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Romanticism began to develop actively at the end of the XVIII century, lush and heavy dresses were replaced with airy and light dresses of simple cut with short sleeves, belts, high waist and deep decollete. In addition, to consider romanticism could be in light embroidery, flounces and dresses mostly light tones.

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Characteristic features

In the middle of the XX century, famous fashion designers introduced into their collections corsets thatgo in a set with skirts, the length of which was up to the knee or on the floor. Fabrics for sewing were selected mainly flowing, thin and iridescent. Marilyn Monroe at the end of the XX century became the brightest representative of the romantic style. The actress wore dresses that favorably delineated her elegant silhouette and emphasized the line of thin waist.

In the fashion industry, a burst of romantic style occurs in the 80s of the XX century, and Princess Diana becomes an icon of romanticism.

Until now, this style does not lose its popularity, modern designers often use different notes of Romanticism in their collections.

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Romantic style represents lightness, tenderness and simplicity, so the fabrics are chosen to be smooth, soft and airy, they should be pleasant to the touch and have a fine structure. Quite often, such fabrics as silk, boucle, guipure, lace, veil, crepe de Chine, soft brocade with lurex, woolen or silk crepe, thin flannel, microfibre, satin, chiffon, thin linen,elegant jersey. These fabrics should emphasize the silhouette, and not tightly hold the shape, that is, just gracefully skirting the female body shapes.

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The romantic style itself is rather gentle, therefore colors and tones should be predominantly pastel, for example, peach, pink, light green, sand, blue, cream, gently lilac and so on. Other colors are also allowed: blue, indigo, dark red, white and purple. Not the best option will be just the basic, pure colors, which assume simple and clear lines.

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The most important and distinctive feature of the romantic style are the stylesX-silhouette. The waist should be pronounced, the breast underlined, and the bottom of the dress( dresses, skirts) flared, in addition, there is no clear regulation of the length, that is, in this style are allowed mini and maxi dresses. For girls who dress in a romantic style fit dresses baby-dollar, trapezium, asymmetry, balloon.

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Vivid images of

The romantic image is quite diverse, its main feature is femininity, which in turn has a large number of shades. Some of them are worth noting, for example, naivety, sexuality, elegance, tenderness, modesty, purity and windiness.

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Dresses Romanticism is most clearly seen in dresses, as it is a symbol of sexuality and femininity. The main condition for the outfit is the underlined décolleté and waist area. Therefore, the dress can be lace, double-layer, light chiffon with a straight or flared skirt, it is also actual to wear one-shoulder dress. On the outfits may be present ruffles, bows, frills, cuffs, folds, flounces, embroidery, pleating and so on. The length of the garment is also not regulated by clear frames, the dress can be indecently short or as long as possible.

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Wedding Fashion

The styles of wedding dresses do not differ in many respects from the styles of usual romantic dresses, but in them the decoration is more pronounced, an abundance of guipure, pearls, embroidery, lace is welcome, and the silhouette should be straight, A-shaped or ball and necessarily complex and multilayered.this air.

The color scheme is also not limited to white. Welcome pastel, powder colors and champagne.

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Blouses are mainly made of light flying fabrics, for example chiffon, they do not fit the body. At the waist there may be an elastic band, on top of the blouse is decorated with ruffles or ruffles, hoses are welcomed in the form of flashlights, they are also long and three-quarters.

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Romantic style skirts should emphasize the beauty of women's legs, not necessarily their length should be minimal. Skirts in the floor and up to the knees are made of translucent flowing fabric with a cut of the sun or a half-sun, welcome also a narrowed cut, that is, the shapes of the cylinder, bell and asymmetry. Distinctive feature of the outfits are folds, flounces, drapery and pleating. Skirts are often trimmed with lace, braid, bows, embroidery, floral print or decorative buttons.

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Fans of romantic style wear trousers of free cut, prefer models from light fabrics. This part of the wardrobe in romanticism is not in the first place, but the girls of our time do not think their life without this detail. The advantage is given to lighter and pastel tones. The most common variant of the bottom in the style is the skirt-trousers.

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Ideal for the style of a coat of different lengths from thin cashmere. Colors: beige, milky, pastel and powder colors, brown tones. Classical style, with a smell, double-breasted, without a gate and so on. The length of the sleeve is three quarters or classic.

Also the style is suited shortened leather jackets of non-standard powder and pastel colors.

Suit and jeans.

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You can complement the romantic image with the help of classic shoes, light sandals with a stud and thin flat soles, lacy ballet shoes, lacquered shoes on a wedge, or elegant shoes with thin laces, and light boots and bootsthin skin.

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Gloves are considered the main distinguishing feature of the romantic style, as they emphasize the refinement and subtlety of the female hand. To modern clothes, lace fits mostly short, although their length can be up to the elbow or slightly higher.

In addition, this style can not do without accessories that adorn the head, the main one is the hat, which is most often knitted lace, textile, or straw, the main feature is ease. A form of canoeing, beret, wide-brimmed models are popular.

Bows, ribbons, flowers in hair, hair clips, laces, rims, veils and everything that emphasizes the beauty of women's hair are also considered topical.

Among the decorations, preference should be given to vintage items original or aged artificially. Topical are jewelry with floral and geometric motifs, made of natural materials.

It is typical for a romantic style to have a small purse of predominantly round shape, with such decorative elements as bows, embroidery, laces, yarns of small sizes. Also fashionable are textile bags with embroidery or associated with openwork patterns.

Excellent translucent light or silk scarves fit in romantic images, they can be worn on the neck and head.

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