How to make head massage to strengthen hair growth

Head massage is incredibly pleasant and useful. He will get rid of the headache and relax after a hard day. But, besides this, head massage is an excellent tool for combating hair loss, because with it you can improve the blood supply of follicles and tonify hair bulbs.

Types of massage
  • Hand-held
  • With a comb
  • Aroma massage
  • With a towel
  • With salt
  • Technique for performing
  • Method 1
  • Method 2
  • Method 3
  • Method 4
  • Types of massage

    There are a number of ways and means to make, To strengthen hair growth and avoid baldness. The most simple and effective is massage. In this case, there are several types of massages and for yourself you can always choose the most acceptable. The main thing is to do it regularly.

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    Undoubtedly, the best on effect is manual head massage. Thanks to it, you can carefully apply acupuncture points and the entire surface of the scalp.

    Guided only by their feelings, using the pads of your fingers, you can massage better than any massage machine. A detailed massage technique is described below.

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    Using the comb

    Massage with a soft comb to help even with the beginning of alopecia. To implement it, you will need a hair brush made of natural materials - wood, bristles, ebonite or horn.

    Stroking circular movements should be carried on the hair from the temples to the crown, and then to the forehead and the nape. You can do zigzag movements. The main thing is that at least 100 movements are made within 8-10 minutes.

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    Aroma massage

    Excellent coping with the problem of short and rare hair aroma massage of the head. To make it you need to rub in circular movements in the direction from the crown to the line of hair growth essential oils of sesame, rosemary or black pepper. Enough will be a couple of drops means.

    Learn about the benefits of coconut oil for hair

    After 1 drop of oil you need to put on the neck and massage this area towards the hair. In conclusion, the whole surface of the head should be treated, slightly scraping the skin with your fingers.

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    With the help of a towel

    For the restoration of hair, massage with a terry towel is effective. To begin with, the towel needs to be warmed up on a battery or heated towel rail. Then bending over the bathroom, vigorously rub their head.

    With this massage, you can rub the scalp with olive oil or burdock oil. So, the hair follicles will eat better during the massage.

    After the massage you need to wrap your hair with a towel and do not remove it for at least 30 minutes, and then wash your head with usual shampoo.

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    With the help of

    salt Dead Sea salt is best for such a massage, although you can use ordinary iodized salt, the main thing is that it is clean and free from any flavors and additives.

    Salt massage stimulates the activity of hair follicles, favorably affects the scalp, removing dandruff and seborrhea, makes the curls softer, silky and voluminous. After a similar scrubbing procedure, useful substances are better absorbed and the effectiveness of any masks increases.

    It is important that when performing a massage with salt on the surface of the head there are no irritations and wounds.

    For the massage, 2 tablespoons of salt should be poured in with the same amount of warm water. The composition should be applied to the damp scalp and massage from 5 to 10 minutes without applying force. If there are unpleasant sensations or burning sensation, the procedure must be stopped immediately and the salt washed off.

    To activate hair growth, 1 procedure of salt massage per week is enough. After 10 weeks, hair will grow faster and noticeably get better.

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    Technique of execution

    Classic massage for hair growth, enhances blood flow to the scalp, which allows each strand to get more oxygen and nutrients. There are several effective ways to perform massage.

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    Method 1

    This is a morning massage complex, which is done quite easily:

    1. The right palm is pressed to the head and pressed against it with the head, applying resistance to the hand. Count to 5 and repeat the same on the other side. Repeat this massage exercise 10 times.
    2. Apply palms to the temples and move the scalp first upwards, and then in the perpendicular direction 10 times. When performing this massage in the area where the hair grows, you should feel pleasant warmth.
    3. With effort, squeeze the muscles of the face, for example, to smile or frown. In the day, you can do 15 such cuts, only you need to make sure that during the massage the scalp worked.
    4. Place your index fingers on the top line of your eyebrows and try to raise your eyebrows, giving your arms resistance. To increase hair growth, you need to do this movement 15 times a day.
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    This massage is quite active, so after it is necessary to relax. The legs should be placed on the width of the shoulders, the head slowly lowered down to the level of the knees. Stand in this position for 3 minutes and lightly shake the hair.

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    Method 2

    The next kind of massage for hair growth should be done in the evening. First you need to pat your head in the direction of hair growth. Movement must be done alternately with both hands.

    After this, go to the intense combing of the scalp with your fingers. Movement can be circular or spiral in the direction of hair growth. Next, go to kneading - intermittently press the tips of your fingers on the scalp and move it, pressing it against the skull, in different directions.

    After such manipulations it is necessary to make several stroking movements on the hair.

    The duration of the entire massage procedure should be 15 minutes, it should be done 2 times a week.

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    Method 3

    You can also use this massage technique for hair growth:

    1. Apply the right hand finger pads on the temporal vein and artery located on the right side of the head approximately at the level of the earlobe. After that, lightly pressing, slide your fingers up to the upper tip of the ear. This movement is necessary so that the blood "comes" to the scalp.
    2. Leaving the index finger pressed, the other slide up / down.
    3. Do any massage movements - rubbing, pressing, tingling, patting. The whole massage should be easy without the use of force, but also tangible.
    4. Stroke the hair on your head or slowly comb it with a comb.
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    Method 4

    To accelerate the growth of hair, you can also massage by parting. You need to start it with light massaging movements of the skin along the central part. After 2 minutes, you need to make a new part at a distance of 1 cm from the previous one and repeat the movements. Similarly, massage on the entire surface of the head.

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