What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Germany

Holidays in Germany at any time of the year are associated with impeccable quality of service and the most modern technologies in all spheres of life, not to mention a rich cognitive program. Germany is so full of surprises that it is simply impossible to study it for one trip, and the luggage of impressions will be supplemented each time with new bright stories. Well, a variety of memorable gifts will be to taste even the most sophisticated travelers.

  • Alcohol
  • Wines
  • Eiswein
  • Liquor «Jägermeister»
  • Beer and beer paraphernalia
  • Schnapps
  • Pieces
  • Berlin Wall Delicate meats
  • Bavarian sausages
  • White sausage
  • Black Forest ham
  • National clothes
  • Sweets
  • Marzipans
  • Bears Haribo
  • Lebkuchen
  • Chocolate
  • Figurines
  • Bears
  • Nutcrackers
  • Porcelain
  • Football attributes
  • Jewelry and bijouterie
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German alcoholic beverages deserve special attention in the list of souvenirs from Germany, because they are famous for their excellent taste qualities far beyond the borders of the country.

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White table wines are very popular, they are made from grapes that grow on the banks of the Moselle River. Especially the price for them is quite democratic. You can buy a choice of dry, semi-dry or sweet wines.

Popular brands: Scharzhofberger Riesling Kabinett, Scharzhofberger Riesling BA, Herrenberg Riesling Kabinett, Abtsberg Riesling Auslese, Trockenbeerenauslese.

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Among the popular German wines, the first place is rightfully taken by "Eiswein" or "ice wine".By special technology, the grapes are frozen directly on the vine, and then this fine drink is made from it. The price for "Eiswein" will be much higher than for ordinary wine, but the taste will make you forget about the money spent.

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Liquor "Jägermeister"

Traditional German liquor "Jagermeister" is prepared according to a special recipe using spicy herbs, roots and fruits and has a piquant taste. The benefit of this drink is undeniable, but it is better to use it in small amounts, adding to hot tea.

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Beer and beer attributes

The most popular beverage in Germany is definitely beer. For centuries, the art of its preparation has been perfected, therefore German beer occupies one of the leading positions in the world. In the variety of varieties of German beer is easy to get confused, because in every federal land and even in every city they brew their own, special, varieties.

For example, in Hamburg you can taste the beer "Astra", in Cologne the traditional "Kölsch", and in other cities the "Augustiner", "Spaten", "Paulaner", "Krombacher", "Franziskaner", "Oettinger" or "Spaten Munchen Hell ".

Continuing the beer theme, you can choose not only the foam itself, but many other items. In Germany, there is a wide selection of collection ceramic beer mugs with beautiful landscapes, ancient castles, city views. An excellent addition to such a circle will be a set of cardboard stands with logos of local brewing brands.

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A truly German invention - schnapps. It's quite a soft taste of vodka, which is prepared according to a traditional recipe with apples, raspberries, cherries or pears. The most popular brand is Himbeergeist.

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Pieces of the Berlin Wall

Once dividing Berlin into two parts the wall has long gone down in history and now represents a ruin. But so far, small pieces of concrete wall are used as popular souvenirs, which serve as a reminder of the dramatic events of the history of Germany.

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Meat delicacies

What to bring from Germany from products? First of all, these are all sorts of meat delicacies, for example, blood sausage with pieces of fat that are produced in the Rhineland, smoked sausage from the Eichsfeld region or famous Nuremberg sausages.

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Among the most popular delicacies - red sausage from Thuringia, as well as a very tasty treat with spices called "meth", which is prepared from minced meat and onions.

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Bavarian sausages

An excellent snack for beer is the famous Bavarian sausages with cheese stuffing. Without them, not a single beer festival can do, you can buy them at any store.

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White sausage

White sausage in Germany is called a special variety, which is prepared from veal, lard and flavored spices. It got its name because of its light color, since nitrite is not used in its production. White sausage is cooked, as a rule, in ceramic pots and served in the same on the table. The most popular white sausage is prepared in Munich, but it can be found in other cities.

