How to beautifully and correctly wind hair on curlers boomerangs

Curler boomerangs - this is exactly what modern girls need, dreaming of beautiful elastic curls, but not wanting to spoil the hair with hot styling. These wonderful adaptations will help at home easily create very beautiful and delicate curls for a bright romantic image.

  • What is curler boomerang
  • How to wind curls

What is curler boomerang

Curler boomerangs are such bright cylindrical flexible thin sticks made of soft and easily bendable materials: foam rubber, felt, silicone and metal wire inside.

They come in completely different diameters and lengths, so that every fashionista can choose the most suitable option for herself, taking into account the length and structure of the hair.

Short curlers of medium diameter are suitable for curling short hair, and for long ones it is better to choose large oblong curlers. As for the diameter, the thinner the boomerangs, the finer the curls.

The most important advantage of these hair curlers is that they are practically harmless to the hair, because they do not have rigid fixatives and do not expose the curls to thermal effects, so they can be used daily. And because of their softness and lightness, they are convenient to use even at night.

Learn how to twist spectacular curls at any length of hair at home
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How to wind curls

To begin with, you need to carefully comb the clean dry hair andlightly moisten the tips to make them twist better.

On the vertex, separate a thin strand, from the middle and up to the tips, apply mousse or foam on it. Then wind this strand on the curlers from the very tips to the desired length so that the boomerang is on top of the hair. Bend the ends of the curler inward to make a "ballet".

It is necessary to try to divide the hair into identical strands, so that the curls are the same size and shape. Going to the back of the head, do the same with the rest of the strands, calculating them by the number of curlers.

Boomerangs should be kept on the hair for at least 1 hour, and preferably overnight.

After the desired time and after the hair dries completely, it is necessary to unbend the ends of the hair curlers and unwind the strands. Formed curls it is better not to comb, and spread out with your hands and sprinkle with varnish, then the curls will be elastic. If you comb them, you get a fluffy wavy hair.

By the way, if you initially take curlers of small diameter for curling, the curls will turn out to be more distinct. But the length of the hair at the same time visually decrease almost twice.

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