Temperament - phlegmatic

A stable set of innate individual qualities of personality makes up a temperament. It is customary to distinguish four types: phlegmatic, sanguine, melancholic and choleric. Each type has merits and demerits to determine if you have phlegmatic features, you should carefully study its behavior, communication and so on.

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temperament Phlegmatic considered balanced strong inert type of temperament. It is difficult to deduce such people from the state of equilibrium, since they possess a stable nervous system. This phenomenal calm contributes to the fact that a person well tolerates stressful situations, and in appearance you can not even say that he is outraged. Phlegmatic does not like to fuss, he is also deprived of ambitions and content with what he has, does not strive for perfection. It is not difficult to learn phlegmatic person in a person, such people are always restrained and one can not notice expressive facial expressions on the face, they always avoid conflicts.

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Test for definition of

To determine the type of temperament, there are many laborious techniques. The simplest way is to determine the characteristics of a phlegmatic character trait. For this you need to distinguish the inherent characteristics of the qualities listed below.

  1. Attentive.
  2. Dull.
  3. Methodical.
  4. Shy.
  5. Balanced.
  6. Persevering.
  7. Passive.
  8. Slowly learning.
  9. Peaceful.
  10. Loving routine work.
  11. Sluggish.
  12. Dreamy.
  13. Pensive.
  14. Controlling yourself.
  15. Calm.
  16. Quiet.
  17. Restrained.
  18. Dimensional.
  19. Unyielding.
  20. Relaxed.

You can not expect a complete coincidence of the qualities, as there are almost no "pure" temperaments, but if more than half suits you, you can safely call yourself phlegmatic.

Learn also all about the temperament of the choleric http://woman-l.ru/temperament-xolerik/
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The principle of communication

The perception of people and the environment among phlegmaticians is very different from other types of temperament.

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Phlegmatic child

The phlegmatic child is the one that seems to be a gift for parents. He usually sleeps well, he is calm and is not constantly in the hands of adults, this kid seldom fits.

Slowness and inertness can manifest from infancy, a healthy child can stay in one place for a long time, sit or walk. Usually, this behavior for parents becomes a cause for concern, but growing up, the kid often plays on his own, surprises parents with peace and poise.

However, the desire for constant stability is not always positive. Often, such a child with difficulty gets used to kindergarten, it is difficult for him to communicate with the team. Basically, a child with a predominant phlegmatic type communicates with one friend, but becomes a devoted comrade to him.

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Phlegmatic woman

A phlegmatic woman can not be called romantic and easy, she is more reserved and closed. It is very difficult to achieve emotions from her, such a person is close to a man in tactics of thinking. Phlegmatic girls try to avoid quarrels and conflicts, so they easily compromise, life with them can please with confidence and calmness, but to wait for surprises and riot of colors is not worth it. Despite the coldness of feelings, such women are attached to a person quite tightly, in relationships they are striving for constancy.

Phlegmatic women in the work are characterized by such qualities of patience and perseverance, so it is difficult to distract her. But in the team, this person can easily get along with representatives of other temperaments.

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Phlegmatic man

A phlegmatic man is silent and calm, he is characterized by a cold mind, lengthy reasoning and self-control. He is always balanced, has a strong character and a sense of confidence. Such a man will not rush even if he hastens. He is distinguished by seriousness and restraint from other members of the stronger sex. He often does not take part in discussions, trying to keep silent and hide, but if you ask his opinion, he can easily voice it. Manifestations of emotions in such a man are extremely rare, only significant situations can stir him. Without evaluating the consequences, a phlegmatic man will not make a single step.

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Phlegmatic introvert

As a rule, a phlegmatic person is considered an introvert, since he is mostly focused on himself, on his personal inner world, and in friendship he does not focus on a large number of connections, he is more interested in their depth. Usually such persons do not initiate and are not inclined to long-term communication, although from time to time they still prefer to spend leisure time in a quiet company.

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Phlegmatic extrovert

A person with a predominant phlegmatic type reacts slowly and calmly to everything, it is monotonous and unwilling to change its surroundings. And an extrovert is sociable, such a person can easily be seen in the company of people, he does not hesitate to share emotions with others and does not tolerate loneliness at all.

Phlegmatic extrovert is a very complex and contradictory personality type and is extremely rare, because these characteristics are in themselves the opposite.
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Strengths of character

Among the strong points of a phlegmatic person, one can distinguish organization, stress resistance, it spends energy, reliable and is obsessed with order both in things and in deeds. Outwardly, he is confident in himself and calm, therefore creates the impression of a stone wall.

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Disadvantages of the

character Among the shortcomings, the first place can be given high inertia, since such a person is not inclined to change because of what often badly switches to other matters. He would prefer to deal with one thing all day, even if it is hard and difficult. Excessive restraint sometimes prevents interlocutors from understanding his attitude to them and the conversation as a whole, often phlegmatic people consider it indifferent to everything because of the lack of expressive facial expressions. Stealth discourages such personalities from others.

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