How to sew a tunic for the beach

In the summer you want to show off in light and attractive beach clothes, especially weightless beach tunics. To sew such an outfit takes quite a bit of effort and patience. Use the patterns below and the tips for them. So you can create a truly original thing.

  • Simple pattern
  • Embossed version

Simple pattern

The simplest version is to use a straight cut fabric. In this case, your pattern will have the form of a rectangle with a notch for the neck in the center. And, the width of this rectangle directly depends on the width of your hips, and the cutout - on the size of the head.

This model provides freedom of movement and looks best if it is made of light flowing fabric. Do a cutting with a margin of somewhere 15-20 cm.

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Cutting can be made asymmetric.

Here are a few variations of simple patterns:

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Approached version of

To build a drawing of such a tunic, you need to remove some measures:

  • shoulder length;
  • sleeve length;
  • neck circumference;
  • depth of armhole;
  • length of back to waist;
  • dress length from waist;
  • girth of the hips.

First make a drawing of the back: on the paper, put a point, placing it in the upper left corner. From the point, draw smooth vertical and horizontal lines. Now you need to transfer to the sheet taken measurements: from the horizontal line, measure to the right at the beginning of 1/3 of the semicircle of the neck and add about 0.5 cm, and then the length of the sleeve, adding to it the length of the shoulder. And vertically down we designate the depth of the cutout from the back( 2.5 cm) and plus 0.5 cm to the obtachka.

Adding down the back measurement plus the length of the product itself( from the cut to the bottom).A tunic can be short or long, it's up to you.

Now transfer the girth of the hips and the depth of the armhole, as shown in the figure.

Now you can draw a tunic( its front part).The back part will be similar to the front, only the neck opening will be different.

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