The eyes are faint in the dog

Dog owners are often concerned about the problem of the eyes smothering their pets. If your four-footed friend in the corners of the eye accumulates a minimal amount of mucous discharge, do not worry about it. This condition is considered the norm for the dog. But the formation in the corners of the dog's eyes of a large number of mucous secretions or purulent discharge of green and yellow color is a serious reason for contacting a veterinary clinic. Timely treatment of the eye will save the pet from uncomfortable sensations and keep his eyesight.

  • Causes of pus in the eyes of
  • Symptoms of purulent diseases in the dog
  • First aid for suppuration of the eyes
  • Treatment of eye diseases in the pet
  • Prevention of eye diseases

Causes of pus in the eyes

Veterinarians note that the formation of purulent secretions in the dog can trigger the followingcauses:

  • ingress of dirt or foreign body into the eyes;
  • trauma to the eye;
  • glaucoma;
  • inflammation of the eyelids;
  • diseases of the cornea of ​​the eye;
  • allergic reactions;
  • infectious diseases;

  • conjunctivitis;
  • canine chum.

For the correct diagnosis, the veterinarian takes into account a number of factors: the age of the dog, its breed and overall health, and also conducts a comprehensive ophthalmological examination of the animal.

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Symptoms of purulent diseases in the dog

At the initial stage of the disease, the excretions of the dog differ in a mucous character. Wool around the eyes sticks together. Allocations can dry up, forming crusts. The eyes of the dog are constantly watering.

The cause of abundant mucous discharge is most often dirt that has fallen into the eyes. If the discharge from the eyes becomes purulent, this is a symptom of the development of the disease, which requires surgical treatment.

If untimely treatment of eye disease in the animal is covered, and inflammation spreads to the eyelids. The animal has a weakness and the temperature rises. The pet also refuses to eat.

If you find an abundant discharge from the eyes of a pet, you need to provide the dog with first aid, and then contact the veterinarian-ophthalmologist.

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First aid for suppuration of eyes

First, gently rinse the eyes of the animal with a decoction of chamomile, calendula or St. John's wort. If there are no medicinal herbs in your medicine cabinet, dissolve one fatucilin tablet in 200 ml of warm water and rinse the eyes of the dog with the resulting solution.

Use wadded discs for this procedure. It is impossible to wash one eye of a dog with one cotton disc at a time. For each eye, it is recommended to use a new cotton pad. The eye is washed in the direction from the outer corner to its inner part. Each eye should be washed with medicinal solution or decoction three to four times.

After washing, dry eyes with a soft cloth. Then, under the eyelids of the dog, apply 1% eye tetracycline ointment. To do this, lower the eyelid's lower eyelid slightly with your fingers and apply an ointment on its surface. Then close the dog's eyes and massage it gently.

Repeat the above procedure throughout the day at least four times. If the pet's condition has not improved, contact your veterinarian for further diagnosis and treatment.

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Treatment of eye diseases in the pet

To determine the cause of eyestrain and to select an effective treatment, the veterinarian conducts a visual examination of the animal and assigns an analysis of the secretions from the eyes. This analysis helps identify the causative agent of the disease and select the drugs for pet treatment.

If discharge from the eyes is an allergic manifestation, the veterinarian prescribes antihistamines, taking into account the weight, age and general condition of the pet.

Antibiotics veterinarian appoints a dog in case of diagnosis of her bacterial infection. These medicines must be taken under the strict supervision of the veterinarian.

When a viral infection is detected, the dog is prescribed anti-inflammatory ointments and eye drops, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs of general action.

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If the dog's eyes are festering systematically, the veterinarian prescribes a comprehensive course of therapy, which involves the use of various drugs that improve the immune responses of the animal. Also, the correct way of caring for a pet is chosen, as often the cause of chronic eyes is the long pet hair or the presence of wrinkles around the eyes.

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Prevention of eye diseases

To prevent the dog from the process of suppuration of the eyes, veterinarians recommend the following set of preventive measures:

  • daily perform eye toilet for the pet;
  • keep the main habitat of the animal clean;
  • in time to vaccinate the dog;
  • adhere to the rules of a balanced diet;
  • promptly treat injuries and diseases that cause inflammation of the eyes and their suppuration.

Preventive measures should be tailored to the individual characteristics of the dog, as well as its breed, age and general condition. So, dogs with folds of the skin around the eyes need to regularly perform the processing of folds and observe the state of the eyes. Long-haired breeds of dogs the owners must constantly cut the hair around the eyes.

To avoid infection of puppies during labor, the dog is treated for the genitourinary system in the last trimester of pregnancy. Even in the absence of diseases of the genitourinary system, the veterinarian assigns a course of therapy to the dog for the purpose of prevention.

If the eyes fester at one of the puppies of the litter, treatment and treatment of the eyes is carried out in all the litter. This measure will exclude the spread of infection.


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