Where and how to get a snails on a child

The insurance number of the individual personal account is available for each insured citizen and ensures the transfer by the employer of funds to the employee's personal pension( insurance) account. The insurance number is indicated on the green card, which has the majority of working Russians. However, you can get it on your own or a minor son or daughter. Let's try to figure out where and how to get SNILS on the child, and also what benefits can be had from this.

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What for to a child SNILS

At first glance, this document does not apply to minors at all. But for the last few years, what SNILS needs for a child, there are many reasons justifying the care with its receipt:

  • In case of a disability, the availability of an insurance number helps to make the appropriate benefits and payment of benefits as quickly as possible.
  • For children under three years old - or up to six of low-income families - there is an opportunity to receive free medicines for treatment in the inpatient department.

  • The introduction of electronic registration in medical centers makes it impossible for individuals without an insurance number.
  • In connection with the expansion of the list of services carried out on universal plastic cards in electronic form. For example, you can not register for the state services portal to receive documents without SNILS.
  • If a teenager wants to earn extra money, his official account will be eligible for his insurance account.
  • In the long term, SNILS should replace a number of other certificates: from travel to financial.

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What documents are needed for

To register an SNILS for a child, parents or their representatives are required to file such documents:

  • Application on behalf of the father or mother of the child on whom the document is drawn up. Sometimes such questionnaire is filled by the employee of the institution.
  • Passport of the parent who submits the application.
  • If a child has not reached the age of fourteen, his birth certificate is filed.
  • Citizens of 14 years are allowed to fill out an application independently and provide their own passport.

As you can see, the list of required documents and references is very small, therefore, the design of the SNILS is not a difficult task.

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How to get

There are several state institutions in the Russian Federation where the child will not be able to do SINLS:

  • Pension fund.
  • Administration of the educational institution.
  • Multifunctional center providing state and municipal services.
It is important that it is not possible to get the SNILS through state services or the Internet, since it is necessary to submit the original documents personally to the relevant institution.

You can perform this procedure in the following ways:

  • Contact a school or equivalent educational institution.
  • To come to the Pension Fund of your district or city. For persons under 14 years of age, parenting is possible. Children from 14 years of age have the opportunity to apply to the state institution independently, without the presence of adults.
  • Through the services of the Pension Fund in the MFC.
  • If a universal electronic card is issued for a child, the insurance certificate is assigned automatically.

A separate question is how to get SNILS on a newborn baby.

It is necessary to ask whether there is an agreement in your region with the automatic transfer of data and the assignment of the insurance number immediately after the registration of the birth certificate.

If you received a positive response, there is nothing to worry about. But it is worth remembering that this practice at the moment is not yet widespread throughout Russia: it is a pilot project of the state, which will develop further only if it is effective.

In the article http://woman-l.ru/chto-delat-esli-rebenok-ne-xochet-uchitsya/ You will learn what to do so that the child would want to learn.

So, if you do not belong to the lucky ones who received the document without personal participation, you should contact the appropriate institution. Conveniently, for the design of SNILS the child is sufficient for the presence of only one of the parents, whereas the baby can be in the kindergarten or at home, and not in the queue for the SNILS.

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Deadline for receiving

Officially, the document must be ready after three weeks from the date of submission of the application. But in practice, the procedure takes much less time and in most cases, SNILS can be obtained in a week.

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