New Year tree of beads with own hands

This kind of crafts is popular not only on the eve of New Year's holidays, but in the rest of the year this evergreen tree continues to find more and more admirers among handymasters. And this is not surprising, because you can make a Christmas tree not only in the festive genre, but also in many styles.

  • Required Materials
  • Weaving of the Christmas tree from beads

Materials needed

The Christmas tree can be created from silver beads, or you can combine white beads with green beads, making it more realistic. The other colors of the beads are also applicable. For example, black and yellow beads - this is the genre of Halloween, golden-green suitable for the design of autumn themes, steel, to create a tree in the original style of steampunk or techno.

When you add interspersed beads of a different color, you get New Year balls and decorations. Well, just dark green beads - to create a classic tree. Depending on the beads used, the resulting variant will also vary in appearance. The greatest similarity can be achieved by using the smallest beads with a pastel monophonic coating, alternating two shades of light and dark beads, to simulate shadows and light.

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Weaving of a Christmas tree from beads

Ideally it will be if to work outThis tree you will find two kinds of beads of similar color - usual rounded and oblong. With the correct alternation, you can achieve a beautiful effect of needles.

Note the photo to the lesson, where the future tree is represented as all the unconnected elements. This is the number of twigs.

So, from 18-20 twigs, a tree will not be taller than ten centimeters and this must be taken into account. One or two or more branches can go one tier. Tiers can be formed closely to each other, and you can make distances between them, exposing the trunk of a tree.

If the barrel is sufficiently noticeable, it is better to cover it with gypsum and paint it with brown acrylic paint or at least wrap it around with cotton paper or a glued ribbon of brown color.

It is also worth remembering that the farther you move from the crown of the tree, the longer the branches become, so that the proportionality of the product will eventually remain.

Assembly of all branches of the Christmas tree begins with the shortest( tops).Then it gradually goes down to the base of the tree. Twigs are fixed together by interlacing, then in the same way are fixed on the trunk.

For products of small size, you can do without a separate trunk, making a fluffy tree of only twigs.

After all the tiers of the tree are assembled into one composition, you must manually spread all the branches so that their ends look from the center of the tree.

The lower branches need to be straightened not only proportionally, but also on the same level, because they will have the whole structure on them. Make sure that the tree stands straight and does not heel.

A ready-made tree can be decorated with beads, planting their branches with glue, sewing stiletto heels with multi-colored heads or beads, planted on toothpicks.

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