Useful properties, ways of using and contraindications of periwinkle

Barvinok, burial ground, zelenka, Madagascar vinka are not all the names of the herbaceous creeping plant occupying large areas of deciduous forests in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Its name comes from the Ukrainian words "barva" and "wines", which means "colorful wreath".In medicine, 2 kinds of green are used: Vinca minor - small periwinkle with blue flowers and Vinca rosea - pink periwinkle or cataract with pink flowers.

  • Chemical Composition
  • Usage
    • Uses
    • Recipes for use
    • From pressure and headache
    • From neuritis and headache
    • From diathesis
    • For improvement of potency
    • With anemia
    • With leukemia
    • With stomach ulcer, diabetes
    • With myoma, endometriosis, prostatitis
    • To strengthen immunity and in the treatment of cancer
    • For asthma and periodontitis
    • For skin abscesses
    • From hemorrhoids
    • Procure and store
    • Harm and contraindications

    Chemical composition of

    IndividualThe value of the chemical composition of the vinca is due to the presence of more than 20 alkaloids in it, which make up about 2% of the total mass of medicinal raw materials:

    • Minorin, vinokamine( mainly in the small periwinkle), vinin, pubisin are the reparin-related components capable of relaxing the peripheral nervous system,normalize the neurochemical processes taking place in it. Reserpine is used in the treatment of mental illness. According to some sources, it is found only in pink vinca.

    • Devincan - a substance with a sedative effect, dilates the blood vessels of the brain, lowering blood pressure.
    • Vinblastine, vincristine, vinorelbine are substances that slow down the growth of cells, which help stop the spread of malignant tumors.

    In addition to alkaloids, in the grass there are many sugars and mineral salts, rutin, carotene, tannins, malic and succinic acids, vitamin C and other substances.

    Thanks to these components of periwinkles, small and pink have a complex effect on many systems and organs of man, possessing antihypertensive and sedative therapeutic properties.

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    Useful properties

    Drugs based on vinca are widely used in official and traditional medicine, as they have many useful properties. Here are some options for using it:

    • To prevent the development of breast cancer and various tumors, the medicinal properties of the vinca are used.
    • As a vasodilator, blood pressure lowering, hemostatic and antimicrobial agent.
    • Zelenka stabilizes the cerebral blood supply and improves the functioning of the heart. Beneficially it affects the blood vessels, relieves spasms, reduces the effects of oxygen starvation in brain strokes.
    • As a diuretic, antiarrhythmic agent. Also for the normalization of blood indicators, improve its coagulability.
    • Astringent and antimicrobial properties of vinca are used for toothache, angina and inflammation in the oral cavity.
    • It helps with purulent and bleeding wounds and eczema. Wiping the face with the decoction of the medicinal plant improves the skin condition.
    • The therapeutic properties of vinca are used for men with problems in the genital area.
    • Thanks to a wide range of alkaloids, Periwinkle improves the condition under various neurotic conditions - neuroses, depression, brain disorders after injuries and diseases.
    • It is used to normalize intracranial pressure.
    • It helps in eliminating the child's neuritis of the facial nerve.

    In the Middle Ages Slavs considered the periwinkle a talisman, protecting from evil spirits, natural disasters, they hung wreaths of blue flowers on the doors of houses. The cataract was an indispensable attribute at the wedding celebrations. In the cemeteries, the green cover from the cemetery preserved a good memory of the departed ancestors.

    A beautiful carpet of bright flowers and luscious greenery is a perfect addition to the garden and park design. This plant, although it is poisonous, but with competent use brings great benefit in the treatment of many serious diseases, it is not for nothing that it is recognized not only by folk medicine but also by official medicine.

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    Recipes for the application of

    The use of vinca for treatment is known for a long time from the works of ancient Greek physicians. The healing properties of the vinca( pink and small) are reflected in numerous recipes of traditional medicine.

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    From pressure and headache

    Broth is prepared from vinca small: 2 teaspoons of crushed leaves 10 minutes boil in 2 glasses of water. This drug is designed for 2 days, drink it before meals in equal doses three times a day.

