio has many meanings: a symbol of eternal love and a long marital life, a symbol of revenge and a herald of death. A symbol of danger, pain, loneliness, justice, betrayal, envy, hatred, self-sacrifice. The most commonly depicted scorpion on the neck, behind the ear, on the ankle, on the wrist, on the shins.

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Tattoo of an owl symbolizes wisdom and fear, loneliness, higher intelligence, sadness and joy, spirituality and connection with the afterlife. Represent the tattoo more often on the forearm or on the scapula, behind the ear, on the neck, on the wrist.

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The sun

The tattoo of the sun has the meaning of the supreme cosmic force, the center of being and the source of hidden knowledge. The sun is a symbol of wisdom, a symbol of power, a symbol of eternity. The sun is often depicted on the forearm, on the wrist, on the ankle, around the navel, on the waist, on the neck, on the knees.

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Tattoo in the form of an arrow symbolizes speed, transience. A fiery arrow symbolizes passion, disobedience, unordinary. They depict arrows on the hands, on the legs, on the shoulder blades, along the spine.

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The tattoo in the form of a phoenix is ​​perceived as an energetically strong amulet, as a talisman given by the sun, which has the gift to prolong earthly life. Represent the phoenix more often on the whole back or on the shoulder blade, on the shoulder.

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An armature tattoo means hope, salvation, stability, security, caution, luck, loyalty, strength, self-confidence. Represent anchors on any desired part of the body.

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Most often, a tattoo in the form of a lizard symbolizes agility, speed, agility, logic, wisdom, cunning and elusiveness. Represent lizards on the ankle, forearm, shoulder blade, neck, shins.

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