The best books on self-development, psychology and personal growth

Each of us at some point in our lives reflects on our inner world, the purpose in life and success. Many find it difficult to understand themselves, find the right way and clearly define the main life goal. It can be difficult to adjust with oneself, then books for self-development and self-improvement, books on psychology and personal growth come to the aid. We have compiled a list of the top 20 books covering the above topics.

  • "How to win friends and influence people", Dale Carnegie
  • "When I say no, I feel guilty," Manuel Smith
  • "Great daring", Brene Brown
  • "Five languages ​​of love," Gary Chapman
  • The Power of the Present, Eckhart Tolle
  • Marilyn Monroe Syndrome, Susan Izraelson and Elizabeth Makawa
  • How to Work 4 Hours a Week, Timothy Ferris
  • Thinking Traps, Chip and Den Heath
  • A hobby is a business, Gary Vainerchuk
  • "Enough to be a nice guy!", Robert Glover
  • "You can agree on everything!", Gavin Kennedy
  • "The psychology of lies. Deceive me if you can, Paul Ekman
  • "Know the liar by the expression" Paul Ekman
  • "The Art of Manipulation", Henrik Fexeus
  • "The Way of the Super Man", David Deida
  • "The Man in Search of Meaning," Victor Frankl
  • "Vagrancy", Rolf Plotts
  • " Psychology of Influence ", Robert Chaldini
  • " How to fall in love with anyone ", Leil Laundes
  • " Your neighbor is a millionaire ", Thomas Stanley

" How to win friends and influence people ", Dale Carnegie

The book will helpthe reader learn how to win friends and acquirepopularity of those around. Thanks to the advice of the author, you can increase your influence on people, gain credibility, learn how to get out of a dispute and easily find a common language with colleagues and friends.

Increase your business qualities, acquire the skills of positive communication, excluding disputes, conflicts and discontent. Reading this book will make you an excellent worker. You can attract new customers and customers, easily communicate with them, applying psychological principles in practice.

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"When I say no, I feel guilty," Manuel Smith

For humble and shy people, the need to pronounce the word "no" turns into a real catastrophe. They can not deny anyone, so they agree to the fulfillment of conditions that are contrary to their principles, capabilities and desires. Some people with embarrassment listen to praise in their address and hard to endure criticism.

Manuel Smith's book teaches you to say "no" without feeling guilty. You can with dignity accept praise and staunchly listen to criticism, not taking everything to heart.

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"Great daring", Brene Brown

Perfectionism and excessive striving for perfection sometimes poisons life. Parents want to raise ideal children, not realizing that the constant requirements of achieving the ideal, they break their children's lives, generating only self-doubt.

Book Brown learns to accept himself with all weaknesses and weaknesses, because a person can not be perfect in everything. The author is incredibly motivating to make fundamental changes in his life. For those who are ready for broad thinking and similar changes, the book will become a real treasure.

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"Five languages ​​of love", Gary Chapman

Harmonious relations require constant work and compromises. Often after the wedding, the relationship deteriorates in a couple, and many are wondering how to preserve peace and love in marriage.

Chapman's book will teach lovers to speak the same language, hear each other's desires and show love in such a way that the husband captures feelings filled with feeling. A clear language and ease of reading will add to the pleasure of realizing important truths.

Any couple learns in the described types of themselves. The principles recommended by Chapman can be applied not only in relation to the second half, but also in everyday communication with others.

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"The power of the present", Eckhart Tolle

Many people do not know how to live the present: they live either past memories or thoughts about the future. In old age, people who live by such principles understand that they never really lived. They constantly ran somewhere, they were striving for something, not feeling the present moment. Because of everyday bustle, we miss life and do not see the beauty of the world around us.

The book of Eckhart Tolle teaches us how to live the present, enjoy life here and now, without thinking about the future and not remembering the past. It is filled with examples of people's attitude to others. The book helps to put things in order in the head, put thoughts on the shelves and understand the beauty of this life.

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It is worth reading this book to ensure that in old age do not feel disappointed in the past flying past.

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"Marilyn Monroe Syndrome", Susan Izraelson and Elizabeth Makavoy

The name of the greatest beauty of the planet in psychology is called a real disease. Despite the love of millions of fans, beauty and success, Marilyn was a deeply unhappy man. She spent her whole life looking for love and a real family, remaining a little girl, who so anxious for care, not received in childhood.

A huge number of women suffer from this syndrome, who consider themselves unworthy of happiness, ugly. They choose relationships that allow them to feel victimized. The book describes the disease in detail and gives answers to questions about how to get out of the vicious circle.

The manual is mandatory in the list of psychological books for self-development of the individual for all girls and women without exception.

The most beautiful blondes of the world
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"How to work for 4 hours a week", Timothy Ferris

The book is ideal for those who are tired of sitting outpants in the office and want to radically change their lives. If you just want to enjoy life, spending less time working and office routine, this book will help you in planning a life scenario.

The author reveals for us the secrets of people who have learned to live and enjoy the moment here and now, visiting many countries of the world and earning a lot of money.

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"Thinking traps," Chip and Den Heath

For fearful and insecure people, decision making is a terrible nightmare. They ponder over the facts for a long time, trying to compare them with each other and choose the most suitable solution. If the matter finally reaches the final stage and certain things need to be chosen, the mind begins to be impeded by prejudices, doubts and even intuition.

