What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Vladivostok

Vladivostok is a port city in which Russian culture is intertwined with oriental colors. Here everything is saturated with the breath of the ocean: piers, ships, salt air and marine reserve. The city attracts tourists and travelers with its unusual landscape and unique history. What souvenirs to bring from Vladivostok, to permanently preserve the memory of the trip to the Primorsky capital?

  • Alcohol and liqueur
  • Vodka "Eastern Bridge»
  • Tincture "Antlers with honey»
  • Ussuri Balm
  • Pine nuts and cones
  • Cosmetics
  • Seafood
  • locally produced sweets
  • Chocolate with seaweed and salt
  • Navy Souvenirs
  • his cap
  • Vest
  • Dirk

Alcohol and tinctures

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Vodka "Eastern Bridge"

"East Bridge" refers to the classic white vodka. It contains an extract of kelp and the most delicate delicacy - scallops. Such a non-standard composition gives the drink a clean and mild taste.

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Tincture of "Panty on honey"

It is worth paying attention to the unusual tincture of "Panty on honey".This is a natural product, the main of which is pantocrine - a natural biostimulator from young horns of deer in combination with honey and lemon juice. The drug strengthens the walls of blood vessels and bone tissue, has a rejuvenating effect, is able to withstand many diseases.

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Ussuriysky balsam

A great gift from Vladivostok will be the legendary seaside healing balms and tinctures. The most popular is tincture "Ussuri Balm".It consists of many medicinal plants and herbs, and is made on the basis of purified water from local sources. The fortress of the famous drink is 45 degrees. It is recommended to use in moderate doses to prevent colds, as well as to improve the tone of the body.

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Pine nuts and cones

A natural souvenir from Vladivostok is a cedar cone with nuts. It should be noted that such cones can grow up to 30 cm in length. Nuts in such a cone are extremely useful and large. Pine nuts contain protein, iodine and other useful substances and microelements.

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Local markets, shops and salons in Vladivostok offer a wide range of quality cosmetics from Japan and China.

And to be imbued with the spirit of Primorye, you can purchase as a souvenir cosmetics of local production, created on the basis of mineral mud and algae.

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The most popular souvenir from Vladivostok is seafood. On the markets and in shops all sea riches are presented: crabs, caviar, mollusks, red fish. For long-term storage and transportation, one should choose sea delicacies in special vacuum packages. Pacific smelt is worth special attention, it can also be brought as a gift: dried or canned.

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Sweets of local production

What delicious can you bring from Vladivostok? The capital of Primorye is famous for its sweets, among which "Bird Milk" candies are very popular. Familiar since childhood, the taste is unique in its tenderness and airiness. Buy a box of chocolates "Seaside classic" can be in any confectionery store in the city.

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Chocolate with seaweed and salt

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In Vladivostok, you can buy exotic types of chocolate with sea salt and seaweed or with a filling of sea kale. In fact, this chocolate is very tasty, although not quite normal.

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Souvenirs of the Navy

In addition to everything else, you can bring souvenirs from Vladivostok dedicated to the sea and the Russian navy: T-shirts, mugs, towels, magnets and plates with images of famous admirals and warships.

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Both a child and an adult will be delighted with a cap with the inscription "Pacific Fleet".

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Vests are popular with tourists and locals, they are worn both as casual clothes and on seaside holidays.

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A real man should bring an original sea dagger.

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