Fashionable variants of female haircuts for long hair with bangs

Each woman seeks to find an individual style, harmoniously combined with her features, temperament and character. If you have not yet managed to choose the best haircut, you should experiment with the bangs. Stylists are sure that long hair combined with a creative bang can bring fresh breath into the image. Chelka is able to emphasize the right facial features and successfully hide flaws.

  • Features of bangs
  • Types of haircuts
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  • Cascade
  • Scaffold
  • Torn

Features of bangs

Before you start creating a new image, you need to take into account a lot of nuances.

Expressive facial features, sharp chin and thick long hair, will ideally be combined with a bang in the shape of an arch. She looks very stylish and visually rejuvenates.

For owners of the round face it is necessary to perform a haircut of a bang in a multistage or shortened version. It is recommended that long side strands of hair be laid in the direction from the face, this will give the image lightness and sensuality.

Women with a square chin shape and a rectangular type of face hairdressers are advised to cut the bangs diagonally, it will be combined with a stepped haircut of the side strands of hair.

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Types of haircuts

To date, the beauty industry offers many variations of fashionable hairstyles with bangs for long hair. Let's consider the most actual of them.

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As a rule, the haircut of a bean excludes the presence of a bang, so the only option that an elongated bangs can do is split into two equal parts.

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This haircut looks very harmonious with a dense straight or arch-bent bang, while its length should be slightly below the eyebrow line.

Straight smooth bangs perfectly emphasizes the right facial features, and also successfully hides the high forehead. A variation of this variant can be a long fillet bang.

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Sometimes the cap is supplemented with a thick graduated bang on one side.

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Haircut with a thick bang in the form of a wave always looks original and stylish. To make your hair look unique, you need to twist the hair of a round comb during drying. The parting should be as long as possible.

Haircut combined with straight bangs will remarkably emphasize the eyes.

Cascade on long hair perfectly complement bangs with fleece. A hairstyle with such an extravagant bang can be safely used as an evening dress. To do it yourself, you need to put on a good comb the bangs at the roots, lay back and fasten with the help of invisible. Sprinkle your hair with a strong lacquer.

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A scaffold

A smooth even bangs can harmoniously complement the ladder on long hair, or a variant on two sides.

The oblique bangs on one side are suitable for romantic and sensual girls, it makes any face more pretty.

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Any torn haircut will perfectly complement the bangs in a similar style.

In this case, it can be completely different: ultrashort, asymmetric, with filamentation of strands, elongated, beautifully falling on the face or intriguingly covering the eyes.

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