Technique of painting batik for beginners

Batik is a kind of hand-painted fabric. Since the creation of patterns in this technique required a lot of time, such elements of clothing and way of life cost and are quite expensive, so earlier only the aristocrats could afford them. Now it is only necessary to show diligence and master this skill on your own.

  • Features of Batik
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Features of batik

The basis of the technique is that rubber glue, paraffin, some other types of varnishes and resins do not pass through the paint, being applied to the fabric. In artists, this phenomenon is called redundancy from the paint of individual parts of the tissue.

There are several types of this technique: cold, hot, free painting, knot batik, two-layer batik. Their main difference is in the method of reserving tissue.

For hot view, the wax is used in the molten form. This technique is used for painting cotton fabrics. After the end of the work wax from the fabric is removed.

Aniline based paints are widely used for the cold appearance. The reserves used in this case can be either thick or liquid. This method is widely used for painting silk fabrics.

As for free painting, this technique has become quite widespread due to the fact that it allows the artist to show his own handwriting. Used in this technique, usually aniline dyes, as well as oil paints with solvents.

If you are interested in this technique, then you have a great opportunity to master it thanks to the next master class.

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Painting T-shirts

The first thing you should do is to arrange the selected product( in this case a T-shirt) on a flat horizontal surface. Choose shirts of dark shades, then the artistic effect of the actions you carried out will be more noticeable.

Now decide on the pattern that you would like to see on the T-shirt. The drawing can be absolutely anything, in this case the inscription in a foreign language was chosen.

Use the wax in the stick to apply a pattern to the front of the product( of course, if you want, you can also apply a pattern and "back."

When the pattern is applied, take the bottle with a spray gun, mix the bleach with water in proportions of three

Begin spraying your product, starting from the top of it

To make the effect more noticeable, apply more bleach to the top than to the bottom

After the spray has absorbed, turn the product back up and spraypu

As soon as you notice that the fabric has changed color enough, take the product and rinse it well in warm enough water( do not forget to put on gloves.)

To get rid of the wax that has not separated itself, use a small kitchen brush., as the wax residues will be removed, place the product in the washing machine, pouring quite a bit of powder, and spread on a quick wash. Dry the product - and that's what you get in the end.

You can achieve this effect not only on the whole product, but also on the piece of fabric, making a kind of applique.

First, on a small piece of fabric write the desired word( you can put a small picture).

loading. ..

Using a bottle with a spray and a bleach mixed with water, apply a small amount of the mixture to the wax. Wait for the bleach to work.

After this, remove the excess wax, wash the cut, cut out the pattern of the desired shape( in this case, the heart is selected).

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Sew a ready-made applique to any product.

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