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    From neuritis and headache

    This infusion is similar to the previous description, but the liquid is used half as much. A heating is carried out for 20 minutes per pair. This liquid is drunk in a couple of spoons three times a day.

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    From diathesis

    A dozen fresh leaves are rubbed with a spoon of melted butter and infused for 20 minutes. The strained substance is applied to the affected areas of the skin in children.

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    To improve the potency of

    To prepare an alcohol tincture, a tablespoon with a slide of herbal raw vinasse to cook in a glass of vodka for 10minutes. Diluted and strained agent is used for ten drops of 4 days 2 times. The courses are repeated twice more with 15-day breaks.

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    With anemia

    Prepare a mixture of equal parts of grass and flowers. A teaspoon of the mixture is brewed in a glass of water. This drug is drunk on a tablespoon every 2 hours.

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    With leukemia

    Prescription 1.

    A teaspoon of herb for half an hour to insist in a glass of boiling water. Drink on a spoon three times a day.

    Recipe 2.

    50 grams of grass and flowers to withstand a week in half a liter of vodka in the dark and warm. A filtered means to drink 7 drops twice a day before meals.

    Recipe 3.

    50 grams of raw material soak an hour in half a liter of water, then heat it to a boil and soak for another 20 minutes. Means to drink 2 glasses a day.

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    With stomach ulcer, diabetes

    For 10 parts of vodka take 1 part of dry raw material and soak for 10 days in warmth and darkness, mixing daily. Drink three times a day on a tablespoon just before eating. The recipe is also relevant for high blood sugar and internal bleeding.

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    For fibroids, endometriosis, prostatitis

    2 parts of the raw material to insist on 10 parts of vodka, as in the previous case. Take three times a day according to the following scheme: start with 3 drops, increase the dose every day on a drop, the maximum amount is 20 drops. Conduct 2 courses of 20 days with a ten-day break. It also helps with internal bleeding.

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    To strengthen immunity and in the treatment of cancer

    To 3 liters of whey add half a glass of leaves of catarrhtum, a glass of sugar, a tablespoon of sour cream. The medicinal raw materials should be placed in a linen bag at the bottom of the container with a mixture and kept warm for 3 weeks. Drink half the glass before eating.

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    In case of asthma and periodontal disease

    In the first case, drink, and in the second case, rinse with such decoction: boil a tablespoon of raw material in 2 glasses of milk or wine for 10 minutes.

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    With dermal abscesses

    In a half-liter jar, pour half a glass of leaves, pour vodka to the top. To sustain one and a half weeks in a warm and dark room. Obtained means to wipe problem areas on the face and body.

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    From hemorrhoids

    Recipe 1.

    For 20 grams of zinc pharmacy and butter, and 20 drops of tincture from the previous recipe, mix and put in a film, freeze. Cut into candles and enter into the anus.

    Recipe 2.

    In 50 grams of melted goat's fat add a teaspoon of herbs. Then put in a film, freeze, cut into candles and inserted into the anus.

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    Procurement and storage of

    To maximize the medicinal properties of medicinal raw materials for effective use, it is necessary to observe the rules of its preparation and storage:

    • The vincince collection time begins in the spring before its flowering and ends in mid-summer when the plant blooms.
    • Prepare parts of the plant that are not less than a few centimeters from the ground. Do not damage the roots and pull grass from the roots.
    • It is forbidden to collect plants in one place in less than a year or two.
    • Drying medicinal raw materials is necessary only in hot weather in a natural way under a canopy. In this case, it will be ready to be stored in a week.
    • It is known that its composition includes poisonous and potent alkaloids, therefore it is necessary to collect the cemetery in gloves, avoiding its entry onto the mucous membranes. Hands after work should be thoroughly washed.
    • Drug fees with periwinkle are stored in sealed containers in a dry environment for 2 years.
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    Harm and contraindications

    Periwinkle and preparations based on it are classified as potent agents, so a specialist consultation is mandatory before using them. An overdose of such medications is fraught with serious heart problems. They are strictly prohibited in the following cases:

    • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
    • bradycardia and low blood pressure;
    • decreased vascular tone;
    • elevated temperature;
    • painful inflammation of the peripheral nerves.
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