Women's haircut "Little Scaffold" on the hair of any length

"Lesenka" can be called a universal haircut, as it is suitable for almost any hair - short and long, thin and hard, rare and thick. This haircut is popular among women of all age categories and perfectly suits all types of face. Thanks to her, you can always look feminine, elegant and stylish.

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Who is suitable for

The "scaffold" especially for medium and long hair is suitable for owners of round, square and full faces. This haircut will help visually stretch its shape, hiding from the side strands chubby cheeks or broad cheekbones.

Owners of thin and thinning hair, haircut add the missing volume. And on too dense hair with the right approach, "Lesenka" can be used with the opposite goal - to reduce it.

Do not give preference to this haircut, if the hair is very strongly twisted. On them, the haircut will simply not be visible. But for straight and slightly wavy ringlets, "Lesenka" will be the ideal option, emphasizing the beauty of the head of hear.

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Technique of execution

"Scaffold" is a textured haircut and for its maintenance it is necessary to visit the salon at least once every 1-2 months and constant styling, which has many options.

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Without bang

For performing cutting "Scaffold", the hair is divided into 4 zones: 2 temporal, 2 occipital. Starting from the back of the head, the master moves along the radial partitions.

Then, using the method of imposing strands, cuts all the hair of the temporal and parietal zone. At the same time, the right and left sides of the central screen must be symmetrical.

"Scaffold" is performed by the method of layer-by-layer strands cutting, due to which volume is achieved. Each successive layer is shorter than the previous one. Accordingly, the upper half of the head of hear is characterized by the shortest length, and the lower half is the longest.

The transitions between the layers are so smooth and insignificant that in most cases they are even invisible.

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With a bang

For a haircut with a bang, hair is divided into 5 zones: 2 temporal, 2 occipital andbangs. Grooming is performed similarly. The bangs are cut at a right angle, and then it is given a shape depending on the client's desire, his type of face and hair structure. It can be short, long, stepped, torn, oblique, straight, round.

The oblique fringe is suitable for those with heavy chins and wide cheekbones. It will help to soften angular shapes.

For curly hair, you should choose a bang on one side.

Ragged and asymmetrical bangs are best suited to owners of an oval face shape. Long bangs will be excellent options for women with a high forehead and a round or triangular face.

But short suits those who want to look younger.

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For short

the "Little Scaffold" on short hair will give the head of hair a good volume and a structured contour, independent of smooth hair and curly hair. Usually, "Lesenka" is performed on the basis of multilevel haircuts.

First, control strands with a length of no more than 5 centimeters are distinguished on the vertex. And from them measure the length and depth of the subsequent "steps".Such a haircut will hide the whiskey and slightly open the neck. The result is a soft, voluminous, beautifully framing face contour.

As a styling short hair can be pulled out with a round brush and hairdryer or ironing. And with the help of mousse and gel make a wet effect or a uniform mess.

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For medium

Correctly executed haircut on an average length will significantly increase the volume of hair, due to the fact that the upper shorter strands will seem as light and airy as possible.

If as an option to choose a torn haircut, then the "Little Scaffold" will no longer be so smooth, the face and the back of the head will lie in separate torn strands. And if it is performed with a dangerous razor, it will turn out to be quite original and bold.

For daily laying of haircuts on medium length, you can use a hairdryer with a round comb and mousse of medium fixation, laying the tips of the hair away from the face.

Or to collect a head of hear in a bun, and short locks on temples and a bang to lay.
You can perform laying with ironing, alternately pulling strands and bangs, and put the tips with wax.

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For long

, the "scaffold" on long hair usually starts from the chin line and below and due to strings of different lengths it can correct possible appearance flaws.

In order to make the haircut look airy and light after laying, you need to use mousse, hair dryer and comb, lifting strands near the roots, and twisting the tips to the face or, conversely, outward. This styling looks very impressive, if "Lesenka" is executed evenly over the entire length of the hair.

As an evening variation, curls can be curled on hair curlers or curling irons. Light raznourovnevye curls will look just luxurious.

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