Folk signs about pimples on the face and body

Acne always delivers to people a lot of hassle and unpleasant sensations. They come in different colors and sizes, can appear on any part of the body. In general, the cause of their appearance is hidden inside the body, but there are also folk signs about pimples.

  • On
  • forehead on
  • eyebrows at
  • whiskey
  • nose on
  • nose on
  • cheek on
  • cheekbone on
  • lip on
  • language on
  • chin on
  • ear on
  • nape On
  • head on
  • neck on
  • a chestshoulder
  • On the elbow
  • On the palm of the hand
  • On the fingers
  • On the back
  • On the stomach
  • On the thigh
  • On the
  • on the fore

on the fore The

foresees the appearance of a new partner and a love story. In this case, the more pimples, the brighter and more saturated the relationship will be. However, most likely, they will be short-lived or one of the partners will start to change.

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On the eyebrow

Pimple on the right eyebrow foreshadows the wearer a wide bright band in life. All the current difficulties will be resolved by themselves, the conceived will begin to happen, luck and success will always be there. In addition, a pimple on the right eyebrow or above it heralds a date with a good friend and a pleasant pastime in a good company.

If a pimple appears on the left eyebrow - this is a hassle and problems that will collapse in the near future. Perhaps a date with the enemy and unflattering words in the direction of the owner of the rash.

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On the temple

Disillusionment in a close person, friend or colleague.

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On the nose

The most common sign, meaning that soon there will be a declaration of love. Also, if the growth appeared on the tip of the nose, then someone feels strong feelings, but hides them.

Pimple on the nose closer to the bridge of the nose - to quick, pleasant news.

If they occur along the line of the nose, then this is a sign of a long journey.

The number of pimples on the nose is judged and the number of fans.

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On the bridge of the

It is a prediction of a date with a married couple. Most likely, there will be friendly gatherings of two families or a business meeting.

In the East, a rash on the bridge of the nose is considered a reflection of the deep inner experiences that a person has been carrying for a long time. In this case, it is recommended to review the values ​​and desires: they say that the pimples between the eyebrows predict the arrival of the ideal time for internal "revision", that is, it's time to get rid of relationships that do not bring joy, goals that cease to attract, and things that do not bring inspiration.

The value is also the number of pimples appearing on the bridge of the nose:

  • Single - promises unexpected news or the appearance of a fan.
  • Several( 2-3) - symbolize the long journey.
  • More than 3 - a sign of a long period of failure.
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On the cheek

On both - a warning that in the near future there may be misunderstandings with close people that will lead to conflicts and quarrels.

On the right cheek - to a successful acquaintance, which will bring good luck and success in business.

On the left - to a romantic acquaintance and the continuation of relations.

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On the cheek

To an exciting acquaintance that will change the outlook on life. The meeting can be both business and personal life - it all depends on which side of the pimples appeared. For example, if the left - an acquaintance with a future husband or lover, and on the right - a business meeting. In any case, it will make pleasant adjustments and will have a positive effect on life.

If education appeared on both cheekbones, it promises quarrels and conflicts with close people.

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On lip

On the bottom - to long kisses;on the top - you should expect a declaration of love or sympathy from the person you like.

If the pimples are formed in the corners of the lips, then the person will be gossiped behind his back.

Education above the lip is a good way to show one's narcissism.

There is also a sign that speaks of the indecision of the owner of the red bumpock. Hence, a person is afraid to show his feelings to the object of admiration.

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In the language of

, a person lied about something or said something in an unfortunate moment, causing the interlocutor to rebuff "Tipun to your tongue".
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On the chin

For a guy, you should soon expect an intimate relationship with a new friend.

For the girl, a bumpy education on the chin prophesies happy events ahead. Perhaps it is a sign of the upcoming wedding or other celebration. Also the ancestors were noticed: the more painful the pimple, the more joyful the events will be.

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For a pregnant woman a pimple on the chin can tell how the delivery will take place. If it is painless and small, then the health of the baby and mother will be all right - the birth for both will be easy. If a red, large and painful bump appears, you need to be prepared for the complexities. In this case, it is recommended to talk with a doctor to prevent the danger. If the pimple popped up in the last weeks of pregnancy, it means that a boy will be born.

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On the ear

On the left - means that the owner of someone( both friend and foe) pours mud and spread gossip about him.

On the right - he is praised and in the conversation he is admired. Also, education on the right ear lobe may be a harbinger of the fact that a family of friends or relatives will soon be replenished.

The appearance of pimples in the older generation can mean changes in weather conditions, but here it is necessary to pay attention to the season: if the hillock was formed in summer or spring - to warming, and in autumn or winter - to frost and cold snap.

Pimple behind the ear warns of a secret enemy who hides behind the guise of a friend. It was time to reconsider the environment and find the traitor until he harmed.

Pimple in the ear jumped - to problems at work.

Also read folk signs that explain why a person's ear, cheek or whole face is burning
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On the back of the head

Warning about the imminent return of a loved onea person with whom a long and serious conversation is to take place. Pimple slightly below the nape portends troubles at work and loss of trust in the boss. Perhaps there will be a few unpleasant minutes in his office.

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On the head

In the center - to receive an inheritance or a large sum of money.

Ahead - a sign that it is worth thinking about current affairs, perhaps something should be changed.

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On the left side - for festivities and festivities.

On the right side - to tears.

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On the neck

Ahead( below the chin) - will soon meet with a person who will make changes in the future.

Pimple on the right side of the neck indicates that you need to listen to yourself. It's time to make some changes in your behavior and life.

Pimple on the left side - warns that it is possible to cause any injuries or injuries. For example, if there is some kind of celebration, then you have to be careful and behave with restraint, so that you do not have to fight with someone, etc.

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On the chest

For women, it portends a fast love date, which will pass very passionately andwill end with an unforgettable surprise from a loved one. Perhaps it will be an expensive gift or a marriage proposal.

For men, the appearance of a tubercle on the chest indicates a quick acquaintance with an attractive woman.

Also much means and on which side of the chest a pimple appeared:

  • On the right side - to receive pleasant news.
  • In the center - to the imminent need to make an important, fateful decision.
  • On the left - to recovery and good health.
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On the shoulder

For women, the left side of the shoulder is favorable, and for the right side. If the rash has arisen on "his part", then a white stripe awaits a person: all undertakings will lead to success, all difficulties will be successfully overcome and unpleasant situations resolved. When hilly formations appear on the "foreign side", it is to difficulties and problems. Obstacles can arise where they were not expected, rivals become more active, colleagues and friends will suddenly show all their negative qualities.

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On the elbow of

On the right - to scandals, fights and disputes.

On the left - soon there will be disappointments in a friend or a person from a close circle.

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On the palm of the hand

On the left - to an increase in wages, on the right - to joy and laughter.

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On the fingers of the hands of

Many envy the owner of the rash.

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On the back of

Ill-wishers try to harm or a person will have difficulty in implementing the plan.

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On the stomach of

To the fulfillment of desires.

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On the thigh

Expecting exciting adventures.

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On the

pope To the favorable news.

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On the foot

Harbinger of the ambulance.

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