The authors of the book specifically for us divided the decision-making process into four stages, which allow you not to succumb to the traps set by your own thinking. We will get acquainted with rational tools for everyday decision-making.

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"Passion is business", Gary Vainchuk

Sometimes it seems that it is impossible to combine a favorite business with making money. Many people share these concepts. But how happy will a person become if he can earn money while doing what he likes? He will get double pleasure.

Weinerchuk owns a large Internet empire. He talks about modern opportunities for earning with the help of the Internet. In the book you will find tips on the use of certain social networks, learn how to attract attention and turn traffic into money. The book belongs to the list of books about self-development and motivation.

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"Enough to be a nice guy!", Robert Glover

The book is written for men who need constant approval from others. They always play the role of nice, nice guys who are always ready to help, even when they are uncomfortable and difficult.

The author teaches these men to meet the needs directly, without resorting to excessive courtesies. Readers are presented to the stories of the author's patients, which he carefully analyzes, examining in all circumstances of their life.

Author for a long time he suffered the described syndrome, so he quite intelligibly explains to "pleasant guys" all aspects of the problem.

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"It's possible to agree on everything!", Gavin Kennedy

"You can kill a word, you can save a word, in a word you can regiment behind a story", read the lines of the famous poem. The author of the book probably fully agrees with them. He created an almost perfect reference book for the person who negotiates.

The book is filled with tactical approaches, rational steps and strategic techniques that allow you to competently conduct any negotiations. It is ideal for self-development of personality. Attention is given to tasks with original solutions.

The book perfectly suits managers, managers and all who often have to negotiate.

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«Psychology of lies. Deceive me if you can, Paul Ekman

Lie is an integral part of everyone's daily life. Sometimes she saves marriages, lives and does not harm a person, but there is a terrible and dangerous lie that brings heavy harm. How to recognize such a lie?

The author of the book gives exhaustive answers to questions on how to correctly recognize a liar. Gestures, facial expressions that we do not control, are capable of giving us away. After reading Paul Eckman's book, you will learn how to take the liars out into pure water.

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"Know the liar by the expression of the face", Paul Ekman

This second part of the sensational bestseller "Psychology of lies", helping to easily read any emotions and facial expressions, recognizing deceivers. New techniques, new thoughts and unique exercises of the author will help you improve in the technique of recognizing lies.

The publication is filled with high-quality illustrative material, which is accompanied by clear and accessible explanations, as well as examples from life.

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"The Art of Manipulation", Henrik Fexeus

We are often succumbed to someone else's influence, and not always it is positive. If you want to protect yourself from the negative influence of others, the book of Henrik Fekseus will help you very well. The author tells about hidden manipulations, which must be stopped and reduced to "no."

The book will teach you to think independently, to be free, not to go about others, and also to reveal the secrets of how to manage people yourself.

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"The Way of Super Men", David Deida

Men also often ask themselves which books are worth reading for self-development in order to understand their inner world. The book of David Deida will be a wonderful gift for any man.

She will teach the correct treatment of women, the competent distribution of masculine energy and will answer the many questions a real man asks himself.

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"Man in search of meaning", Victor Frankl

The title of the book speaks for itself. In the work it will be about finding the meaning of life. The author will tell his own story about life in the concentration camp and about returning home. He will bring to us an important truth: while a person has a goal, he is able to overcome any obstacles.

This brilliant work is able to radically change a person's worldview, it makes you think deeply about your life, about the life of your relatives, helps you prioritize what is really important and expensive.

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"Vagrancy", Rolf Plotts

Travel is an integral part of every person's life. In modern conditions, we have all the possibilities for making round-the-world trips. In a short time, we may end up on the other side of the globe.

Ralph Plott's book inspires an active life and vivid journeys. The author tells about the unhurried flow of life and shares a practical list of things that the traveler will need. The book will teach you to broaden your horizons, explore the world and strive for personal growth, studying the culture of different peoples.

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«Psychology of influence», Robert Chaldini

The book is considered the best manual on social psychology and conflictology. The book sold a million copies. Easy writing style and an interesting presentation of important material bribes the reader.

The book will teach people how to manage people in different life situations and will perfectly suit teachers, managers and politicians, as well as those who want to influence people.

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"How to fall in love with anybody," Lail Lowndes

Romance is extremely important for relationships. The author considers necessary components of the formula of love, which drive crazy lovers. The reader will learn about dozens of methods that will help to melt the heart of even the most impregnable partner and reveal his own sexuality.

The book helps to penetrate into the depth of the issue of personal relationships between a woman and a man. The author on specific examples teaches methods of magic of love.

Fortunately, the author's fans have already published the continuation of this practical guide to the psychology of romantic love.

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"Your neighbor is a millionaire", Thomas Stanley

The issue of wealth, income and money worries everyone. However, as Thomas Stanley found out, most people have a completely wrong idea of ​​wealth. In his opinion, income and wealth are absolutely different things. What do you need to get rich?

In his book, the author will answer all questions concerning finance, teach planning and self-discipline. Feel free to read this manual, where ordinary and wealthy Americans share the secrets of their financial success.

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