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Black Forest ham

For almost three centuries in the Black Forest we have been making delicious ham, which is produced under the brand "Schwarzwälder Schinken".It is meat, which is dried in a special way, and then smoked on fir cones to give a unique aroma.

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National clothing

A bright gift from Germany will be a national costume, especially Bavarian. It is very beautiful and colorful clothes. The female costume consists of a short white blouse, as well as a wide sarafan, the upper part of which is a lace corset, and a multi-colored apron.

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Traditional men's costume includes short leather embroidered with colored threads on straps, a white shirt, leggings, and a suede jacket. It is impossible to imagine a German man without a hat decorated with feathers.

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Sweets are the best that you can bring to a child from Germany, there is more choice here: the famous Dresden muffins( Christmas adit), traditional Bremen cakes with raisins and dried fruit, or puff pastry called "Baumkuchen"or "tree-pie".It is prepared in Salzwedel and in a cut resembles annual rings on trees.

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Marzipan delicacies here are traditionally prepared for the Christmas holidays."Marzipanova" the capital of Germany is deservedly considered Lubeck, where there is a museum of marzipan. The recipe for this sweetness - chopped almonds and syrup - came to Europe from Eastern countries along with Hanseatic merchants and fell in taste.

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Haribo Bears

The most popular brand of marmalade bears in Germany is Haribo. For the first time chewing bears appeared in 1922 and very soon these sweets conquered the world. Haribo bears are produced with different fruit flavors.

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Nuremberg gingerbread

Nuremberg or "Elizin" gingerbread cook in Bavaria. According to an old legend, a local baker once thought up a special treat for his sick daughter Eliza. The gingerbread cookies helped her heal, and have since become very popular all over the country.

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German chocolate is considered one of the most delicious in the world. The most popular among the Germans are the brands "Ritter Sport" and the products of the confectionery factory "Feodora".The company "Hussel" produces chocolate in the form of figurines, for example, in the form of beer mugs or other images.

The chocolate of the oldest factory in Germany, "Halloren", "Milka", and "Chateau Rahm Mandel" with almonds is very famous. Chocolate products of "HACHEZ" brand are made exclusively by hand.

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In souvenir shops you can find a wide variety of figurines for every taste and purse. Fans of porcelain figurines will taste the products of the brand "Hummel", which are created on the motives of the work of a nun of the order of the Franciscans and bear her surname.

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The bear figurine is one of the main symbols of the German capital, the Berlin bear adorns the city coat of arms from the XIII century. On the shelves of stores are figures of bears made of wood and clay, plush and porcelain. Not inferior to the popularity of Berlin bears and toy bears from the famous company "Steiff".

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Decorative nutcracker-nutcrackers are widely distributed in the area of ​​the Ore Mountains. They are counting their history from the first half of the XIX century, and the whole world became famous thanks to the fairy tale of Hoffmann and the great ballet of Tchaikovsky. Nutcrackers are issued in the form of kings, warriors, foresters and chimney sweeps.

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An elegant and expensive gift from Germany will be the legendary Meissen porcelain, which is made exclusively by hand. Dishes and figurines of the finest work for more than three centuries adorn the houses of Europeans. They can not be confused with anything - Meissen porcelain is distinguished by the stigma in the form of crossed swords, applied to products with cobalt dye.

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Football attributes

The simplest thing you can bring a guy from Germany is all sorts of football attributes. In the shops of Germany a huge assortment of sports uniforms, scarves, T-shirts, accessories, calendars, key fobs and other paraphernalia is presented.

Also available are umbrellas, mugs, notebooks with the logos of the most famous football clubs in Germany: Bayern, Borussia, Bayer, Werder, Wolfsburg, Kaiserslautern, Karlsruhe and others.

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Jewelry and bijouterie

Ideal option gifts for a girl from Germany will be elegant Swarovski ornaments or recently popular bracelets from the brand Pandora. Firm stores of these companies are located in all major cities.

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Antiquities and other things of high artistic or historical value.

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