How to sew a simple dress without a pattern

Sewing dresses is a complex process, requiring certain skills of cutting and sewing, patience and painstakingness. But there are ways that you can create your own exclusive outfit without pattern, very quickly and beautifully, while spending the minimum amount of time and money. The article just presents several such ways of modeling dresses for every day and for festive events.




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  • Of a T-shirt

    There is a great idea of ​​turning an old men's t-shirt into an original summer dress. This, perhaps, is the easiest way to make a dress, because it does not need threads or needles. To work, enough adhesive tape and scissors.

    1. Fold the T-shirt in half, facing outward and determine the cut line that should pass through the middle of the sleeve.

    2. Slit the sleeve on the seam.
    3. After putting on a T-shirt, tie two ribbons on the back from the loose ends of the fabric.

    Dress from the old men's t-shirt is ready!

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    Of two T-shirts

    Of two similar T-shirts of different sizes, you can sew a light summer dress in a sporty style.

    The work schedule is shown on the photo:

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    From the skirt

    From an old-fashioned long skirt with a high waist, you can sew an elegant dress.

    1. Measure from the bottom of the skirt the necessary width of the fabric, which should become the bodice of the dress, and cut it off.
    2. Sew the hem of the skirt by first determining the length of the product.
    3. Cut one of the side seams with a pair of scissors on the cut of the fabric.
    4. If necessary, you can sew a lining to the bodice by hiding all the seams inside.
    5. Fold the bodice in half and determine its center. Bottom edge of the bodice is sewn to the skirt along the back.
    6. Put on the skirt and the free part of the bodice in front of the figure. If necessary, if the chest is small, you can make straps on the bodice.

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    From lace natural fabric, you can sew the original summer dress without a pattern. This dress is quite simple, at first glance, it has a lot of interpretations. It consists of a simple skirt and a long piece of fabric, instead of a bodice.

    1. First you need to determine the length of the skirt and cut off the desired piece of fabric.
    2. Assemble and stitch the top of the skirt, and then insert the rubber band there.
    3. If necessary, if the fabric is visible, a lining can be sewn on the underside of the skirt.
    4. For the bodice, the lace and lining dresses cut the same pieces of fabric 1.5-1.7 m long and 20 cm wide.
    5. Sew them together from the wrong side, leaving one edge free. Turn the bodice outward and gently stretch the free edge, hiding all the rough edges.
    6. The dress is ready.
    7. First you need to wear a skirt, and then tightly wrap the bodice around your chest, and put the loose end of it under the waist of your skirt. You can also use a brooch or pin to fix the bodice on your back.
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    For this style of beach dresses, light synthetic flowing fabric is the best choice.

    1. As a basis, it is best to take a sleeveless dress or a favorite jersey.
    2. From the fabric cut before and the back of the dress, given that the cutout in front should be slightly larger than on the back. Also, the cutout is important to make twice as wide as necessary, so that in the future it can be pleated.
    3. Find the central décolleté point and fold the folds toward the center, keeping to the symmetry. Fix the folds in their places with pins and sew them with a glue.
    4. Sew shoulder seams.
    5. Make a fringe of the armhole and throat.
    6. Determine the length of the dress and process the edges.

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    When making such a summer dress, you can play with the depth of the neckline and the width of the strapless.

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    If you have two meters of black crepe-chiffon according to the following scheme, you can sew a charming dress for a few hours, which will perfectly sit on any figure.

    1. Cut two squares of 90 cm by 90 cm in size from the fabric.
    2. Determine the center of each part along the share line.
    3. Connect the shoulder sections by 5 cm from the neck and the edge.
    4. Determine the location of the side seams and stitch them.
    5. Treat the neck with the cusp using the remains of the fabric.
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    Beginners should try to sew a dress case using a template. Ideal for this is a t-shirt for the figure.

    1. First you need to determine the length of the dress. In our version we will sew a maxi-length dress, so it takes about three meters of knitted fabric.
    2. On top of the fabric folded in half, attach a T-shirt, also folded in half, as in the picture.
    3. Circle the T-shirt, excluding the sleeves. Cut the workpiece.
    4. Next piece of fabric folded in half and place the top of the sleeve along the fold line.
    5. For the processing of the neck, it is necessary to cut the obturator exactly along the neck and shoulder line without additional descent onto the seam, for the front and back of the dress.
    6. Sew the obtachka with the neck of the dress, while combining the shoulder seams.

    7. Pin the middle line of the sleeve with the seam on the shoulder with the inside sides and, successively fasten the other parts of the sleeve with the pins.

    8. With one straight line sew the sleeves to the dress, and then remove the pins.
    9. Determine the desired length of the sleeve, poke its edge with pins, and then process it with a double seam.

    Dress the maxi length case is ready!

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