Round face bangs

Perfectly selected bangs can not only emphasize the right facial features and hide the flaws of the exterior, but also create a beautiful mood to its owner. About 70% of women have a round face, which is characterized by a broad forehead, an arch-shaped chin and wide cheekbones. Hairdressers advise owners of a round face to give preference to hairstyles with a bang that will give the face an oval shape. Hairstyles without bangs will further increase the roundness of the face.

    • Face shape definition
    • Ways to choose a round face fringe
    • Slanting bangs for a round face
    • Straight bangs for a round face
    • Asymmetrical long fringe for a round face
    • Layered bangs for women with a round face
    • Short form of a bang for a round faceforms
    • Which bangs are not suitable for a round face

    Determining the shape of a face

    Before cardinally changing your hair, you need to make sure that you are the owner of a round face. Collect the strands of hair in a bun and look at your own reflection in the mirror. Then circle the contour of the face and measure with a ruler the length from the extreme right and extreme left point of the face, as well as from the top point to its lower border. If the length indices in these directions are the same, you have a round face.

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    Ways to choose a bang for a round face

    Hairdressers offer women the following ways to choose the perfect bang:

    • Compare your own photos with images of famous personalities from glossy magazines and choose a suitable variant for yourself;
    • listen to the stylist's recommendations;
    • use the computer selection of bangs.

    The bangs should be selected taking into account not only the shape of the face, but also:

    • of the hair structure;
    • age;
    • of individual style;
    • features of a woman's physique.

    If a woman is tall, stylists do not advise her to make short hairstyles. They will not change the face shape and visually extend its shape. Women with short necks are best served by high hairstyles that visually lengthen the neck and give the face proportionality. Full and chubby women do not fit thick and short bangs. They expand the contour of the face, making it even more flat and full.

    Hide the round shapes of the face will help the bangs, which are perfectly combined with any hairdo.

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    Slanting bangs for a round face

    According to stylists, a slit bang is a classic option for chubby women. Line oblique bangs with clear cuts visually lengthens the face, successfully emphasizing the mysterious female look. This variant of a bang choose both young girls, and business ladies. The oblique fringe effectively looks on the hair of different lengths. If you are the owner of curly hair, it is the most rational to give up this kind of bangs, since you will have to straighten your hair for hair styling.

    The optimal length of the oblique bangs a woman can determine on her own. An excellent option for girls is a slanting short fringe with boldly protruding tips or a slanting bang of medium length covering the face.

    The bush "pikabu" is a kind of oblique bangs. This bang is long and covers one eye."Pikabu" is considered an original variant of a bang, but impractical for everyday life.

    The slanting fringe allows a woman to wear her hair loose or to assemble them in a bun. At the same time, she will always look charming and stylish.

    This version of the bang requires maximum care. It is not recommended to cut the bangs on their own or to comb them. To install it, use:

    • a hairdryer with different nozzles;
    • Round comb for giving volume;
    • hair iron for straightening the hair;
    • lacquer for styling.

    To emphasize the asymmetry of the oblique bangs, you can use a gel for styling.

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    Straight bang for a round face

    A classic example of a bang for a round face is a straight fringe, the length of which should not be below the eyebrow line. Stylists recommend chubby women:

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    • smooth straight bangs, which blends harmoniously with the cut of a square or with long hair;
    • straight bangs with torn edges, which will suit medium length hair or long hair with a light mesh.

    A straight fringe is easily laid with gels and mousses. Remarkably complements the female image of a straight fringe, which is decorated in the form of "feathers" or neatly combed to one side.

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    Asymmetric long bangs for round faces

    Currently asymmetrical bangs that narrow downwards are considered one of the most stylish. It is an interesting option for chubby women. This kind of bangs visually draws the shape of the face and introduces into the female image elements of extravagance and femininity.

    Asymmetric bangs are easily laid with wax, which is applied to the ends of the strands. For an asymmetric bang, any depth and shape of the siphon is allowed.

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    Layered bangs for women with a round face

    If you are the owner of thick hair, the multilayer bangs will remarkably emphasize the beauty and volume of the hair, make your eyes expressive and lengthen the face visually. A short multi-layered fringe effectively "looks" on women with small facial features. This kind of bangs is successfully combined with many asymmetrical haircuts: ladder, quads, Bob-kar.

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    The multi-layered bangs fit quickly with modeling tools. In this case, the gel or mousse for the hair is applied to the strands in a direction from top to bottom, in order to avoid inaccurate protruding tips of the hair.

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    Short form of round face bangs

    This kind of bang is suitable for the bravest and brightest women. A short fringe will emphasize the cheerful and temperamental nature of its owner, who strives to be always stylish and unique. Such a fringe focuses on a beautiful line of eyebrows and expressive female eyes. It should be remembered that a short bang quickly grows and requires proper care.

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    Which bangs are not suitable for a round face

    For women with a round face shape, stylists are not advised to choose uneven bangs that will visually enlarge the face and make it complete.

    Thick long bangs are also not the best version of the bang for chubby women. It will emphasize your broad cheekbones and full cheeks, visually rounding the lines of your face.

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