Sewing bags of old jeans with their own hands

Almost every house has deposits of jeans trousers that are not worn for one reason or another: they can be old, maybe leaky or just out of fashion. Such pants will be an excellent find to sew a denim bag for any occasion of life with their own hands. Such an unusual denim bag will be an excellent addition to your wardrobe.

  • Strict business bag
  • Sports bag
  • Jeans clutch
  • Backpack-bag

Strict business bag

Material needed:

  • jeans;
  • sheet of cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • iron;
  • ruler or centimeter tape;
  • sewing machine;
  • chalk or soap for marking;
  • decor elements.

Cut the top of the jeans 3-5 centimeters below the zipper pants.

Unscrew the part on the wrong side and, after stepping away from the trimmed edge 1 centimeter, stitch the machine.

It's important to remember: the front of the jeans is noticeably smaller than the back. When the details are spent, the bag may be skewed. To avoid this, it is worth while making a few small, inconspicuous undercuts in the center of the main part of the bag.

Turn the inverted part to its end and fold it into an isosceles triangle at the top. You need to make a bag bottom. The side seam on the jeans should split the upper corner in half.

The further the distance from the top of the triangle, the wider the bottom of the bag. It is necessary to draw horizontal lateral lines from both sides, which will determine the location of the bottom. Stitch the bottom lines of the bag. By the size of the workpiece, you need to cut out the cardboard. From two pieces of denim fabric( 1-2 centimeters more from cut cardboard) you need to sew a pocket for the cardboard bottom. To make the cardboard a real bottom, it needs to be inserted into the denim pocket and stitched.

Unscrew the bag on the front and insert the trimmed bottom. At this stage, with a sewn bottom, the bag should look like this:

Next, you need to sew the handles of the bag. The length of the pens can vary based on your own wishes. On denim, you need to make small markings on the handles. Each pen consists of two identical compassible parts.

Do not forget that you need to leave a few centimeters of fabric to sew on each side.

After the cutting of the handles of the bag, it is necessary to smooth the allowances on the underside of the product.

Stretch the knobs on the front side and cut corners from the ends rounded.

Handles should be the same in length and width.

Sew the handles to the bag( on the jeans belt) on the inside. The seam is best used fortified.

To create a fastener, you need to sew a small jean hood with a buttonhole. The loop must be swept. Hook sewed to the back of the bag from the inside, opposite the front button.

The bag can be decorated, and can be left in a strictly businesslike manner.

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Sports bag

Material needed:

  • wide jean trousers;
  • sewing machine;
  • scissors;
  • chalk or soap for marking;
  • zipper;
  • plain fabric;
  • dense cardboard for the bottom;
  • wide dense ribbon for handles.
  • loading. ..

The staff should be cut one by one lateral seam and cut out of it a long rectangle.

Of dense fabric make the strengthening of the bottom and sides of the bag. The bottom should be well stitched.

Sew on the front side of the handle bag. They can be skipped, for durability, through the entire bag.

Insert a zipper into the bag.

Draw the bottom. To do this, you need to unscrew the bag on the wrong side, fold the sides into rhombuses( see the picture), stitch along the bottom line. You can put a thick cardboard in the bottom. For strength and durability, the cardboard should be trimmed with jeans from all sides. The cardboard can be placed in the bottom at the stage of strengthening the fabric.

A ready-made bag can be decorated, you can pre-select jeans with ornaments or inserts, and you can leave without decor.

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Jeans clutch

Necessary material:

  • denim;
  • scissors;
  • sewing machine;
  • lining fabric;
  • gasket;
  • non-woven or doublerin;
  • magnetic button.

To create the bag you need to find the following details:

  • backrest and in front of the clutch: width - 26 centimeters, height - 31 centimeters;
  • valve parts: width - 26 centimeters, height - 25 centimeters;
  • two sidewalls: width - 6 centimeters, length - 31 centimeters;
  • two lining details: width - 26 centimeters, height - 16 centimeters;
  • two parts of a sealant measuring 25 by 14 centimeters;
  • strip of jeans for hats.
  • loading. ..

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All the main details of the clutch should be glued with non-woven fleece or dublerin.

Mark the location for the magnetic button on the middle of the valve, at a level of 2-3 centimeters from the bottom edge.

Install and sew a magnetic button. Sewing hoods.

On the sidewalls bend the short edges, mark from the edge of 1 centimeter, attach the hoods and flush the sidewalls.

Sew the valve with the magnetic button up.

Connect the lining to each other, leaving a hole to turn the clutch. Ready lining to sew to the basis of the clutch in a circle, observing all corners.

Unscrew the clutch, straighten all the corners carefully.

Secure the second magnet by locating the center of the previous magnet so that they touch each other when closing.

Fold the part face down, stitch the side strips.

Sew edge the tape. It is best to walk with an overlock.

Insert seal between base and lining. Wrap all holes in the lining with secret seams by hand.

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Required material:

  • wide jean trousers;
  • sewing machine;
  • scissors;
  • chalk or soap for marking;
  • long rope( lace);
  • clip-controller for laces;
  • is a large clip or pin.
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Cut off the piece for the base of the bag from the pant leg. The length of a piece of fabric can be matched individually, based on the desired length of the backpack. Make markings on the denim to get equal parts.

Stretch the backpack from all sides, leaving one piece for the hole. Process the edge of the hole, bending the edge of the fabric on the wrong side about 5 centimeters of jeans and stitching - this will be the place for the lacing of the lace.

It is important not to forget the sides of the couplers to leave the holes on both sides.

Unscrew the backpack-bag on the front side and retract the lace. For retracting use a large paper clip or pin for convenience.

On the lace, you need to attach a clip-regulator or make knots. The ends of the lace tie.

Unscrew the backpack on the wrong side, smooth out all the seams and once again stitch the side seam and bottom.

Unscrew the product. If desired, the backpack can be decorated.

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